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Diogo Pereira : I wish the afterlife was like this. No meaning, no substance, no matter, no conscience, no humanity, no reincarnation, no existence, no suffering, just an endless loop of a long lost voice and an infinite beam of color stretching out into the sky, for all eternity.

ImpendingRiot83 : _Snow by the year_

Chris Jernigan : When I was 6/7/8 years old I used to love going to the dentist. I would have to go frequently because SUGAR. My dentist loved to crank the gas up to make his patients shut up and stop squirming, and I would get him to crank it up even more by complaining that it wasn't working. A seven year old brain on that much Nitrous Oxide produces interesting effects. I remember having a few out-of-body type experiences. The pop hits playing through the single tinny speaker in the ceiling created these spinning 80s/90s pop music auditory hallucinations: an experience that can only be described as being INSIDE of a Phil Collins song. Then always on the way home, waiting for the novocaine to wear off, I'd ineffectively attempt to eat a Wendy's chocolate Frosty (because we got Wendy's coupons in our dental hygiene goody bags). AMERICA

This is Dan Bell. : This is so fucking awesome.

Diogo Pereira : This feels like being stuck in a shopping mall for eternity, as a child, in the toys section, hearing that muzak on the PA system, and being unable to leave by forces you can’t fathom. And also wanting to be there, because of the strange feeling of comfort, nostalgia and numbing pleasure it provides to your ears.

Some Guy : Anybody got the lyrics???

Ezek : Holy shit, finally met the OG

Moozy Mathers : I hate when people say, _"I unironically love vaporwave"_. There's no comedy music, there's just music. And every creation is an art. You either like vaporwave or not, that's it.

NogoldenFleece : "Category : Travel & Events" Damn right. 

Blau : Lyrics: t's nobody here (x72)

RichardCorral : It's no bobby hill

Imagination : I'm an actor trapped in a infinitely obscure 1980s hardware store promotional video. Eternity is a boring, beige universe of moustaches and mullets, powerdrills and plumbing supplies. The coil of the VHS around which my soul is wound is in perpetual rotation and the sound of the warped muzak eminating from the promotional stand echoes down the aisles of the store, in the perpetual night and mediocrity.

Beardog : New voicemail greeting.

Happy Happy Cultist : when you doing time trials on Rainbow Road

Yee Master : When you show up to a chick-fil-a on Sunday *music plays

mylocee : I like the part where he says there's nobody here

CH053N : It's no body hair.

5upermar105unshine : It's 2016 and there's still nobody here

slickrickbawss : Vaporwave was born in its own digital coffin its forever confined to its own space and time a 3 bedroom condominium in a city half built the dreams and hopes of the young people who built it forever abolished as the world moved on without them left behind afterthoughts manifested into this waning mass of rainbow slowly fading into the ground upon finally realising that they have been left behind forever

Brandon Foley : It's like this strange pyramid thing has gained consciousness and is desperately searching for signs of life while only existing in childhood memories of people who have long outgrown their old cassettes and video games, existing in little snippets of footage of 80s shopping malls that are now long dead, it desperately wants to connect with you but is confined to dead technology and old dreams. God dammit I was really trying to hate vaporwave but this is amazing and I get it...

mtsingrenny : this is what happens when you try to play mario kart when you're over the age of 25

Kris Riley : Looks like a sign off for some 1986 public access channel

lifeanddecay : Lady in red was sampled for this

Cursed Lemon : So, this is Chuck Person's "B4" from Eccojams...but, this video was made a year before that album dropped. Sunsetcorp = Chuck Person?

Pugweed : This is where it all began...

xiaochicash : You're in trouble when the elation of rainbow road itself cannot fill that gap in your life you unsuccessfully tried to fill with capitalism.

anthony terrado : when you're trying to reach customer service

Kozy : This is lonliness and abandonment to a degree of sheer horror

senyaiv : sounds like an lonely time traveller or evil genius who killed the worlds population ruined streets, grass on roads and not a life for miles he decided to play a short on piano and record himself speaking one phrase boom

untitled human : Afflicted by the vague desire for something to happen—without ever imagining we could make it happen ourselves—we were rescued by the bland homogeneity of the internet, finding refuge among friends we never see, whose entire existence is a series of exclamations and silly pictures, whose only discourse is the gossip of commodities. Safety, then, and comfort have been our watchwords. We slide through the flesh world without being touched or moved. We shepherd our emptiness from place to place.

Styx Gamer : Isn't this the part from Lady in Red where he says "There's no body here, it's just you and me"?

Kakarotz : I've been listening to this track for around a year or so now, and I feel like this piece captures an unfettered truth in the catharsis that encapsulates the entire vaporwave musical movement. This for me sums up the hypnagogic, bittersweet, nostalgic, lost time, reminiscence and ennui of the VHS youth generation.

mothmenace : Fact: Chris D'Burghh inadvertently invented the vapourwave scene when he used ancient vaporisation techniques to access this video from the year 1986. He stole the catchy repetitive hook to form the basis of his now infamous 'LadyInRed' global chart-topper, which was itself sampled to create 'nobody here'. It's interesting to note that this temporal feedback loop also caused the visual entropic glitch one can see in the video above.

Diego L. : come to brazil!. theres a bunch of people here. :

Gabe : What he actually means by "theres nobody here" is that in fact, there really is Nobody there with him in the 80's at this moment. His spirit is stayed there while we all moved on, we abandoned that moment in life, physically and mentally, along with the walkmans, neon colored windbreakers, high-water jeans, beepers and payphones, cassette tapes, floppy discs, and funky nights at the bowling alleys with your girlfriend with 80's style hair with big loop earrings. the 80's/90's were the g r e a t a e s t h e t i c y e a r s I feel honored to have experienced some of those things

gindphace : 2 0 0 9

WilfordBrimley : I imagine this playing in some desolate 1980's time-capsule of a department store.

MrWarners14 : This is so depressing.

Bhavandeep Singh : This is what my home bell should sound like ... regardless of whether I'm home

Bazookles : To the children of the future. Individualism is the reason for most evil, but without it... We aren't human.

ViRiX Dreamcore : So... who is it that's here again?

Pablo Valdez : this is depressing

ouch, quit it : Dan Bell needs to incorporate this song in his latest dead mall video

Macleod Kennedy : why can't YouTube devolve into this type of stuff.

aerin : this makes me feel empty

Your Imaginary Friend : There should be a looped 10 hour version of this.

Michelle Lee : Capitalism is millionaires racing to become billionaires and billionaires racing to become dictators. Remember that, future homo sapians.

POEoeta : MARIOKART64, RAINBOW ROAD???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KilroyTheGreat : When I get home from work...

Gene McBeats : When America inevitably collapses, future civilisations will dig through the digital rubble and find this to find that: There's nobody here...