I Got Schooled By Italian Mozzarella Masters...

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煦安 : Of course you speak Italian

Nicolle : The lengths a french man will go to for great cheese 🧀 Loving this series alex!

Giaco Whatever : My friend , thank you so much for this video!

Emaline L. : Props Alex. Watching the masters doing their craft and seeing how vastly different the homemade vs industrialized product is was ASTOUNDING. Best of luck on your next batch of mozzarella :) By the way, did you get to try their scamorza (it's the one tied with a string in the middle, like a fat dumbbell)? I saw a peek of it in your video and I couldn't help but drool over that too haha (that makes beautiful risotto).

Virtual Life طبخ عربي و عالمي : French guy speaking Italian .

Vanessa Alexandra : First, those slow motion shots were absolute PERFECTION. Second, I died when Alex said “ooh la la.”

Floh Cricket : Cette façon de remuer pendant la cuisson, si tendre... tu m'étonnes qu'il puisse sentir la sensibilité de celui qui l'a fabriquée ! C'est si beau !

SasukeWR : Yes !!!! The continuation of the perfect mozarella journey, was waiting whole week for this video to drop. Loved it. Learned so much. As always thank you Alex for letting us be a part of your journey. Much love all the way from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Traylynn Thomas : A chef must think like a scientist Organise like an accountant Plate like an artist And cook like a grandma

my busy life : Never clicked on a notification so fast 😄

Dapper Dop : You have such an inspiring dedication to, and respect for both food and the ingredients. You’ve done an amazing job with this channel. Our channels don’t even relate and I’m trying to figure out how I can imitate you. Great job Alex. You’re incredible.

Trevor Mallow : After growing up watch Alton Brown's Good Eats, Alex you embody the spirit of what made that show so great, I have pre-ordered your book and wish you all the best.

Nabil 'Aiekillu' Lahrech : Je suis cette aventure depuis le début c'est trop passionant, et quel taf incroyable avec le montage et les plans en slow mo

Chris M : Damn, I didn't know making mozzarella is that sexy.

Vika10 : that is truly fascinating!! Loved it! The slow motion bit was just a beautiful "bonus" :D And Alex, i'm really impressed that you speak Italian too!! A talented man all around indeed! :)

mekkio77 : Alex, out of curiosity, how many languages do you speak? And what has been the funniest language mistake that you've made? Also, I want to say that you've inspired me. There's a place in my town that sells all the things needed to make Mozzarella as well as plenty of dairy farms around here to pick up fresh milk. You've made me want to have a go at making my own cheese. Good luck on your further Mozzarella journey.

Lukas S : You know a cooking channel is legit, if it just goes to Italy to learn a recipe 👍🏼 🇮🇹😂

Jeff Ward : #speditlikemozzarella

Emaline L. : 4:49-5:35 aka the best food porn you will ever see

Nym Alous : Wow, that is just crazy how much milk ran out of that cheese! It looked absolutely wonderful! I really hope you can get close to that, Alex, and can also help others get just as close. Thanks again for these videos!

LightOfVoid : Level 99 Cooking? RuneScape player detected...!

Casey Goode : Bare hands... The way food was meant to be made!

Dolly Perry : Great episode. You are quite the linguist. Are English, French and Italian the extent of your language skills or are you hiding more? My brother also speaks quite a few and says after the second one...it gets much easier. I wouldn't know :(

BloodAniron : when you travel and learn, we travel and learn with you. so cool, thanks!

reikoshea : It's funny you pointed out the translation. That was the first thing I thought of was you have to really concentrate to flip back and forth between two non-native languages. I was super impressed.

Marinko05 : Greate video as always, pre-ordered your book... thanks for putting so much effort in your videos!

GoldRick : Da Italiano che ha iniziato a seguirti non posso che essere felice di vedere quanto sia appassionato a tutta la cucina, e in particolare in questi video anche alla nostra. Continua così perché fai risvegliare ogni giorno la passione per la cucina che ho sin da piccolo. Grazie! As an Italian who is following you, I can't be happier than now looking at your passion for cooking, and in particular in this video for Italian food, obviously. Go on this way, because every day you light up my passion for cooking that I have since I was a child. Thanks! Garage, bidet biberon croissant baguette! (Ok I don't know french so much)

cato : One of your best videos Alex. Amazing process and quality I wish I could get that in the US. Mozzarella in the US supermarkets is garbage.

Blue 4lifeblue : While in Italy you could have learned how to make pepperoni/ salami for a future series

StormKidification : ALEX U SPEAK ITALIAN SO WELL <333

Nae West : This is exciting for me. Thanks Alex ❤

Ted : Get milk from a farmer who will sell you milk without the cream removed and unpasteurized. I have made mozzerella before and forgot this is what I do.

MegaKhas : Not a single glove was worn that day

Amigulus : Lovely serie. I'm enjoying it. Thanks

Ashfaaque Bhunnoo : You should have gone to pizzeria da attilio.. Best pizza i had in naples. Waiting for your next moza video. Come on alex. Tu peux le faire. On t’attends avec impatience.

Sagnik Das : I'm a simple guy... I see Alex's video ... I click

Sam Davidson : What can this man not do?

Schalldämpfer AR : Your videos are just an experience every time! A perfect mix of humor, informative content, personality and perfect entertainment. Your videos are awesome!

Mat Martin : Makes sense that they reserve the whey for a ricotta, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ‘Ricotta di Bufala’ product for sale. Anybody ever seen that?

mmgianmarco : I'm Italian and I actually had the chance to eat a few of these mozzarella (the same one from the same place!). I swear, there is NOTHING like them, even the best one that you can find at any supermarket are horrible compared to these ones. Great video, fantastic channel and awesome dude! Alex you're a great guy!

Windex : Here's the story of how I subbed: I've watched videos of Alex from cooking channels(cant remember which, Jamie's?) Didnt know he has a channel. Saw the previous vid where Alex said that he'll be travelling to naples to learn the art of mozzarella making. (Not subbed yet) Saw this vid on the recommendation. Clicked it. Alex says, "Il Casolare." Loved the accent, subbed.

Fredrik : Me, my girlfriend and our two children once got a flat tire and a broken rim in Paris. And since we had a rental car from Sweden ( mine was in the shop, therefor the rental ) After trying to explain to the Company that was coming to get us and the car to the shop, where we were. They finally found us after about 3 hours. They took us to the shop and i wanted them to change the tire including the rim so we could go to our next destination , spain. They didnt have any tires or they just couldnt fix the problem i dont know. They Said no tires in Paris.. They left us on the Street with two children and with no where to go. We called insurance Company in Sweden so they could get us a taxi, since no one in france wanted to speak English.. finally late at night a taxi came and dropped us of on a camping i Think it was Est Paris or something like that.. next day they still didnt have a tire. They Said maybe 3 days. We waited 3 days and called again, maybe 3 days again. So we got a New rental to get to spain and hoping that the first rental was done after 7 more days. So when our vacation was done in spain we went back for Paris. They said tomorrow your car will done. Next day still not done. We were in panic, we just wanted to get home. So Sweden sent someone from germany to come and give us a one-way rental. Finally we were home and the first car was still in Paris. Man, that was a trip me and my family will remember for the rest of our lives. So back to what i wanted to say. Alex, you seem to be a great man and your English is perfect! I wish i met you when we had those problems. You make me believe in french people again. Btw, this was my longest comment ever :) And btw i love your videos Have a great day.

roure : Salut Alex! Super vidéo! Vachement intéressant! Vu que j'ai l'impression que tu apprends l'italien (et que tu veux progresser) j'ai un petit truc à corriger si jamais ça t'intéresse: c'est mozzarella di bufala *campana* (juste un *N*, pas de *GN*). "Campagna" ça veut dire campagne et Campania c'est la région qui a Naples comme capitale (je crois que tu sais déjà). C'est un peu comme la Champagne/campagne ou Provence/province (ça ressemble et ça voulait peut-être dire la même chose il y a quelques siècles, mais faut faire gaffe selon ce que tu veux dire ! :) je fais le pointilleux, mais peut-être que ça t'intéresse ! Bravo Alex! Grande! In bocca al lupo!

pranav patel : lol that Runescape reference in the thumbnail ;)

Lewis Maddock : Wow this was like a documentary, really great shooting and editing, and so interesting. You're a real pro Alex.

sandro silagadze : Verify Alex!!!

lorenzo maria santini : happy that you went in Italy to the masters!! that's one of the thigs we are more proud of!!

Autumist GT : Goodluck :D

Mariana Godinez : YOU ARE AMAZING. I'm studying good engineering and this is just incredible. Keep up the good job. Merci beaucoup!!!

norm1124 : Love the slow-mo scenes a Lot. Thanks Alex