I Got Schooled By Italian Mozzarella Masters...

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煦安 : Of course you speak Italian

Nicolle : The lengths a french man will go to for great cheese 🧀 Loving this series alex!

Casey Goode : Bare hands... The way food was meant to be made!

Giaco Whatever : My friend , thank you so much for this video!

Nao224 : As a native spanish speaker italian (and portuguese for that matter) confuse the heck out of me. They sound similar enough for me to understand roughly even without subtitles but at the same time you can tell after a few phrases “oh this isn’t spanish, fck”

Nabil 'Aiekillu' Lahrech : Je suis cette aventure depuis le début c'est trop passionant, et quel taf incroyable avec le montage et les plans en slow mo

Trevor Mallow : After growing up watch Alton Brown's Good Eats, Alex you embody the spirit of what made that show so great, I have pre-ordered your book and wish you all the best.

Dapper Dop : You have such an inspiring dedication to, and respect for both food and the ingredients. You’ve done an amazing job with this channel. Our channels don’t even relate and I’m trying to figure out how I can imitate you. Great job Alex. You’re incredible.

HCL Productions : Level 1: Crook Level 99: Boss This is how cooking Mafia works.

Carbonara & Tortellini : My country is proud of you

I WILL REIGN : I wonder how many more Romance languages he can speak.

Bamboozled Bob : Find someone that looks at you the way this guy 5:13 looks at Alex.

mmgianmarco : I'm Italian and I actually had the chance to eat a few of these mozzarella (the same one from the same place!). I swear, there is NOTHING like them, even the best one that you can find at any supermarket are horrible compared to these ones. Great video, fantastic channel and awesome dude! Alex you're a great guy!

Sagnik Das : I'm a simple guy... I see Alex's video ... I click

Floh Cricket : Cette façon de remuer pendant la cuisson, si tendre... tu m'étonnes qu'il puisse sentir la sensibilité de celui qui l'a fabriquée ! C'est si beau !

EPIK TOMATO : I speak Spanish and could understand like 90-80% of what you said in Italian the rest was just gibberish, I just find it funny that we all are like brothers by language since we have the same mother (Latin) and yes I know English is also a “brother” but it is just so different like french I am thinking about learning Italian

Ted : Get milk from a farmer who will sell you milk without the cream removed and unpasteurized. I have made mozzerella before and forgot this is what I do.

pranav patel : lol that Runescape reference in the thumbnail ;)

Lewis Maddock : Wow this was like a documentary, really great shooting and editing, and so interesting. You're a real pro Alex.

The_ Fa1lureSquad : The original lvl. 99 mafia boss meme

Marinko05 : Greate video as always, pre-ordered your book... thanks for putting so much effort in your videos!

FruitCakeTech : Why am I watching a French man talk about mozarella at 3am

Erin T : There's so much trash on YT, but Alex's channel never fails to spread joy. I love that you showcase your efforts, including your "fails," but the best part is when you present to us THIS part of the process. It's like the climax or turning point in the story.... and I personally enjoy watching artisans. Artistry is one of my favorite qualities in humans. And it doesn't matter what kind of artistry, because it's people using their skills to do something unique they enjoy, and sharing it with others. I mean, It's beautiful! C'est belle! Merci. 😚

my busy life : Never clicked on a notification so fast 😄

TWENNY : That's how Mafia works.

Fredrik : Me, my girlfriend and our two children once got a flat tire and a broken rim in Paris. And since we had a rental car from Sweden ( mine was in the shop, therefor the rental ) After trying to explain to the Company that was coming to get us and the car to the shop, where we were. They finally found us after about 3 hours. They took us to the shop and i wanted them to change the tire including the rim so we could go to our next destination , spain. They didnt have any tires or they just couldnt fix the problem i dont know. They Said no tires in Paris.. They left us on the Street with two children and with no where to go. We called insurance Company in Sweden so they could get us a taxi, since no one in france wanted to speak English.. finally late at night a taxi came and dropped us of on a camping i Think it was Est Paris or something like that.. next day they still didnt have a tire. They Said maybe 3 days. We waited 3 days and called again, maybe 3 days again. So we got a New rental to get to spain and hoping that the first rental was done after 7 more days. So when our vacation was done in spain we went back for Paris. They said tomorrow your car will done. Next day still not done. We were in panic, we just wanted to get home. So Sweden sent someone from germany to come and give us a one-way rental. Finally we were home and the first car was still in Paris. Man, that was a trip me and my family will remember for the rest of our lives. So back to what i wanted to say. Alex, you seem to be a great man and your English is perfect! I wish i met you when we had those problems. You make me believe in french people again. Btw, this was my longest comment ever :) And btw i love your videos Have a great day.

Philip Robertson : 4:40 to 5:37 I'm suddenly turned on by this. Is that normal?

_ vyvlon _ : Lvl 1 crook vs level 99 master And Thats How Mafia works

Lukas S : You know a cooking channel is legit, if it just goes to Italy to learn a recipe 👍🏼 🇮🇹😂

Bob Fish : I Bet Bison cheese would be delicious. Who can we get to milk some?

francesco succi : 2006

Eric Estrada : Is this how mozzarella works?

Progwale : Don´t know what PASSION is? Go visit Italy - and watch everything related to food.

Sam : I love you babe. Keep doing what you're doing because you're doing it well 🙏🏽

TrinityX : *-I thought it was popcorn-*

Antonio's Real New York Pizza : Your journey is beautiful to witness. Keep going!

Mariana Godínez : YOU ARE AMAZING. I'm studying good engineering and this is just incredible. Keep up the good job. Merci beaucoup!!!

Vanessa Alexandra : First, those slow motion shots were absolute PERFECTION. Second, I died when Alex said “ooh la la.”

Spyker M : Salut Alex! J'aime beaucoup tes vidéos, ça me donne envie de cuisiner plus ma nourriture. Cela dit je ne sais pas si tu regardes des animés mais j'ai un grand doute à ce propos. Bon, bref, je te conseille de regarder "Shokugeki no Souma" ou "Food Wars" en english. C'est un animé Food Porn un peu à la Top Chef et je me disais que peut-être tu pourrais trouver des idées de recette dans cet animé. Par exemple ya ue recette où le gars met des oeufs bon marché au congélateur, les ressort quand ils sont congelé pour en faire des oeufs frit avec le jaune tout fondant et je me disait qu'avec tes skills de cuisinier en herbe t'as toute tes chances. o/

Chloe Nichols : I found a small container of "mozzarella di bufala" at this health food store near me, and I was so excited to try it since I remembered this video! It. Was. Exceptional. So soft and smooth, the most perfect ball of mozzarella I've ever eaten, AND the container also said it's lactose free which I wouldn't have guessed, but I guess that's the difference between cow mozzarella and buffalo mozzarella. I also gave some to my friends and now they blame me for ruining any other kind of mozzarella for them, because they don't want to eat anything else but the buffalo one! So thanks Alex for schooling me on the origins of mozzarella, I would never have known otherwise and would have missed out on something fantastic! :)

Scout B. Loved : Alex! Taking beauty to new heights with this one. The editing and music are perfect compliments to the footage. 5:13 perfectly captures the passion and pride of craft that goes into this process. Thank you for sharing this with the world! Also. Italian sounds good on you. <3

jackcameback : I'm only 2 mins into this vid and already I frikkin love it, you sir are amazing!!!

cookie monster : A chef must think like a scientist Organise like an accountant Plate like an artist And cook like a grandma

Valery Nicolle Lemus Sandoval : I just realized how much Italian sounds like Spanish

ItsHorror23 : Beautiful

Deception Ception : lvl gg!

Banana Leaf : What can this man not do?

Ra E : - "je pars en Italie pour filmer un épisode sur la mozzarella" - " Ah d'accord" = ok on s'en fou dégage de là. MDRRR

omaxman : Who got here from Alec Steel chanel?

Autumist : Goodluck :D