Making an Album in a Day (w/ Andrew Huang)

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Booked a one day, 10 hour recording session to write and record a 10 track album. Full album stream on Andrew's Channel: album on iTunes: Spotify: Google Play and pretty much everywhere else music usually is... Are you not subscribed to Andrew yet? Video made possible because of our lovely patrons on Patreon: We booked a day recording session. Which standard for this studio is 10 hours. We had time to load in and when factoring in a break for the team, we had about 9 or so hours to write and record ten songs. So a lot of things were done in one take, much of the lyrics were improvised and the song structures weren't always very fleshed out. But overall I think what we came up with is pretty great! There are some good songs and a lot of fun ones. From punk to folk, we pretty much needed to record whatever was the first thing to come to mind. Hope you enjoy the album! The guitar is my signature model with Chapman Guitars :) USA (Guitar Center, nationwide) - USA (Riff City Guitar, MN/SD) - Argentina - Australia (Music Junction, Melbourne) - Australia (Better Music, Canberra) - Chile - Czech Republic - Germany - Israel - New Zealand - Norway - Philippines - Slovakia - Sweden (Malmö Musikaffär, Malmö) - Sweden (Musikanten, Umeå) - Switzerland - Thailand - UK - Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Rob Ruccia of Uptown Recording Rachel Leonard: Camera operated by Jeff Linville: Video edit by Jake Jarvi: This video was made possible because of Patreon support from Cody Melcher, Rob Harper, Hypergnome, Nicolette Kawata, Traversing Tyrlengadd, Fabio, Caleb Chalfin, Quintin Waldner, Erik Ritter, Donato Sinicco III, Otto Cate, Quentin Lecourt, Isaac Briefer, Dirk Wouters, Michael Detraz, Hayato Huseman, Ben Swan & many other awesome people on my Patreon page: Thank you so much! Music videos go on the main. Everything and anything else is posted on my 2nd Channel: Also... Merch: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr:


SpectreSoundStudios : You guys must really hate your engineer.

C. Babs : The engineer's face when you told him you didn't have anything written... He immediately regretted coming into work that day.

NICK - Animekanal : "can we do it like BAM BAM?" "maybe if you could do like the BA KESH kinda " "yeah that's it" - how musicians communicate

Gleechkey : I don't get the hate towards the engineer. He was so cool about it. Got him all excited, you could tell his 'eyeroll' vibe got melted away by all the fun he was having just a few minutes into the video. He was mouthing lyrics, laughing a ton, big smiles, telling them "it's catchy!!". This man was excited to be out of his comfort zone, probably had a blast making music so hapharzardly for a change, without any seriousness.

David Wallace : Is there a kickstarter for this engineer? I kinda want to give him some cash for all he went through.

Pitchpipe Productions : Meanwhile whenever I click record, I instantly forget how to play guitar.

Mary Spender : When they just casually swap between electric guitar and drums... *MIND BLOWN*

Abdulaziz Kadri : this should be an annual thing

ANDREW HUANG : I don't think we made these songs fast enough Rob

Thryfty : I can’t tell if the engineer hates them or is completely complacent.

A Day in the Life of : What some people might not understand, is that the biggest miracle here is how well they work together. The creative part is tough, but musicians can be really narcissistic and fickle. These guys look like a joy to work with, when someone says "I think it should be this way", the other dude is like "okay, cool"..

hazardmuffin : There is nothing I don't like about this video. The saintly engineer, the nonstop creativity, the fact that you guys SUCCEEDED. What a testament to making. Just goes to show it's not hard to make art. You just gotta commit to doing it. Doesn't have to be perfect, just get it out of your heart and into the world. I can't imagine how tiring 10 hours recording would be, but you sure as hell looked like you had fun :)

S.S. Sarah : I said it on Andrew's vid but I'll say it again; I absolutely love the raw energy that came from most of this being improvised. You just can't write something like that in. So much chemistry and love of the craft

Moto_Nerd : Someone give that engineer some flowers.

PTSD : Should have named the album "Fly", since you did this "on the fly"...

Whoops : I know this is meant as a joke but if anything this just proves what incredible musicians you guys are

Andy Guitar : Amazing video! Reminds me of that ‘one note’ on the Tenacious D album where Jack Black is like “Next song!” 🤣

Dan Coleman : This album is legit better than what most bands are putting out at the moment hahaha

Ryan Bruce : The engineer sounds like he wants to kill you in a not funny way by the end of it hahahaha

Edward Cranium : 13:53 congratulations, you just wrote a rhcp song.

CHATO! [Prog] : I'm not joking: this is so good, i've been listening to it daily once since release, the whole 20 min. I don't know whether I appreciate it more because I know you only had 10 hours, but still there are some strong songs in there

99 jacob : Geeez, maybe System of a Down could learn a thing or two from them.. 15 years vs 10 hours

CraftyClavin : This video is basically saying "okay, step aside you skrubs while we show you how its done" to Boyinaband's pop song made in a day video

Skip6235 : At this point Rob and Andrew are just showing off how much more talented they are than us mere mortals

NoOneButEverone : Rob and Andrew Huang write a bunch of midwest emo songs? lol

Thrash Man : Bald Idubbbz looks pretty tired with you guys

Tony Wolf : I've seen bands with written songs do less in the studio in twice the time...

Jasekincic : Jake Paul brags about making a song in one day, while they make a whole album in 10 hours

ANDREW HUANG : I'm watching this again. I think recording "Two Friends" is the happiest I've ever been

Cole Scott : ohhhh god that poor sound engineer

Kobbe : I kind of hate you for being this efficient. And good.

Iamn00bish /SHOdan2 : You guys should do something together every first of October. It would be cool as hell!

Yanosh : Making an Album in a Day (w/ Andrew Huang) Could also be called Slowly sapping the life and love out a sound engineer in 10 hours. Watch him die behind the eyes.

Alberto Barañao : I think that's how blink-182 first recordings were

Bryce Harper : Live footage of Kanye making all his recent albums

JensonPlayz : I see u using davie 504 bass

Adarsh Nednur : I find myself singing "Rollerblading" almost daily. I don't even think about it, I just find myself singing a melody and I'm like, "What is this melody I'm singing? Oh, it's Rollerblading, amazing."

Oilid : Is this "Saint Anger" documentary?!?

Bronson Carder : My response from the album on Andrew's page: Damn. "Always" ended up being a really damn good song. Next challenge: "20 Hours", the album. Spend another 10 hours in the studio fleshing out these songs, writing real lyrics for some of them.... Not sure there would honestly be a lot to do with "Always", it's already really good. But, I think you really have the makings of something with, "Don't go." Just needs a little work, and it could be really great. Overall, an amazing achievement. I mean, these songs are all listenable. Just gotta say: the sounds that you guys go for... It's very much not the usual. Jazz chords in metal settings, sudden, massive changes in dynamics and even genre. You both have a very unusual way of thinking about music, and even most astounding is that you seem to have the exact same unusual way of thinking about it. lol You make a great team. Would love to hear more from 1st of October. lmao

julian rodela : it's so entertaining because they're both so talented even though you know rob as a guitars player he's so well balanced and andrew has the best vocals ever too

samueltandixhen1040 : 15:21 when your teacher asks why you don't want to be in a group project with certain ppl

this account is so cringey lol sorry I was like 11 : Why does this sound like a Modest Mouse album hkgkgh

Catscam7 : When is the 48 hour world tour?

Mister Apple : It's so cool rewatching this after becoming familiar with the album and knowing all the songs inside out.

Andrés Felipe Márquez Ochoa : Rob Scalon and andrew huang made an album in a day, but some people say that King gizzard made 5 albums in 1 day

Dash Glitch : The engineer's face - priceless

Saam Redshuz : Musically speaking, this is seriously the most inspiring video on YouTube !

Kyran Walters : And next week Dave and Roomie do an 11 song album in 9 hours 59, forcing the two of you to go back and do 12 songs in 9 hours 58...

681 Productions : i've watched this on repeat a billion times