Tenacious D - Low Hangin' Fruit (Video)

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MattPlays : I can see a future collaboration... Tenacious D & Ninja Sex Party... I can already see it ... and it is glorious

Miles Eh-ji-worth : This is what you get for letting 2 grown men discover green screen

Sohighcantlose : switched to porn when mother walked in..... easier to explain

CarEdy23 : sometimes i think this song is not about fruit...

Swabzilla :D : This is why you should wash your fruit before eating it.

Joe S : I guess this will have to do...* *unzips pants* *

KidBehindACamera : can't stop listening

Lee McDaid - Guitar : 1:30 Rip-snort and a flip-florp fiddly-fjorp Porsche a awe-haw, ah-ah ee-ee weow! Shoocawcaw qua - Shoocawcaw qua - Shoocawcaw qua Shoocawcaw! que que que - que que que - que que que.... RASPBERRY!

Joseph Dolman : jb and kage dance like dads at weddings

SlashDrunk : This is the cheapest and the most awesome video clip ever !

IloooooooveBeatles : It`s impossible to not get a boner from this video.

Snack : I could only wish of having the god-like dance moves Kage has.

Gino Ramos : So, how long is it until Tenacious D collaborates with Ninja Sex Party? I feel it has to happen at some point.

Voxl Valyx : I am on a quest to make a .gif of 0:14

DiscoClam : Somewhere out there, there is someone... that is NOT aroused by this

Nick L. : Remember when Tenacious D used to be subtle..... Neither do I, which is why I love this!

firestalker11 : This might be the best thing on the internet.

Schwarze Sonne : I was watching this, when my mother entered in the room I immediatly switched to porn. Hehe, Jack Black is Unique

chelsdw : I'm surprisingly turned on by Jack Black in this...

Hani Himmo : The funniest part about it is how cheap this video is.

Popocraft : Why does KG look like alex jones

sami deiri : I feel uncomfortable....

boognish.savior : Are Jables and Kage secretly gay for each other? I mean, Jables is married and all but...

Big L : When i see this video, i was 11, and i thought it was for the kids, to eat more fruits, now back in my 14, i see how is really...

Jack Hinkley : best greenscreen ever

javier Cruz : as if the video for Classico wasn't ENOUGH!

The Lobster : You don't even know how hard it is to watch this video with your parents.

MrMulct : I've watched this too many times in the last three days.

Inquisition : God these guys are genius hahaha

Alexis Hernandez : I swear, this is like a parody of Foo Fighters' "All My Life." The build up in the beginning to nearly the same chords.

Allan Survo : eating a fruit while listening to this :3

frogtastic1000 : This is genius.

Jimmy Tee Rex : The people who disliked this clearly have no taste in more ways than one...

Marc Stratmann : I think Jack Black enjoys his music career more than his acting career. It´s obvious he has total artistic control, he doesn´t care about the money , and he has tons of fun doing it. Damn I envy him !

qbruinsmaable : trolling to the next level.

Yuval Vasiuk : This is the greatest and best song ever. This is it ^^

Steff R. : They're so gross and adorable

Gaël Cherfaoui : KG looks so awesome on this <3

stefan abeln : i think this could be a reason why you wash your fruits before you eat them^^

Suffer thor9 : In this video he almost looks like Crowley on supernatural o.o

Erian Trotland : Best music video ever.

Michael Dinh : I know you're here since you like the music from that Pac Man combo video

Casper Hansen : 1:36 WTF was that :P

AnIrresponsibleOaktree : i need tenacious d to do something with nsp

TheEpic Triot : Picture this in the background of Fruit Ninja. XD

Eikichi Onizuka : Still best BAND IN THE WORLD!!!!!!

Acoolwind : I so want to have fruit fun with Jack Black

I'm Bob. : 0:31 best part

ImpSlayer04 : I feel very uncomfortable right now

Daniel Heindel : While I love Jack Black, there is no denying Kage made this video the greatness it is!