Discovery: When Daft Punk Became Robots
Discovery When Daft Punk Became Robots

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In 2001, when the French electronic duo Daft Punk released Discovery, few who fell in love with it could imagine the thread it would lace through pop music and pop culture. ------ SUBSCRIBE to ------ FOLLOW on Twitter: ------ For more videos from Pitchfork TV: Like Pitchfork on Facebook: Check out Pitchfork on Tumblr: Discovery: When Daft Punk Became Robots


Jack Ging : So is this an apology for the 6.4?

tomás : you still gave it a 6.4 tho

Jack Dunne : Okay, We really need Daft Punk to tour. It's been "Too Long"

Joe Moran : And yet your joke of a website gave it a 6.4

Rafa92 : I loved the narrator's voice.

Hazman Rostam : Happy 5th anniversary for RAMs successive returns!

MarcelProusting : You can't talk about Discovery without mentioning the visual aspect of the album 😱 How could you miss it??? How could you NOT talk about Leiji Matsumoto???

aaron laluzerne : And I'm still confused as to why we never got Alive 2017.

peterborinski : They left out the best track: "Something About Us"

kozhikkaalan : Really? It's universally accepted that face to face is the peak of the album? This is news to me

Awsamazing Eden : Did I hear Daft Punk?????

steppa money : Your first quote is a kanye sample. HAVE SOME RESPECT YOU VULTURES.

rahmatsyah pulungan : the french accent is absolutely needed. thanks.

Pp draws : Veridis quo Veri disquo Very disco Disco very Discovery

jaydawg116 : I saw daft punk. I clicked video. Enough said.

Todd Begay : For such a prolific band and album, this video was underwhelming and unambitious.

I Am Lame And I Play Games : Who else has Voyager as their favorite?

Shane : Did i see a jojo reference from pitchfork 0:32 What a day

NSixtyFour : Interstella 5555 on lsd will change your life

Noir Noodles : No mentioning of their anime influences in their music along with collaborating with anime legend Leiji Matsumoto to make the full length music film Interstella 5555, no, just have Japanese text and other anime references everywhere. Good and simple video nontheless.

ThePacemaker45 : Ryan Schreiber gave this a 6.4 and Vespertine a 7.2. Talk about reviews that have aged terribly

william lydon : Although it was RAMs when i first became aware of Daft Punk, i listened to Discovery and was instantly in love with them.

PlotagonDP 36 : Daft Punk: 2020

NewKid korey : Romanthony... Fantano?

TheDriftyLambo : Daft punk needs to come back

Luke Cockburn : great topic but couldve been longer would love vid on random acsess memories

Marcos Vaz : lovely narrator voice

Gabriel Campos : Discovery made my adolescent years in 2002/3. So good.

ericbazinga : Awesome video and animation! A little disappointing that you didn't mention Interstella 5555 at all, but whatever.

Camilo Pava : Pero no habla nada sobre "something about us"

Lanier Burton : Artful, a true masterwork pitchfork gets it 👏🏽, great content per usual!!

God Of Vore : 0:33 fuking jojo!

Mel B : This is such a great video. I love it. <3

LegoLorax : *KISS was never metal!* - Pitchfork

Aiden Jean : GOOD CONTENT!! please more about French House music, like Ed Banger, Justice, SebastiAn, Breakbot, Cassius etc.

ᶘ ᴖᴥᴖᶅ : 0:25 "Sample" (≧∇≦)/

Lil Ugly Gibrane : St anger when Metallica became legendary

giorgi shengelaia : I'm very pleased that they used japanese

whiterabbit75 : Discovery is one of the best albums ever produced.

Ian Hubley : Oo la la ... sexy voiceover

Gearbot101 : Whats with that Kamen Rider Reference?

daft pun hd : I love the narrator


Bot RFNO : *Work it harder, make it better, do it faster makes us stronger. More than ever, hour after, our work is never over!*

DaveGlasses : Pitchfork gave Discovery a 6.4/10.

Yourveryowncarrot : ??? This is just liner notes ???

urjnlegend : Where's Kraft punk


Lautaro Gomez : 0:33 is that a jojo reference!?...btw awesome vídeo and i love the narrator voice