SECRET ALIEN | Chris & Jack

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Chris and Jack : Hope you guys dig this one! A Deleted Scenes and a Behind the Scenes video are both coming soon. :)

TierZoo : Another classic! You guys are so talented!

Sorrow TV : I love the Aliens-style squad names. Everything about this is perfect.

Puff,TheMagic : " *giggles at death of comrades* it's been nuts!" - Jack <3

Fenix : I should have expected that from you guys by now haha, great work!

JugglingSword : Awesome jumpscare. Extremely funny

Jack'sVlogs : This was perfect! I love your content! Also, where in the world did you guys shoot this?! Did you build a giant spaceship!? I mean! It doesn't look like a green screen...

Jonah Hopkin : Damn, I actually did not see that coming. A great sketch as always!

Joseph Liu : just plot twisted the plot twist

OpticalSanity : Oh, this is good :) Well done, and nice twist!

Robert : Masterpiece

TactiGrill : Oh my god! An excellent homage to The Thing. Chris even looks a bit like Kurt Russel in that white suit! Your dialogue writing skills never cease to amaze; keep it up, guys.

Gremgem : you guys nail it EVERY DAMN TIME x

Adrian : This is one of things where you see a twist coming but it's a different twist kinda like when you expect to get a Starbucks gift card for Christmas but prefer to get a Best Buy one only to learn it's for Amazon. What I'm trying to say is it's a good surprise twist 😂.


jackofallspades98 : Oh my god. So amazing. This was one of those where I knew there was a twist coming, and I was trying to figure out what the twist would be. I love how you wrote this so that the audience is supposed to immediately disregard Chris/Sherman as the alien, just because that would be the most obvious and lame twist. But then when you actually reveal that he really is the alien, I was still surprised because I thought there was no way it could be him!! (One thing I did know was that there was no way it was going to be Jack!)

Minsc And Boo : Most I have laughed in a long while. Bravo!

Caitlin B : You can tell it's good when the footage of Chris and Jack's interjections look at first like they've been spliced in from another film 😂

thatmaia : Dorm Life peeps! You guys nailed it.

Dominique Greaux : Yo huge shout out to Caitlyn Brisbin and Ryan Constantino for the FX Makeup and VFX that brought that poor man's condition to life.

RAGEArcher : Chris and Jack I will never not love you guys. LOOOOLL

Jaqen : Codenames joke for the win! Love you guys more every video. "Sky 4 are you kidding me!?" lol

TotallySane : Wow! Best misdirection ever, like I didnt even see that coming

Mackenzie McClane : I called that ending. That was great

Matt Dawson : Sky-4? Are you kidding me?! lol

Kyle : 3:58 - pretty sure that's the UCLA Juggler under all that makeup

WarLord Era : THAT PLOT TWIST. I thought you guys were just being super cheeky about who the alien was and then you pull that stunt. xD

Rich Gilly : Why doesn't this channel have over a million subs. I don't get people.

Tank Gunner : The cinematography in this is lit 🔥

Phil O : Highly underrated channel

milkshake mastermind : Somehow you do it again, you're one of the only youtubers that will make me laugh consistently with every video.

Emīls Kravalis : Damn, how do you keep making them so consistently good?

Michael Massa Jr. : Literally too funny haha, Jack had me laughing when he was popping into the frame. Great movie!

Luke Millner : My goal in life is to get these videos to trend

Lexi Richardson : WOW you guys this is my new favorite sketch. Incredible work! Built an excellent little narrative in under 5 minutes with such an effective jump scare/twist. Awesome job! Worth the wait!

Kingsam : It's funny, when you watch enough Chris and Jack you sort of see the twist coming, but it's still satisfying at the same time. Another top video.

Jennetics : A channel with consistently funny and well-produced videos, top notch acting, and clever scenarios that haven't already been done to death...with a subscriber base/view count this just has to be a crime. Just found out about you guys a few weeks ago and now I eagerly await your next videos. Keep up the great work!

Robbie Wilson : killed it again guys🙏

lookdowntown : I like how Jordan had zero lines in the whole sketch "Right Richard?" *Richard nods his head*

Duston McGarry : After the daily chrissmith videos were over, I immediately binged dorm life because I needed more Chris and Jack

Tony Becerra : Masterpiece

dalcowboiz : That was so good. Sky 4, are you kidding me??

Stephen Albright : Holy fuck, CodeNames is the best game ever made

Lexi : Best birthday gift ever

Blakeawesome42 : Wow great work as always! Love it!

Aaron Mitchell : Love all your videos! Keep em coming.

TopHail8 : That voice reminds me of bill cifer

BigZ7337 : That was so hilarious, awesome video guys, I think that this was one of your best sketches so far. :)

Ben Patzer : Brittany and Danny B!!! Is this a DormLife from another dimension????

Hamish : man the alien teases were great, from jordan's character not saying anything, as well as the handshake!