Dumbo Official Teaser Trailer

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candiigurl7893 : The Elephants on Parade scene is already crazy enough as it is, but with Tim Burton directing it? Now it's gonna be insane! Lol

T-Bone : Prepare to drown in your tears, 2019.

Fran ko : I hope Tim Burton doesn't spoil the movie like he did with Alice In Wonderland

Kevin Arriaga : *Nostalgia*

Sahab360 : Very nice official triler

PrincessRiners : omggggg dumbo always made me cry when i was a child. :""""( ♡♡♡♡

sammifarnsi : This is weird. Humans were never a prominent or positive part of the original movie.

rajvader : This seems pointless. The original was already High Octane Nightmare Fuel aplenty... And, without the crows' segment, it just doesn't flow!

AveryScarlet : So instead of a mouse to watch over dumbo we get humans.... of course

Star Wars Basic : Live action Bambi and Pinocchio coming out next year guys!!!!!!!!!

FreshPrinceYuup : This better be good or I'm fighting everyone at Disney

Madison Arnold : Can't wait for the live action scene where he gets high

Atanvardë Cúnambiel : One more live-action remake and I’ll scream.

Amber : Why is everyone bitching about live action remakes.....? These movies bring back all sorts of nostalgia and memories I love it!!!

Siddarth Soni : This soundtrack will make people cry more than see you again

Brant Frans : Dumbo, another great memory of our childhood.

Chiz KNows dA biz yeet : Disney has officially died.

Christopher Thorkon : The animated version is a classic. Another live action version is not necessary. I won't bother to watch this.

Ryan O'Hearn : Dumbo survived the war.

Private User : When you run out of ideas and just remake videos you know this Masonic life we live in is fcked up

Awsamazing Eden : I'm legitimately not sure how to feel about this.

thehydrangea andtherose : This looks like a horror movie

Eddie Rightley : 1:11 Easter Egg!!

Thewolfdo Macias : Where is Timothy?

cp : I'm sorry okay but nothing is going to beat an original. Especially a hand drawn cartoon. I don't mind remakes of movies if they are done well but I would rather Disney work on making new movies instead of rehashing old ones. The old dumbo remains a classic. Making it 'real life' cgi just kinda sucks the magic out.

Mona Lisa : I was expecting Johnny Depp in an elephant costume but this was good too

Mr. Robinson : The elephant sits on Captain America's shield.

hells surprise : I got quite tearful watching this, doesn't look like a tacky rip off remake of the legendary classic I will be watching the quality of these trailers very carefully and so far so good keep it up, PLEASE treat it right

Saulo Joel Chang : it is was Writer/ Producer by Ehren Kruger best known for writing of first three Transformers film series, he writing first two The Ring films series (he also executive producer of Rings 2017) and he did writing Scream 3 & 4 (Uncredited Rewrites/ executive producer) i can't not believe why Disney hired for him!?? he's is the worst! writer!!

Tokyo Mew Mew Ãddïćt : Wow Disney are you after my whole childhood lol why did u even add humans

RoughToBeBuffTV : OG Dumbo made me sad as hell when I was a kid. Hopefully Dumbo stomps some bullies out in this one.


Megan O'Hearn : Creepy.

Warbear n' Vlogs : 1:11 is that pooh bear?

Bell Iron Fist : Does this send chills down anyone else’s spine? I had goosebumps.

That Blocky Player : I have a feeling it's gonna focus too much on the children.

Kyan Koh : I wonder how Casey Junior'll look like in this...

Angelic Distortions : The CGI is so super obvious.

Ryan O'Hearn : It’s kinda weird that Dumbo talked.

Megan O'Hearn : Disney was still alive Dumbo is still alive forever Wall-e never dies. Dumbo is killing StoryBook circus.

elNingyou : When the first Mulan trailer comes out they're gonna have another sad girl singing a slow version of "I'll Make A Man Out Of You," just watch.

Megan O'Hearn : Dumbo is playing dirty with Disney Tim Burton's Dumbo is gonna be Rated R.

Megan O'Hearn : Thanks to Dumbo its a continuation. Disney needs more remakes. Dumbo is killing StoryBook circus. Disney's new mascot Dumbo is killing everyone becuse he never ends.

Ruan Human : Disney has been remaking animated classics since 1995. Let it be! Some kids will love this and this will be their classic in 20 years' time.

Megan O'Hearn : Dumbo is killing storybook circus.

SAK- SOON : Too many humans in this movie...

Kkaebsong 95321 : Tim Burton is directing this movie I’m getting a scary and weird feeling about this

Show Time : I love Dumbo .😁😁😁😁.

Kylo Ren : The sound of his trumpet at 0:38 💕

Dumbo trilogy : I think there have to be an ostrich a hippo two bears a zebra and a geraff.