I dare you to put your hand in here
I dare you to put your hand in here

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A tree I pass on my morning walk with dog, most likely it’s a few King Skink lizards.


TheTommy Gun50 : King skink lizard not snakes maybe ✌

TheTommy Gun50 : Spirit tiger is everywhere tiger shark,tiger tank,tiger Woods and now tiger snake it's awesome 😎

TheTommy Gun50 : Lol no it's his scratch like a tiger i ve see it s a snake who have scare of man like a lot of snakes,just do not bother but it s a dangerous snake when same👨‍🏫

Lsd2ez : Lol a few lizard haters out there

TheTommy Gun50 : Ty 4 your answer bro i ve rewatch and hard To say if it s a snake or a lizard the 2 are possible i think more at a tiger snake but maybe i ve wrong idk .