Dumbo Official Teaser Trailer

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candiigurl7893 : The Elephants on Parade scene is already crazy enough as it is, but with Tim Burton directing it? Now it's gonna be insane! Lol

Mellie D : This movie is going to emotionally destroy me. Dammit Disney 😭😭😭

blast blader : WHERE IS THE MOUSE

Bong_ Gaming : Nice 👏✌👏👏

Meme Extreme : I’d rather have a sequel than a live action reboot after seeing the other live action Disney reboots

PrincessRiners : omggggg dumbo always made me cry when i was a child. :""""( ♡♡♡♡

blue_giraffe 121 : Me in 2019🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

Hattie Francis : I’m sick of live action remakes.

The Archangels : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYgeTzlI9mU

Avelovin : IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!!

FreshPrinceYuup : This better be good or I'm fighting everyone at Disney

Doorhenge : Where are the good ol fashioned family racism crows?

Bron Moore : they better keep the singing racially insensitive crows in it cuz that’s the only damn reason I liked the movie


Shale : I am so tired of these remakes..

SAK- SOON : Too many humans in this movie...

Bluescity1 Disney : I cried when I watched it as a child. I hope I don't cry at the movies. Tim Burton, wonder how it will turn out? Hopefully not too dark or bizarre.


CHi : The scene when Dumbo's mother gets taken away, may kill me.

Alias : Great, more movies we watched as little kids that were great and now are getting ruined because of crappy remakes 👍

Brant Frans : Dumbo, another great memory of our childhood.

Fuck Off : Wow u serious just cuz u running out of ideas u just making live action versions of everything wtf?

Yca Gala : I remember that Dumbo has a friend mouse (I forget his name) and he is the one who helped Dumbo to see his mother again, and even teach him how to fly, is he still in this live action movie?😐 (Btw dose any one watch this trailer and remembered The Greatest Showman, or is it just me?...😮)

Zhanibek Mukshayev : They should’ve just stick with the original

Madison Arnold : All I ask of you is to not ruin my childhood....

Awsamazing Eden : I'm legitimately not sure how to feel about this.

Elvin Garcia : From The Studio That Brought You Christopher Robin Beauty And The Beast And The Jungle Book

Roman Nardone : Is this one going to have the racist crows?

David W : No crows 2/10 ,ign

Justin Cera : I see Eva Green I click

RoughToBeBuffTV : OG Dumbo made me sad as hell when I was a kid. Hopefully Dumbo stomps some bullies out in this one.

Jopie Ding Vink : Dumbo, Combo, Dombo, Jumbo Laat in de reacties meer ombo woorden achter Where you looking at?

Rey Gonzalez : okay but are we going to have the racist Southern Black Crowes

tea and flowers : AURORA AHHH

Dani Elias : AURORA!! ❤️

Mystic LunarFox : I'm looking forward to how Tim Burton does the Pink Elephants Scene.

Ghost Princess : AURORA MY QUEEN

Adriana Jiménez : OMG Aurora’s voice!!!!

Danny Nascimento : Gente, tô vendo que vou chorar, e muito, ainda mais na cena de despedida do Dumbo com a mãe dele!

Chiz KNows dA biz yeet : Disney has officially died.

PowahSlap Entertainmint : I hate to be that guy but can we please talk about the elephant in the room?

My Stupid Opinion : Awww yea! Can’t wait to see Jim Crow and the gang in live-action! 😜😜😜

Star Wars Basic : Live action Bambi and Pinocchio coming out next year guys!!!!!!!!!

Xuregar : M O N E Y S H O T

Pallav B : No thanks

123Yellowberry123 : I wasn't expecting this movie to look this good.

Gold Fishy : I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!!

Dmanpoke 88 : It's great to see Michael Keaton work with Tim Burton once again since 1992 (Batman Returns)


Luca Official : Aurora brought me here💙