Lamb of God - Grace (hurdy gurdy cover)
This girl plays lamb of God on a hurdy gurdy

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Something different: little experiment and exercise for fast melody lines. I really hope you guys will enjoy it! Stay kewl. ;) Meet me on Facebook: And Instagram: And Twitter: Get Helvetion T-shirts here!:


Ghoulish Gamer : When the bard reaches max level and becomes the most overpowered class.

Vlad Piranha : It's like a parallel universe where the Irish invented heavy metal in 1526.

Bacraut : When you make a necromancer bard character in a fantasy game, I imagine this is the type of music they would play

Eetu Jääskeläinen : A comment from Rob Scallons latest video brought me here, and I got to tell you this is awsome!

arcykaplanhehe : that feel when ur struggling to play the solo on guitar and then u see this video... XD

Cam Par : I came for the solo, I left satisfied.

Jan InsaneMTL : I listened to this so often now that whenever I listen to the original version I think it lacks the hurdy gurdy, this sounds much more complete to me xD

Brian Brancato : Someone in the comments of Rob Scallon's video about the hurdy gurdy recommended this video of yours, and I have to say it's freaking awesome!! I hope Rob sees this! (I realize that it's already a few years old, but it's very cool nonetheless.)

kapoios. gr : that was very interesting,but the question is...does it djent?

TwistdYetUnbrokn : this must be one of the instruments Dethklok used to put Mustakrakish to rest.

LifeSucks_LetsSkate : Yeh, but is it in DropD?

DeadsetHaydo : This is literally the sickest thing I've seen, and thank you for introducing me to a Hurdy Gurdy!

Juan José Fonseca Godoy : Holy shit. You just earned my respect and a subscriber

Ryan gst : how to get carpal tunnel and arthritis in 4 minutes

Ryan Kearney : I think you should team up with the guy who played Necrophagist's Fermented Offal Discharge on a clarinet. Really great stuff here.

dafi723 : This is the most metal thing I've ever seen!

deo44x : haha of course she digs Eluveitie

Danyukhin : Hey, uh, got a version without the original song over it? I'd like to fully appreciate the hurdy gurdy on its own.

Plevell : instant wife material!

Alec DeVries : I second the Amon Amarth cover idea... "Where SIlent Gods Stand Guard" is my suggestion.

Vuk Nikolic : This is most awesome thing I have seen in a while! Great work and keep up, I would really like to see cover of "Ghost Walking" by Lamb of God :D

nithinrz : MY EARS JUST CAME.

Eli : I love that she has that Eluveitie poster in the background because that's just what the hurdy gurdy makes it sound like. This is awesome.

Zack Hume : I'm imagining her traveling back in time with just the singer from LOG and them putting on a clinic to a bunch of bewildered medieval peasants

Video James : You're basically just playing over the song, but you've mixed it so well it adds an incredible layer of depth to the song. I literally can't listen to Grace without a Hurdy Gurdy in the mix now.

MrGamefreak40 : is there any version of ur cover without backround music? I would like to hear it :)

R.V. Army : If possible, I would dump the sound wave of that Lamb Of God song in an audio editor, then see if you could record that hurry gurdy over the song. Then, send it to Lamb Of God and write: Here ya' go, I just Norwegian Wood-ed your song mo-fo!

Cestarian Inhabitant : 2:50 this is where it gets perfect, just sounds so good on the hurdy gurdy!

Roguemaster : So first of all, an excellent example as to why I love the hurdy gurdy and will one day learn it. Second, loving the cutsie iron man and hulk art on the wall.

Antioch : +helvetion You should really do more of these, where you add the hurdy gurdy to a badass metal song that normally doesn't have the instrument. You made this song better than the original, seriously good. Fits surprisingly well.

Emilio Rey : I'm fucking shocked... instant goosebumps whit the intro... this is amazing!!!!!!

moriot : This is as brutal as it gets.

John Entwistle : Thank you for making this. What an amazing piece of work!

theardentone : It's 2019 and the world needs more Gurdy Metal.

JBraj461 : Marry me! Please? Lol I'll cook and clean. Gorgeous and uber talented...goodness gracious.

Tubal Cain : Wow, just wow. Lamb of God is one of my personal favorites, but you took it to whole new level with this. Thank you, and keep up the great work. Your talent is something to behold.

AL C : Watching her left hand is like watching a spider elegantly spinning its prey in its web

Black Diamond : When you have a hunting horn main in your squad.

Romain C : The way your fingers are moving with such ease and fluidity (in addition to the music ofc), make this cover nice to hear and watch.

Salty Steel : Rob Scallon's Hurdy Gurdy video brought me here from the comment section and I was not disappointed. This was amazing!

Kamil Kuształa : No zrobiłaś na mnie nie lada wrażenie. Wielki plus :)

Daniel Stasiowski : liike, just for waht you are doin . proud!

Sancho Man : If i was a pirate-themed wwe fighter this would totally be my intro song

Andrés Young : You are so talented. Eluveitie is your home now. So sick!!

J Mata Jr : Ridiculous! I loved every second of it. Great work

Hiro Pereira : that intro makes me feel so happy, don't know why

Dawid Adamkiewicz : To jest ze wszechmiar doskonałe! Dobra robota!

Vercelli Dondonilla : Looks like someone already beat rob scallon in playing metal with a hurdy gurdy 😂

Braindead Bogan : Got introduced to this instrument by Andrey Vinogradov. Never thought to hear the music I listened to through my teenage years being covered by this instrument. Great performance. Insta sub.