SECRET ALIEN | Chris & Jack

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A wayward crew has to find the dangerous alien hidden among them. Deleted Scenes: Behind the Scenes: --- New sketch the first Thursday of every month. --- --- SUBSCRIBE for more stuff! --- CREDITS: Created by Chris and Jack CAST: Quay: Scott Speiser Kara: Hannah Utt Richards: Jordan Riggs Sherman: Chris Holfax: Jack CREW: DP: Michael Rizzi Sound: Michael Cooper Gaffer: Dilip Isaac Grip: Dave Han AC: Owen Patry FX Makeup: Caitlyn Brisbin BTS: Derek "Scully" Scully VFX: Ryan Constantino Title Design: Brendan Rice HUGE THANKS TO OUR LOCATION! Mary Claypool and the whole team over at Laural Canyon Stages, Arleta, California Special Thanks! Blace Brink and the whole RatPac Dimmer team. Nick Smith, Lisa Bierman, Jon Eidson, Jim Brandon, Daniel Gordh, Chris Reinacher, Jessie Gaskell, Ian McQuown, Josh Adler, Brooke Berry, Damian Skoczylas.


TierZoo : Another classic! You guys are so talented!

Sorrow TV : I love the Aliens-style squad names. Everything about this is perfect.

Jonah Hopkin : Damn, I actually did not see that coming. A great sketch as always!

Puff,TheMagic : " *giggles at death of comrades* it's been nuts!" - Jack <3

Fenix : I should have expected that from you guys by now haha, great work!

OpticalSanity : Oh, this is good :) Well done, and nice twist!

Joseph Liu : just plot twisted the plot twist

JugglingSword : Awesome jumpscare. Extremely funny

Robert : Masterpiece

TactiGrill : Oh my god! An excellent homage to The Thing. Chris even looks a bit like Kurt Russel in that white suit! Your dialogue writing skills never cease to amaze; keep it up, guys.


Adrian : This is one of things where you see a twist coming but it's a different twist kinda like when you expect to get a Starbucks gift card for Christmas but prefer to get a Best Buy one only to learn it's for Amazon. What I'm trying to say is it's a good surprise twist 😂.

Minsc And Boo : Most I have laughed in a long while. Bravo!

Jack'sVlogs : This was perfect! I love your content! Also, where in the world did you guys shoot this?! Did you build a giant spaceship!? I mean! It doesn't look like a green screen...

Caitlin B : You can tell it's good when the footage of Chris and Jack's interjections look at first like they've been spliced in from another film 😂

thatmaia : Dorm Life peeps! You guys nailed it.

Dominique Greaux : Yo huge shout out to Caitlyn Brisbin and Ryan Constantino for the FX Makeup and VFX that brought that poor man's condition to life.

RAGEArcher : Chris and Jack I will never not love you guys. LOOOOLL

Gremgem : you guys nail it EVERY DAMN TIME x

Mackenzie McClane : I called that ending. That was great

TotallySane : Wow! Best misdirection ever, like I didnt even see that coming

Jaqen : Codenames joke for the win! Love you guys more every video. "Sky 4 are you kidding me!?" lol

WarLord Era : THAT PLOT TWIST. I thought you guys were just being super cheeky about who the alien was and then you pull that stunt. xD

Kingsam : It's funny, when you watch enough Chris and Jack you sort of see the twist coming, but it's still satisfying at the same time. Another top video.

Tank Gunner : The cinematography in this is lit 🔥

Matt Dawson : Sky-4? Are you kidding me?! lol

Emīls Kravalis : Damn, how do you keep making them so consistently good?

YeahThatFigures : Kinda saw the twist coming to be honest... but it was still really well done :) Loved the camera work on this!

Luke Millner : My goal in life is to get these videos to trend

Kyle : 3:58 - pretty sure that's the UCLA Juggler under all that makeup

Lexi Richardson : WOW you guys this is my new favorite sketch. Incredible work! Built an excellent little narrative in under 5 minutes with such an effective jump scare/twist. Awesome job! Worth the wait!

milkshake mastermind : Somehow you do it again, you're one of the only youtubers that will make me laugh consistently with every video.

Michael Massa Jr. : Literally too funny haha, Jack had me laughing when he was popping into the frame. Great movie!

Phil O : Highly underrated channel

Robbie Wilson : killed it again guys🙏

jackofallspades98 : Oh my god. So amazing. This was one of those where I knew there was a twist coming, and I was trying to figure out what the twist would be. I love how you wrote this so that the audience is supposed to immediately disregard Chris/Sherman as the alien, just because that would be the most obvious and lame twist. But then when you actually reveal that he really is the alien, I was still surprised because I thought there was no way it could be him!! (One thing I did know was that there was no way it was going to be Jack!)

Giggles Mcgee : This one is my new favorite!! I can't stop laughing!

Aaron Mitchell : Love all your videos! Keep em coming.

lookdowntown : I like how Jordan had zero lines in the whole sketch "Right Richard?" *Richard nods his head*

dalcowboiz : That was so good. Sky 4, are you kidding me??

Tony Becerra : Masterpiece

Blakeawesome42 : Wow great work as always! Love it!

THE GREAT JIMBO : Probably my favorite sketch from you guys so far!

Lexi : Best birthday gift ever

Fox Hound : Yessss finally another video, my day is made

huh968 : I was wondering whether you guys were still in touch with Hannah. Great video!

Duston McGarry : After the daily chrissmith videos were over, I immediately binged dorm life because I needed more Chris and Jack

Jennetics : A channel with consistently funny and well-produced videos, top notch acting, and clever scenarios that haven't already been done to death...with a subscriber base/view count this just has to be a crime. Just found out about you guys a few weeks ago and now I eagerly await your next videos. Keep up the great work!

Hamish : man the alien teases were great, from jordan's character not saying anything, as well as the handshake!