Discovery: When Daft Punk Became Robots

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Rafa92 : I loved the narrator's voice.

Hazman Rostam : Happy 5th anniversary for RAMs successive returns!

Awsamazing Eden : Did I hear Daft Punk?????

selib : Reminder that Pitchfork gave Discovery a 6.4

Todd Begay : For such a prolific band and album, this video was underwhelming and unambitious.

tomás : you still gave it a 6.4 tho

Jack Ging : So is this an apology for the 6.4?

kozhikkaalan : Really? It's universally accepted that face to face is the peak of the album? This is news to me

Jack Dunne : Okay, We really need Daft Punk to tour. It's been "Too Long"

Shane : Did i see a jojo reference from pitchfork 0:32 What a day

MarcelProusting : You can't talk about Discovery without mentioning the visual aspect of the album 😱 How could you miss it??? How could you NOT talk about Leiji Matsumoto???

steppa money : Your first quote is a kanye sample. HAVE SOME RESPECT YOU VULTURES.

Rocio Ibáñez : Homework is still the best daft punk album

peterborinski : They left out the best track: "Something About Us"

I Am Lame And I Play Games : Who else has Voyager as their favorite?

aaron laluzerne : And I'm still confused as to why we never got Alive 2017.

Marcos Vaz : lovely narrator voice

Mainstream Intoxicated : Was the lady in this French?

Aiden Jean : GOOD CONTENT!! please more about French House music, like Ed Banger, Justice, SebastiAn, Breakbot, Cassius etc.

rahmatsyah pulungan : the french accent is absolutely needed. thanks.

Luke Cockburn : great topic but couldve been longer would love vid on random acsess memories

jaydawg116 : I saw daft punk. I clicked video. Enough said.

PlotagonDP 36 : Daft Punk: 2020

NSixtyFour : Interstella 5555 on lsd will change your life

Pp draws : Veridis quo Veri disquo Very disco Disco very Discovery

william lydon : Although it was RAMs when i first became aware of Daft Punk, i listened to Discovery and was instantly in love with them.

God of Vore : 0:33 fuking jojo!

ChrisTheGreatMk5 : Daft punk needs to come back

Stuart Pot : I have a question. Does Thomas do the vocals for something about us?


giorgi shengelaia : I'm very pleased that they used japanese

Mel B : This is such a great video. I love it. <3

Marl Karx : french accent french music yeaaa

Camilo Pava : Pero no habla nada sobre "something about us"

daft pun hd : I love the narrator

Yourveryowncarrot : ??? This is just liner notes ???

Gil Semple : This video is bad

8-bit Heero : What song plays at the beginning? I don’t recognize it.

Lanier Burton : Artful, a true masterwork pitchfork gets it 👏🏽, great content per usual!!

Ronaldo Vindas : 0:21 That Jojo's pose...

Lautaro Gomez : 0:33 is that a jojo reference!?...btw awesome vídeo and i love the narrator voice

GOLDARNIGGA : With no reference to their FUNK musical influence. Go and do your homework.

Nicolas Sproge : Daft Punk is truly the greatest at what they do.

Wiley : 3 seconds in and I'm tired of this french cunt's voice.

Clout Gibran : St anger when Metallica became legendary

calvin harden : just STOP with the corny illuminati symbolism in EVERY video.

whiterabbit75 : Discovery is one of the best albums ever produced.

ericbazinga : Awesome video and animation! A little disappointing that you didn't mention Interstella 5555 at all, but whatever.

ᶘ ᴖᴥᴖᶅ : 0:25 "Sample" (≧∇≦)/

ThePacemaker45 : Ryan Schreiber gave this a 6.4 and Vespertine a 7.2. Talk about reviews that have aged terribly