Martin Shkreli: Daraprim Has Always Been Affordable
Martin Shkreli Daraprim Has Always Been Affordable

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Nov. 25 -- Turing Pharmaceuticals LLC CEO Martin Shkreli discusses the pricing of the company's pharmaceuticals. He speaks on "Bloomberg Markets."


Cpt STEEZ : Still baffled by how the media treated this story...

D C : We miss you Shkreli!

Alex H : Interviewer: Can you explain it again? Pharma bro : No 😂 😂 😂

The bleeding tree UK : Shkreli is a hero and a genius.

JuanCa DaColombian : he's a smart guy playing along the corrupted system that we have placed, what about doctor billing stupid numbers to insurance companies?, over 30k for an hour of surgery? happen to me, so matter fact the real enemy of this guy are the insurance companies.

Paul McKenna : He is playing chess , they are playing checkers !

FamilyFirst!! : All hate for this guy aside....he's whip sharp and mentally smart with his words and seems to know his stuff.!!

TheMilsimGamer : The finesse is real 😂😂😂

Luis Capellan : LMAO Martin is a savage.

Jocelyn Limelight : daraprim plot is vs the healthcare billionaires the pill is free

skee0212 : This guy would never see the average joe go without this drug if needed. Sticking it to the pharma millionairs

Fatty Acid : nice attitude dude!

Michael Huff : Don't confuse pragmatism with lack of compassion. He's mentioned on other programs other possible solutions that government and INSURANCE COMPANIES could implement to bring the cost of these drugs down or even eliminate cost to the patients altogether. Everything he's saying makes total economic sense. If you eliminate the BS from big insurance, big pharma and big government, what he's saying makes a lot of sense.

Ryan Howe : I love this guy

Blitz Kreig : It’s not everyday you get to talk to a hedge fund manager.

SA M : ah the media..always in search for drama

Jeff Pack : He's really brilliant.

iclal eroglu : What a punchable face the guy in glasses has. So tempting

H Lee : Daraprim's patent was over in the 1970s, any company can make a version of the drug, but it's not worth manufacturing the drug because there were a grand total of 8000 prescriptions written for Daraprim in the USA. That's not a profitable market size for a most generic drug company. The generic drug company's don't want to spend the R&D to reverse engineer the drug. So if Turing is willing to make the drug, they should be able to sell at the price they want.

BackUP : Completely destroyed them ez

Illustrious13 : What he isn't saying and why it's important to the liberal politicians he's criticizing: the incentive (money) that drug makers need comes out of the pocket of the consumer of said drugs more than it does the government agencies that provide the aid for consumers who can't afford the drugs. Look, we all know that pharmaceutical companies need money in order to create and distribute medications, and he makes a good point that without said capital they could never do such a thing. Here is where this becomes an economics theory question: where should that money come from? Our more conservative-minded friends believe that the individual is responsible for affording their own health. Our more liberal-minded friends believe that the health of the society is provided by the government and the businesses who provide resources for that society, as well as by the individual. Reality lies in-between each pole of this debate. But, because of the nature of federal tax revenue and the neglect the insured suffer from insurance companies as well as the limited opportunities for the impoverished to not only afford any kind of insurance but to have access to appropriate health care, the COST for the drugs falls upon the INDIVIDUAL almost exclusively. Martin Shkreli knows that people don't make these connections, and that's terrifying.

Joshua Roberts : the key element to all of this is Obamacare, which no one has even mentioned - this move was about positioning to the drug to take advantage of the new landscape CRAFTED by the insurance multinationals...

Seth Dixon : Knowledge vs ignorance

Herbie Shevers : And now he's in jail for fraud.

Andrew : It’s crazy how they try to change the narrative or try to instill the thought/narrative in a regular American that he’s evil... it’s clear that he’s doing way less harm then what these big pharmaceuticals do on a day to day bases ... if that’s the case let’s bring all these execs in these BIG pharmaceutical companies to trial... let’s call a spade a spade .. don’t single them out!!!

David Mobley : "Journalists," are cancer to society

Jordan Goetz : whatever, long kbio make that $$$$$$$$

Sonny Torres : 1:16 when you like what you're gonna get paid.

WN y : I guess I could just google his IQ. Has to be high!

WN y : Love this

Ariel Vo : Shkreli is smart, and right about increasing the price for this drug. it help increase attractiveness and new development of new better drug. Also if some disease is expensive, then people will be more conscious about HIV and be more cautious. Blame him, blame others big drug company as well.

Soothing Voice Man : what a little rat faced dweeb.

Shawn Marsh : 7 YEARS BABY! SEE YA 2025-;

Mrdekker100 : Smart Guy

KABOOM : usa isnt capitalist country... its a plutocracy based on extortion

Cliff Smith : This is the devil in the flesh

sageejumanjee : eeeeeevvviiiiillllll=means strictly buisness...nothing personal..he will get old go broke get sick and die.

sageejumanjee : evil