They Took Everything

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TechSource : Wow, I appreciate all the positivity in the comments. You guys are the best! If there is 1 lesson I learned from this, it’s ALWAYS get insurance. Regardless of how safe you feel. I dropped my guard and I paid the price. All I can do is learn from the mistake and move forward. Appreciate the Support <3

Positive Investing : Check Craigslist for these thieves. If you have pictures of serial numbers of the electronics you can probably find them.

Jeay : This sucks man, I’m going to disable my adblocker and watch a heap of your videos. Hopefully they get caught sooner now that this video is out!

Crismodin : You pretty much run a business out of here and you don't have insurance? *cringe*

Tenmaツ : Damn bro u held a free garage sale and didn’t invite me?

Mikey Diiorio : No one told you you needed insurance? - If you rent a property with thousands of pounds worth of equipment in, I would say it's pretty common sense to have insurance and probably also spend out on some proper security and locks. Saying that no one told you you had to get insurance is a pretty lame excuse.

Mrwhosetheboss : DUDE! This sucks! Just know that we're all here for ya 👊

The Terminator : Nice STAGED ROBBERY you've got there. Thanks for raising awareness about how this is fake by filing false copyright claims on videos calling you out.

JavaBudgetGaming : *When your Red Cinema camera gets stolen from your office and the youtube video is uploaded in 4k* 10/10

TONY RATTU : “Go fund me page” I’ll donate to the lambo owner that lost his 30k camera! 🤔

LukeTheNuke23 : I bet this was staged for views

285 Tech : Damn Bro. Sorry to hear that. Karma is coming for their asses. You'll be able to rebuild even bigger! Know that

TECH_GOKU : Thieves might be potato setup owners

Adam12995 : this was staged

Nick Sinko : Just some insight for you that if you have a power garage door, what thieves will do is purchase a programmable door remote, use a clamp to hold the learn button down, and leave it somewhere close to the door for a day. As soon as you open your door, the remote records the signal needed to reopen it. Later they return and grab the remote which will now open your door. They can also do this if they have a garage door opener built into their rear view mirror as they tend to be a much stronger signal. All that would be needed is for them to wait for you to come home, and as you press the button to open your garage, their opener will learn the code the same way if they are parked nearby.

Luke Johnston : I’ve never watched a video of yours personally, much less subscribed, but watching this, you have a new face, new gained subscriber that is here to help. Good luck.

Matthew Moniz : Damn Ed, sorry to hear this! I hate hearing stories like this and I really do hope they catch the people who did this! I hope you have insurance to cover some of the costs and if you need anything on my end don't hesitate to ask.

Khamisi Olumefi : I wish for once in life people can put their ignorance and stupidity aside to feel compassion and give positivity to someone that is going through a serious situation. This guy didnt ask for sympathy or money but just positivity and support and all you douchebags who have no life or no heart for humanity can do is sit here and be negative and try to thrash him for negligence. We are all human and slip up and make mistakes so no one not even the disrespectful people commenting negativity are perfect. I wish the best and positivity towards you and your channel and i pray that the person responsible and those involved with solving the case get the karma and energy back in return that they send out in the atmosphere. Peace and blessings to all and let us learn to be better human beings for once.

Junior Contreras : They took everything from me in fortnite😭 omg I got 5 likes

Himu Khan : And you monetized this video. So it's definitely planned. Stop this type of drama. You were my favorite youtuber. But from now on you're not. You're pathetic.

MonBerry : I mean you drive a tesla and a lambo. I really dont feel bad for you man. Looks like you dont really care about it either. And asking for a gofundme wouldve been really greedy of you and I think you think the same way.

xELiT3xPRODiiGY : Hire a Private Investigator

Lettmon : just sell your lambo

wardope : seriously. how did you not know that you need insurance? I am sorry but its irresponsible not to have insurance.

Jackson Stone : This guy isnt using renters insurance. Wow. Well now you know lol.

JDM CJM : Lack of sympathy from me having all that equipment and having insurance didn't run past your mind? Obviously made plenty of money to be able to afford such items and still rock around in a Tesla.

Daniel E : Ed is right. Everything that was stolen can be replaced. Family and health is way more important. Stay strong Ed. God bless you and your family!

Kryptonaaayt : Hopefully this is true but I highly doubt it, human garbage that fakes robbery incident, lashed out a $350 pc giveaway and exposes/witch hunt a person who sold his giveaway pc. Yeap, seems like a type of guy that would not fake a video for $$$

jorge godines : Man! my 8 year old asked me if i can insurance his bike... what was you thinking.

Drew Fisher : This sounds to me like an inside job. Maybe another tenet?

AyEsGee : I'm sorry for everything that happened. But you really should know that you need insurance, especially with over 100k of gear in your office... Hope they get caught though.

Tech Satire : This thing is really Sad bro. Stay Strong and Hope you recover from the losses Asap!

s7yler : Damn! I'm extremely sorry to hear about this, I hope you get your stuff back.... don't let it get you down, I'm sure you will soon be back stronger and better!

vejani jitax : u should ask for help to mrbeast youtuber

AbhiTheTechGuy : Jisne bhi kiya acha nahi kiya. Aur uske sath bhi acha nahi hoga. My well wishes with you man. God bless you & God will punish them for this.

NC Aråb : Inside job

Luke Bowers : Crap man. I really hope they catch the terrible people who did this. I've been a subscriber for at least 2-3 years. I know you're going through a lot, but I think speak for almost everyone here when I say we support you and will continue to support you through this. keep up the good work brother.

Josh Greening : damn no insurance bro... that's not smart when you have prob close to $75,000+ worth in tech. And yeah it's normal for shit like this to take more than 30 days for the police to take care of.

KBS : Linus Tech Tips?

Nicholas Maietta : I'm skeptical about this. Do you have a police report number so I can follow up on it?

Always Falling Short : Dude has a popular youtube channel that provides advice about expensive equipment, but doesn't write down the serial numbers, insure, or secure 100k+ worth of equipment? It's not that I am trying to rub it in, it's just really hard to believe a person could make that kind of mistake. A camera falls on the floor and it's done, that's one of the main things anyone who owns a camera knows. You ensure them. How do you save money to make a 30k purchase and not know to ensure that purchase? You have to have experienced other financial things to know how these things work. It's not dumb, it's unbelievable and fishy.

Sarthak saxena : Did you sign in with Gmail into any of the stolen devices. You can locate them using the inbuilt Gmail tracker.

nessa e : All these expenses, but no insurance..

MineDroid Gaming : Known as karma I hope they get found I feel bad for you

M Zaid : Be patience everything will be ok, god bless you.

OSMWEARE johnny : Good luck rebuilding Man I wish you the best your channels awesome I won’t be mad If there is a few missing uploads 😀

Tobias Dettinger : These Bastards. I hope the cop finds them!

Lloyd Ko : Sorry to hear dude, I hope that damn detective will cath those rad bastards.

Jesus Alday : Everything happens for a reason, you’ll bounce back before you know it man!

Saura Sai : You are so brave man u showed that we can make a plus with any minus....