I make C2N14 in my shed (azidoazide azide) - Ex&F

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A famed compound that is 89% nitrogen and 100% feared. But does it live up to the hype? I take on a few years of chemistry experiments to try and find out. Synthesis Video (Second Channel): https://youtu.be/uNhVK-2mh6w Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ExplosionsandFire Discord: https://discord.gg/VR6Fz9g Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ExplosionsAndFire/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Explosions_Fire oh also check out my band on Spotify, we just put out a new Single a few days ago! (not a joke lol, fuccin listen to it ok): https://open.spotify.com/artist/3mpSF8RDzaTvalpWQIL1pC?si=p9YuUNCRQVCaj_z1WvQ7xw or watch on youtube: https://youtu.be/fe6fr9ydw-M References: 2011 German paper: https://doi.org/10.1002/anie.201100300 Same authors, more detail: https://doi.org/10.1002/asia.201100632 Paper showing open form doesn't exist at room temp: https://doi.org/10.1002/anie.201209170 I didn't mention it, but a lot of the tetrazole stuff was established by a Russian called Engager, published onto the Sciencemadness forums. It is truly an incredible body of work he established. Here is a huge list of names of some of the people who made this video possible. Thanks for sponsoring my trips to the hardware store: Elric Craig M. Roger -Dot- Lee John Doe Oliver Toth Daniel Coleman Dan Kaplan John Libal mirgp... Azide Fox! (I remembered your request hell yeah look at those memory skills) The Gayest Person on Patreon Isaac Paciga Gabriel J. emuwarvet Luke McGoggan Luke McGoggan Grant Trent Michael Kavulich Oz Sabina killroy225 Corrosion ChalkyChalkson Zachary Chapin Leon Schutte Thomas Abbott Mortlet Aussie Chemist Gregory Wong Nile Red Christopher Stillson Jacob Tierney AllChemystery sorry the audio is so bad. I spent money on a good mic and then talked into it from behind rather than the proper way and the audio was all clipped ehh I should write more nonsense in the description like I used to do. but maybe the nonsense (read: shitposting) is now in the video rather than being in the description?? ok nah, that's just a lame excuse. I've just got no bonus content for people to ignore this time.


Oliver's Complexes : I'm in a restaurant bathroom watching this the second it came out

Deadman's deed : I have a feeling, this is like the combination of maxmoefoe,idubbz,William ossman and Micheal reeves, but chemistry.........well..... And explosion

Vojtěch Pešl : Is this the sharpest compound in your shed ?

Maxxi Reave : This video is a beautiful blend of everything I love: Science, and punchy memes. Thank you for this. I crave more.

New To The World : I have a feeling you have a biproduct of the synthesis that is not azidoazide azide but actually the more stable tautomer which links the nitrogens in the azide to the tetrazole side leading to a nitrogenous polymer called azido-polyazidazole which has been made amd tested in the 80's. Sorry to burst your bubble but if this was the pure monomer your synthesis wouldve ended 1 step before completion. Also the actual explosive is far too polar to form stable crystals in water so what youve made is the hydroxonium catalyzed polymer.

Sarkazeoh : You know it's scary when it's slightly yellow.

Rhodanide : The best of videos

science_and_anonymous : I'm intrigued and slightly aroused...

Rasta Jeff : Seeing that you've uploaded seriously makes my day. Love you man. Never stop doing you. Nohomo. Promise.

TM Fan : If 1 of the C in C2N14 cyclicizes into tetrazole why wont the other?

CRM-114 : Awesome video! Laughed out loud at the French azidoazide azide pronunciation 🤣👍

jogandsp : I love your chemistry, but I watch your videos just as much for your humor. Never stop this madness

Red- Dedin : A ZI. DO A ZI DE. A Z I D EEE

pyromen321 : Could I get a link to your mixtape? Edit: I didn't see it in the description till now. Can I get a link to succ you off?

mattroski007 : You need more subs, these were some epic memes.

Aerys Bat : Is anyone going to comment about the bad dragon logo on the chalkboard, lmao

Gabriel Gray : Well you know what they always say... You aint out of luck untill youve gone duck

Lane Haden : You are who I aspire to be. Great vid btw

SunTzun : It's indeed much more complicated than extraction of Iodine or a bang of Fulminate. Really like compound like this.

Alex : Great job man. Definately a long chemical trip resulted in sucess :) It's been a while since i last checked out Sciencemadness forums and you still use my old tetrazole document from what i've heard in your videos. Anyway, i got some interesting info for you i found way after i made that old tetrazole guide. I found publication focussed on enstablishing structure of this material: Angew Chem, V. 52, Is 12; March 18, 2013 ; pp. 3499–3502. "Well Known or New? Synthesis and Structure Assignment of Binary C2N14 Compounds Reinvestigated" ; https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/anie.201209170. It was found during replication of original synthesis that simple tetrazide probably does not exists, instead it cyclizes to tetrazole ring containing derivative with same composition. This substance also can be obtained by another route from triaminoguanidine, here is the ref: Angew. Chem. V. 50, Is. 18, April 26, 2011, pp. 4227–4229. "C2N14: An Energetic and Highly Sensitive Binary Azidotetrazole" ; https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/anie.201100300 . I had those downloaded for you: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cKE0Iy9L9UQT7m9uurtScb5UZXih2Uy5. Those ones are only a few of the many publications on advances in tetrazole based materials and where is still many substances up where you never heard about yet, just keep doing nice science videos and try to be on the safe side :)

r u : NICE ..... now I am subscribing.

Daniel G : This is brilliant! But... This means a final frontier of explodey-ness remains... FOOF! FOOF! FOOF! FOOF! FOOF! :D (Okay, please don't handle fluorine without a real lab, but if you get the chance, I DEMAND FOOF)

FuzzyFox : What next man, Chlorine Trifluoride? It definitely fits the name of your channel

raggga : >some explosives degrade and explode I guess, but that's not what I found here at all and Ex&F was never heard of again

Georgia Halliday : Good thanks

Kenny Strawn : If you thought the nickname that Derek Lowe gave C2N14 (it was he who first coined the “azidoazide azide” nickname) was difficult to pronounce, try pronouncing the IUPAC name: *1-diazidocarbamoyl-5-azidotetrazole* That said, it does very accurately describe the structure.

I need a better username : Hey, triaminoguanidine could be made by reacting nitroguanidine with excess hydrazine, then reducing the nitro group.

science_and_anonymous : Also, link to the papers? Would nice to see cited work

Techience : Make an instagram 🙄

Darian Ballard : Good videos. I Didn't try to make its because of its reputation.

monica hooker : I laugh at people that scream! You shouldn't be showing that kind of chemistry on YouTube, and the USA government and European countries bring students from Pakistan and other radical countries and educators teach them Physics and nuclear physics and They return to their country and then they build nuclear weapons and the same people howling about a video on YouTube and they say nothing about that. All things considered DAM GOOD VIDEO! Dean

UChem : *azidoazideazide* lmaooo

zomgbab : subbed

Spaztika : I requested a video about this compound on some other YouTuber's channel recently, and now Explosions&Fire has taken up the challenge! Sweet.

Don't Even Bother : Man this is honestly an epic achievement in the history of garage chemistry

rasm244c : Damn amazing work!

Robert Szasz : If it could just be turned down a notch or two it seems like it would be a great, moderately eco friendly, nitrogen generator. Sensitive but not crazily so. No heavy metals to deal with. Small crystals in a solgel then drying to a xerogel to lower the energy density?

Dumb Turtle : How are you not dead yet?

Eddie Van Horn : no. I read the title, clicked on the video, and wrote this comment. no.

R Johnson : I think I may have dated this compound once...

Harry Peterson : You still haven't done any perchlorate esters... You told me you would over a year ago. 😥

MysteriusBhoice : dorneir's tetrazolyhexadiene was way more powerful than azido azide azide!

Victor : Scientist maxmofoe

Home Grown Pyrotechnics : your videos are hilarious, id just watch it for the comedy

Felixkeeg : You think you could get some of those crystals on a diffractometer?

goawaygoogle : And hello ladies and gentlemen... explosions and fire

Oliver's Complexes : Yeeeesss

Trenton Zelley : Is that a Bad Dragon logo I see on the board...

Bryan Watrous : Should make some TNP/picric acid..