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I found out a lawyer at my firm moonlights on a YouTube channel he made for his kids I had no idea he even sang I definitely wasnt expecting a spot on version of a fairly technical Billy Joel song

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Mooseclumps : Whoa! Where on Reddit is everyone coming from? Can someone link me? Welcome!

Signals Music Studio : LOL someone posted this on Reddit and my expectations were low, but seriously, nice work. It helps that the original composition and arrangement is amazing, but you performed it really well and the lyrics fit perfectly. Impressive all around!

Gustafer823 W : You've all heard Billy Joel some, now get ready for Billy Whole-some.

Based Jason : I'm having a little trouble with what comes after three. There's a lot to unpack in this video... Maybe a pneumonic device would help?

Noth De : lol I am looping this unironically.

Teknics : also here from Reddit, and this is amazing!!! so well done. impressive singing and editing

Sheldon Miller : these harmonies are toit like a toiger

TheSkyLounge TV : No kids of the target age for this content but subbing because a damn good creator deserves it! -OMGEDSON

mmmpisghetti : You're on Reddit. Welcome to the views. Also you're fantastic.

Alex Mochan : Can you teach me everything in song cover format? I need to learn about tort law.

QuixoticQuaver : Release on Spotify pls

Tried & True : So let me get this straight...ONE guy does his own 5 part harmony? (falling on floor)

Robin Wyszkowski : Amazing! Yeah buddy, you’re on the videos sub on Reddit. We all love your channel, well done!

The Doodley Doo's Kid's Music Channel : Love songs that teach!! We write a lot of songs like that too! Really awesome stuff, keep up the good work!

Griffin : what come after 5?

Tori Lo : My son loves this song! Found you through reddit!

Monica Swords : Thank you for ending the constant stream of Baby Shark in my house! 😍 But now it's a constant 12345. All of the kids singing it. All of them. 😐😂

Hyena : Came from GeoCities, this is amazing!

WonderThornton : That was really well done. Cheers.

dan duston : i think i may like this more than the original

QuixoticQuaver : 1:03 MRW I heard this song

Felyza Wishbringer : Came from Reddit, great job. :) You should totally do guest appearances on kids shows

bye bye done : Wow i like this video i want to see more plz

Sharminty : Love 💖

Sarah M. : Oh my god this is so good! Like, this is seriously so well put together, and super wholesome! (Also one of my fave Billy Joel songs)

a b : Thank you! My students will love this! Thank you so much!

Nathan S : Great singing voice and truly impressive composition. Keep up the good work!

RunAMuckGirl2 : Damn dude! That's some serious talent. :D

Amy W : please make more videos! love this ❤️

Catalina Staheli : This is amazing! As a former SPED teacher, this kind of thing is PERFECT for elementary students struggling with concepts like this. LOVE IT!

Jone S : Saw the video on reddit and just had to say props on making an amazing video and production quality!

ChrisMC : A Redditor told me you are a lawyer

The MetaBaron : This is genuine, wholesome, and wonderful!

Jennifer Keleher : "🎶🎵ONE TWO THREEEEE FOUR FIIIIVE! 🎶🎵"

MissLynAnne : This is the best thing Ive seen today

Mark Holifield : Wow!!!! This is great, kids will love this...where have you been hiding?

Jarl Lillebø : Man, this is really solid. And that pitch tho. Stellar!

P BUK : Via Reddit. I don't even have kids and I can already count all the way up to 10. I have upvoted and subbed just so this channel gets a little more traction. Great job fella!

DridgeDEU : Oh man this is good.

james Barrie : THIS IS GREAT !!!!!! you're a star. Man you should have your own show.

Jennifer Wexler : I think I might like this better than the original. Love your voice!

Steely Dan : Also here from Reddit. This is an amazing resource for kids. Keep up the good work!

Adam Kuban : Fantastic! Great lyrics, singing, and video production.

MsOkayAwesome : This channel is amazing! I don't have kids (still rocking out anyway) but I sent this to all my friends who do!

Monica Jochum : We love your songs!!! Mrs. Jochum's class.

pm5k00 : My four-year-old just jammed out to 5 of your videos but this was his favorite. He had to listen to this one five times in a row

Cody Carmichael : Saving this so i can show my future children

Jennifer Keleher : I just happily listened to the whole song. You're a great singer and this is a very creative arrangement! Keep it up!

Melanie Beasley : OMG the Wiggles are QUAKING