🔢 Learn to Count Song | Billy Joel - The Longest Time (Cover) | Mooseclumps Kids Learning Songs

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Signals Music Studio : LOL someone posted this on Reddit and my expectations were low, but seriously, nice work. It helps that the original composition and arrangement is amazing, but you performed it really well and the lyrics fit perfectly. Impressive all around!

Mooseclumps : Whoa! Where on Reddit is everyone coming from? Can someone link me? Welcome!

QuixoticQuaver : Release on Spotify pls

Gustafer823 W : You've all heard Billy Joel some, now get ready for Billy Whole-some.

Sheldon Miller : these harmonies are toit like a toiger

Based Jason : I'm having a little trouble with what comes after three. There's a lot to unpack in this video... Maybe a pneumonic device would help?

Noth De : lol I am looping this unironically.

Teknics : also here from Reddit, and this is amazing!!! so well done. impressive singing and editing

Tried & True : So let me get this straight...ONE guy does his own 5 part harmony? (falling on floor)

OnApproach TV : No kids of the target age for this content but subbing because a damn good creator deserves it! -OMGEDSON

QuixoticQuaver : 1:03 MRW I heard this song

Alex Mochan : Can you teach me everything in song cover format? I need to learn about tort law.

Griffin : what come after 5?

Twingamer25 : Reddit made sure your secret's out now buddy!

Robin Wyszkowski : Amazing! Yeah buddy, you’re on the videos sub on Reddit. We all love your channel, well done!

WonderThornton : That was really well done. Cheers.

Felyza Wishbringer : Came from Reddit, great job. :) You should totally do guest appearances on kids shows

a b : Thank you! My students will love this! Thank you so much!

Monica Swords : Thank you for ending the constant stream of Baby Shark in my house! 😍 But now it's a constant 12345. All of the kids singing it. All of them. 😐😂

Amy W : please make more videos! love this ❤️

FilmGye : I'm almost 30 and I think I enjoy this more than my 1 year old. It's a close call tho. Well done! Ps I also came from reddit.

ktgbw : Better than Baby Shark.

Kelly Werner : BRILLIANT 😁🤣

Michael Leslie : I never, ever comment but I saw this on reddit like 6 hours ago and I can't get it out of my head so I'm back to listen again. You did an amazing job on this.

Magnus : Excellent work!

dan duston : i think i may like this more than the original

steven gilley : You sir, are every fathers inspiration. Congrats

Hyena : Came from GeoCities, this is amazing!

Chardonneh : From Reddit too, definitely sharing this channel with my grand-kids! Awesome work Moosclumps.

Epoch pâeez : well done👍 all your videos are really good.

Lance Mayfield : I've been looking for something original and fun to show my two-year-old other than the baby shark junk that she finds on YouTube. Instant subbed and we will be watching this together later! Awesome job!

Gnomes VFX : 1 2 3 4 5!

Hunter Martin : Gotta give you more credit than the Spiderman/Elsa/Mickey/Joker stuff, this is pretty well done. When's Bohemian FingerFamilysody?

Jennifer Keleher : "🎶🎵ONE TWO THREEEEE FOUR FIIIIVE! 🎶🎵"

Galacticboy2009 : Well that was surprisingly impressive! Most children's content I've seen on YouTube is just weird and freaky and horribly made. The audio in this song was really really well produced, and it's definitely something I'd be comfortable playing for a child if I had one.

Epoch pâeez : waiting for your up coming super hit christmas song.

Jennifer Wexler : I think I might like this better than the original. Love your voice!

Taryn Kelly : Whoever posted this on reddit yesterday should have added a WARNING: EXTREMELY CATCHY label. Back 24 hours to say I am still singing this in my head

Nicole Barhorst : Wow! I am impressed :) . Thank you for sharing this Spot on version of a Billy Joel song! Fun to watch & learn numbers for my little toddler :)!

A.J. Morrow : Has science gone too far or not far enough?

The MetaBaron : This is genuine, wholesome, and wonderful!

Jennifer Keleher : I just happily listened to the whole song. You're a great singer and this is a very creative arrangement! Keep it up!

Dirt_Bike_Zero : Wow, yesterday I could only count to three. Thanks man. Doing great work. Maybe in a few months you can do a remake of the 12 song. https://youtu.be/Hcx44e2gnfI

sagenev : this is beautiful

Paper Cut2U Gaming : My son really enjoyed this👏

Jim Cavier : nice pipes

Atlas Media : Mooseclumps you crazy for this one

james Barrie : THIS IS GREAT !!!!!! you're a star. Man you should have your own show.

Catalina Staheli : This is amazing! As a former SPED teacher, this kind of thing is PERFECT for elementary students struggling with concepts like this. LOVE IT!