Launch Control: Climb to the Clouds at Mt. Washington – Episode 5.07

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Mikey Billek : The hardest part of watching this video was having to clench my fists, grind my teeth, and smile all at once.

ryuman757 : I'll never understand why the U.S. makes such a big deal about Nascar (at least from what I've seen), when THIS has existed.

MoonShadow Cafe : at 18:41 did he waive to some people?? insane!

vitaliy Tekmenzhi : These guys are amazing at edditing and keeping the viewer engaged

8meals : And that folks is why I own a Subaru. Not cuz of this or that, just cuz I love the brand, the product, and their work in the community and all the envelopes that they push.. Great job.

Ivan Vega : Ken Block got called out

Georgio Henderson : That pressure on Pastrana must be spooky. A guy with a bunch of experience on your team crashed, could have possibly even died if that was a different corner, and now you have to do the same thing without failing.

Hillrod films : pastranas guardian angle must be stressed out to the max lol

Hans Bischoff : 19:35 left hanging hard lol

philly chilly : They quit making evo's for a reason😂🤣🤣🤣😎

Schofhauser Media : Higgins crashes at a time of 4:01 and Pastrana passed that spot at a time of 4:02ish....damn that was close! Would have been insane to see the split had Higgins finished!

Benji Arnold : How do I get the narrator to do my eulogy when I die? fantastic TV voice

simon19920 : Awesome editing and camera work, loved every second. But gosh damn, 800hp... I kinda... Really want to drive that... Just the sound of that engine, truly magical. I wish I owned a Subaru.

Anna Sannikova : kenblock can only burn tires driving around city...

Ronnie Boucher : glad i own a turbo subaru = changed a few things to my liking - now top machine.

snakebyte18 : holy s#!t, this had me at the edge. Good for pastrana. Glad David came out ok!

Marticus : So humble and awesome at the same time, Travis Pastrana is fantastic!

SOLOIIguru : Oh man, just watched the whole video and I must say I'm getting a little emotional. Not enough can be said about Travis, his abilities as a human being behind the wheel or on the handlebars and especially his humbleness and appreciation for where he is and what he has accomplished. I've been a Subaru owner, fan and follower since I bought my first Subaru, a World Rally Blue bugeye WRX in 2001. I have watched Travis run the Oregon Trail rally, the MT. Washington Hillclimb and even his early attempts in the GRC way back when it first came to the US and NJMP. This company, this sport (and it is a sport) and this demographic owe this man so much gratitude and debt for bringing a true American Rally driver to the sport. I would love to see Travis and Subaru join the WRC and for Travis to be the first American World Rally Champion. A continued thanks to Travis, the whole crew at Vermont Sports Car and Subaru itself for giving people like me something to get excited about time and again. Hey, Travis, how about you challenge Mark Higgins at the Isle of Man, break the Pikes Peak record and truly cement yourself as the greatest Subaru driver ever. It would be awesome to see!!!! THANK YOU SUBARU USA, VERMONT SPORTS CAR AND THE WHOLE SUBARU RALLY TEAM USA!!!! Congratulations on yet another great victory and record.

diego belgrado : If Sebastien Loeb ran on this mountain with the same car, he could crush easily the record, it's something I would like to see.

Mark Lorance : Calling out Ken Block like he can race for time. The guy is just a showman.

Seth Davis : Going to welding school because of this show

mutznutz : The worst part of this show is the wait until the next one

Jared M : Literally the greatest youtube series ever

Monica Duenas : the production value of these launch control episodes are second to none......but this episode is in another level. I already knew the outcome yet I was still at the edge of my seat. Kudos to Higgins for going flat out, he didn't finish...but man what a run for it.

vincentrc rodriguez : nice! I like how he throws out a little friendly competition to Block and Millen for a challenge.

Knife Fiend : Never stop making this series. These videos make more proud to own a Subaru every time I watch them!

Joseph Rodriguez : geez with 800 hp , TPs subie has lvl 999 godly grip :)

JettyLife23 : "We're working with a production car modified for this event." stop it... Nothing about that car is "production."

Joshua Muzaaya : Higgins is LEGEND!

Lin Chester : Hats off to the Subaru Team, they have def smashed the record. Too bad Mitsubishi is missing from Rally and Hillclimbs. Will be nice to see a Evo competing at the same level as the STi

FAT CAT Performance : Thank you guys for giving me the chills every time I watch a Launch Control Video! Can't wait to hit the Track again with my very own STI and hunt some time :)

Zac B : one of my dreams is to race in the climb to the clouds. going to build my own monster, been scouring auction sites for the perfect car to gut and make a rally monster. 21 now, from massachusetts, next hillclimb event is when im 24. will see you guys there!

Revengeful Lobster : Like the Nordschleif but with even more death waiting. The speeds are lower but with varying surfaces, fewer visual cues on track, and little room for mistakes makes this a lot harder I think. You run off on a rally course and it's almost always very bad, so let's throw in some cliffs for added excitement... This is some intense racing and the drivers are amazing. Great vid!

Squilliamy : they should add this to dirt rally

VWarmy : This car is everything Group B rallying would be today !

Jason Yong Xuan : Bacicaly group B

82leone : Would love to see the likes of Block and Millen in the mix 😎👍

Charlie Criscola : That call out though. LOL Did Block and Millen respond? I want to see them up there too!

mkera100 : Great to see Pastrana do so well... man's come a long way

54 Performance : The launch control at 5:13~ made me butt moist. Oh my gawd..

Zachary Garcia : IRL Podracers.

Eric : why can't subaru just build those fenders stock on the wrx's??? the ones at the dealership look so ugly compared to the ones shown here...

Матвей ЮФО : Это круто!!!

Shadowboost : Loeb with his Peugeot could shave another 40 seconds off this time.

Benedocta : Pure goosebumps. Well done in every way.

2j_nelz : I had to watch it twice 🔥⛽️🚀 thank u for this video 😎

Squiggy Wigginz : My real name is Tim Block. I am Ken Block's driver for "stunts".

Eid_ 666 : davis breaking with left foot ? lmao is thats how american's breaking their cars? ya lame xD

Пётр Петров : SUBARU 👍💪🔥🔥🔥🔥 тачка просто класс !!!!

Clothos : welcome to my world this is what i go through when the wife takes me shopping