FEUD ain't THERAPY Sherri! | Celebrity Family Feud

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Man O War : She crazy as hell.

Ebony Daniels : Sherri, u ok girl? 😂💀

Romel Murdock : if a man had responded similar cutting any body part off let alone any part of her genitalia....... I doubt anyone in the room would have been laughing and I'm sure a hundred different groups would have been calling for that man to be ousted from his job or wherever he is employed

Calvin Monroe : GOODD DDAAYYYUUMMM!!! Every man in that room was shooketh the core! Steve and Ian like “what in the hell did she just say?!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

LegitLVBrony 2592 : Why do people always try to say "Good answer! Good answer!", when there is NO WAY IN HELL that it was one. If someone gave a crazy, stupid, or silly answer, I would love to a fellow contestant call them out on it instead of trying to pull that BS.

Sue Othman : Steve should have Tyler perry as Madea on the show it would be so funny

berdonburns : Imagine the outcry if the question was the other way around and the guy went "CUT HER CLOTORIS OFF!" and all the men in the crowd started clapping and cheering...

f58534 : She is a beautiful woman, but she crazy.... She was referring to her ex husband.... Bahahahaha

marmarcellos1 : Ok sherry LET IT GO!! Enough already. Every time she opens her mouth it's about her ex's Smh

Mitzi73 : Psycho. You know its bad when Steve Harvey has to stop the show to lecture. And the stupid audience applauds.

Justin M. : As if her "Sudden Death" dance was already bad enough. "Good answer! Good answer!", I would've thought Steve was just gonna walk over to her family and lecture them on why that is one of the worst answers on so many levels


A Dawg713 : That's going on youtube

93Chowo-Entertainment : I´m glad it wasn´t up there. The question was "what would a lady cop do" not "what would a crazy ex-girlfriend" do!

Mason 11 : You know your answer is wild when Fox News brings me here lmao

Jackson Brown : Sheri made herself look stupid on the show

casey costa : Did not expect that answer lmao

father vs son 1 on 1 tv : Therapy tho

Proudpatriot28 : This made the news this morning!! God damn!!

Lois Griffin : I bet Sherri's ex is glad he divorced her!

Anthony Guarino : Sherri, since when female cops cut their husbands’ penises off?! U sick, Sherri, sick! This is a game show! Not a therapy! U have dirty mind there.

Wilk Yahzee : The answer an x. I guess she's wrong. Most America didn't feel that way.

FlixCreEightR : When did Family Feud get so ghetto ? Someone dig up Richard Dawson body. And bring him back as host.

Supercorp 45 : Really

Steve Mannering : "I just thought most of America would feel that way." What??? Just because you are crazy as hell doesn't mean everyone else is too! Also, since when did it because funny to blurt out such a violent act towards men? What is wrong with the people who were clapping for her? Imagine the outrage if a male yelled out doing something violent against women.

Tiffany Michelle : 😂😂🤣🤣

Rene Zambrano : Unfortunately, that seems to be the "Go to" response from most women out there involving a man that's done her wrong. Can you imagine if the majority of men immediately responded with, egg beater in the vagina when a woman cheats ? Just me typing that makes me cringe. I understand that a lot of men have no problem with a heavy hand on women, and that whole cultural female circumcision thing is just wrong, but the majority of men are not of that mindset, whereas it seems as the majority of women's instant response is cut it off, or cut them off or all three. in fact, I've never, ever heard a woman say anything else when posed with the question of infidelity.

Wes Manerro : Lol @ 0:33 his face tho

James Miller : This Sherri Dumbo is the same person that said there was no history before Jesus on the View. This woman is one of the dumbest humans alive.

kharlie22 : Ummm... Sherri?... LOL

69dconway : Shes soooo fn ghetto!!!

marmarcellos1 : One more thang Sherri. If you are looking to be with a man Again I sure dont ever see that happening. You blame the man for all you misgivings. Were you perfect in the relationship?? I'm not judging I'm just saying did u do everything you was supposed to do? Just saying

MrBoljangles : That is a disgrace and not 1 person with any credibility should have anything further to do with her.

pp3k07 : Well that escalated quickly!

Nick Frampton : It's ee-an, not I-an.

dennisscipio : 😂😂😂😂

J'Amie Lyn : We hear you, Sherri!

MirielKanan : Damn Sherri!

memaw 54 : This is a normal for nighttime family fued! The questions always have sexual undertones. Why the shock?????

Dutch Martin : Imagine if a man had said like that about a woman! I think she's still steamed because she has to pay her ex-husband over $4000/month in child support. HA-HA!!!

Fabigail : LMFAO

Duane Crichlow : LMAO!! She's too much!

Andrew Gamez : Crazy pure crazy

Alastor Nightheart : LMAO

JP Mackey : NOT a good answer. 🤦🏾‍♂️

Tiana Robinson : What the. Heck

ImEnity : Wut

Middie _ Eaglesnation : I’m dead😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Static Floof : I saw this the other day and I wanted to see it again lolol it's so funny

Jamie Johnson : I don't know who that lady is, but she just set back the MeToo movement with that comment. Just disgusting.