Making an Album in a Day (w/ Andrew Huang)

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Rob Scallon : Full album stream on Andrew's Channel :)

Ryan Bruce : The engineer sounds like he wants to kill you in a not funny way by the end of it hahahaha

ANDREW HUANG : I'm watching this again. I think recording "Two Friends" is the happiest I've ever been

Mary Spender : When they just casually swap between electric guitar and drums... *MIND BLOWN*

David Bruce Composer : Shouldn't the band be called 'Too Many Wooz' ? (-:

C Babs : The engineer's face when you told him you didn't have anything written... He immediately regretted coming into work that day.

ANDREW HUANG : I don't think we made these songs fast enough Rob

NICK - Animekanal : "can we do it like BAM BAM?" "maybe if you could do like the BA KESH kinda " "yeah that's it" - how musicians communicate

S.S. Sarah : I said it on Andrew's vid but I'll say it again; I absolutely love the raw energy that came from most of this being improvised. You just can't write something like that in. So much chemistry and love of the craft

Gleechkey : I don't get the hate towards the engineer. He was so cool about it. Got him all excited, you could tell his 'eyeroll' vibe got melted away by all the fun he was having just a few minutes into the video. He was mouthing lyrics, laughing a ton, big smiles, telling them "it's catchy!!". This man was excited to be out of his comfort zone, probably had a blast making music so hapharzardly for a change, without any seriousness.

Todesnuss : When you're a recording engineer and two musicians come into the studio to record an album they haven't even written yet and it doesn't end in disaster.

Moto_Nerd : Someone give that engineer some flowers.

Frankly : Rob always ends up making an American Football song.

Aidan6496 : At least the engineer has a sense of humour!

slimkt : Rob's improv lyrics are really revealing. Like now, I know Rob has 28 pairs of pants in his closet, doesn't like uninvited company, oh yeah, and he has a head and ten toes. WOO!

PutinsHandsomeTwin : "I think it should just start with drums" "I think it should just start with you (guitar)" "Let's start both of us"

Skip6235 : At this point Rob and Andrew are just showing off how much more talented they are than us mere mortals

hazardmuffin : There is nothing I don't like about this video. The saintly engineer, the nonstop creativity, the fact that you guys SUCCEEDED. What a testament to making. Just goes to show it's not hard to make art. You just gotta commit to doing it. Doesn't have to be perfect, just get it out of your heart and into the world. I can't imagine how tiring 10 hours recording would be, but you sure as hell looked like you had fun :)

TheRealRedWolf : Imagine if they had done this in Glenn's studio xD

Nomad : "We haven't written anything" such painful words for the engineer to hear... and he hears them often.

euronomus : Would love to hear you guys record a non-rushed album together, there's real potential in some of these songs.

Oilid : Is this "Saint Anger" documentary?!?

Abdulaziz Kadri : this should be an annual thing

Kaleb Pippo : What about an album where every song is a different genre.

Thomas Araneda : TOOL and SOAD should take lesson from this guys.

Zim Babwe : Not just *an* album. Feelgood comedy album of the year since Pink Guy is out of the game.

Drumwannabe17 : If I were an engineer, I would lose my ever loving mind if somebody told me they intended to track 10 songs and had written nothing, haha

Bryce Harper : Live footage of Kanye making all his recent albums


Packbat : Because I noticed they rearranged it for the album, the ten tracks here to the ten tracks on the album: 1 -> 7 ("Things To Do") 2 -> 1 ("Woo!") 3 -> 6 ("Rollerbladin'") 4 -> 8 ("Always") 5 -> 5 ("Don't Go") 6 -> 2 ("Can't Be Stopped") 7 -> 9 ("Spoilers for Playdead's Inside") 8 -> 3 ("Two Friends") 9 -> 4 ("Don't Go To My House") 10 -> 10 ("Possible Band Names")

Nick Morrow : this is a better emo album than everything on r/emo lol

James Cobalt : Andrew Huang and Rob scallon in the same recording studio? Is this a crossover episode?

TonyDX4Life : 'Don't Go' has got to be my favorite track. The lyrics remind me of the feeling of being in a relationship with someone who is experiencing mental illness which causes them to be distant from their partner. "Don't go, just because I do"

Alex K. : We had 10 hours in studio, two musicians, two guitars, one bass, a whole drumkit with cymbals, cowbells, agogos, woodblocks… Also, a completely unawared sound engineer, a ton of mics, a barrel of coffee, a camera guy, and two friends just for support. Not that we needed all that for the making an album, but once you get locked into a serious studio work, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. The only thing that really worried me was the vocal lines. There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man beyond a mic without any lyrics, and I knew we'd get into that rotten stuff pretty soon.

I Stole Your Waffles : I think we all knew that Rob is an amazing guitarist but hats off to Andrew! I had no clue he was that good.

Luciano Szmulewicz : just because i`ve got 28 pairs of pants dosnt mean we cant be friends

justacommenter : every day i try so hard...... every day i fail........ DUN DUN DUN DUN *WOO*

CHATO! [Prog] : I'm not joking: this is so good, i've been listening to it daily once since release, the whole 20 min. I don't know whether I appreciate it more because I know you only had 10 hours, but still there are some strong songs in there

A Day in the Life of : What some people might not understand, is that the biggest miracle here is how well they work together. The creative part is tough, but musicians can be really narcissistic and fickle. These guys look like a joy to work with, when someone says "I think it should be this way", the other dude is like "okay, cool"..

I Stole Your Waffles : Anybody else notice they were using a Davie504 signature bass?

CountdownSmiles : This is gonna be the new song challenge to replace the "under 1 hour" challenge

Thrash Man : Bald Idubbbz looks pretty tired with you guys

Catscam7 : When is the 48 hour world tour?

Mark Stewart : You guys should make this an annually recurring project where first of October reunites for a day of madness only to evaporate back into the mist until next year!

Joshua Morgan : Oh my goodness that was great. xD Either that recording engineer thinks you guys are brilliant, or he thinks you're totally out of your minds for going to the studio to record an album in one day that hadn't even been planned, let alone written. XD

99 jacob : Geeez, maybe System of a Down could learn a thing or two from them.. 15 years vs 10 hours

David Wallace : Is there a kickstarter for this engineer? I kinda want to give him some cash for all he went through.

Kwin McCollum : How can they make ten songs and I can't make 1. *I DONT UNDERSTAND*

CJMAXiK : Hi, Rob! Greetings from Russia! Unfortunately, I can't find this album (and pretty much all of your or Andrew's music) in popular Russian streaming service called Yandex.Music. Maybe you can reach your distributor to make this happen. Thank you!

Mik Music - Covers & Originals : Meanwhile, my band finished our 5 track EP after over a year!!