Thoughts on Fergie’s National Anthem

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You asked for Fergie. You got Fergie.

Comments from Youtube

AndyBoyLettuce : Are you a mother of 3....if not 100% don't have 13 magnets on your fridge

billybob gaming : You got fergied lmaoooooo

Pickeledcoconut : I'm just picturing Sam and Butters cowering like "Dads yelling again"

Bella : Watched this on your Instagram, and now watching it here because I’m a true baby

Evan Deitrich : Go to lunch!

T Nicole : You tell em Daddy

Cocobakingsoda : NBA: I could ask Fergie how the national anthem is supposed to be done, yum.

Jaime Reynolds : I just stopped watching something else and clicked on this right away. Thank you! I agree! You're the best!

tileformiles : Sometimes you literally get the wrong burrito. But you eat it. Because there's no going back.

Jessica Lienard : Yum

Dead Chris : I love you so much Chris omfg 😂😂😂

Nikki_D1919 : #droolmore

Wavey Davey : Uh oh daddy’s upset. Hide the belts and wooden spoons babies.

Lord Panik : "Hello fellow kids, isn't Fergie phat". Your daughter wants her hoodie back, daddio.

jasonknowlez : I've never seen someone so invested in something so unimportant! lol

Koda : I mean I didn't ask for Fergie but I damn well enjoyed what I watched. She sucked, don't try and defend her.

keagan breen : fergie singing it that way was the least cuda thing she could have done, she basically told the whole country to "turn round" and entered us

09soniciscool09 : Chris Delia is literally insane

BeBobFerrari99 : (Chris Crocker voice) *L E A V E F E R G I E A L O N E*

Genisis Munoz : Clicked on this real quick, for real 😍😍😍😂😂

Todd Howard : Sorry winter soldier... i disagree

Nadia 168 : I love you in pink my Jesus

Rjh Rhjj : She tried to change-it.

Maddy Reese : LOL I was literally thinking this morning that I wanted to ask you on Twitter what your thoughts were on this subject...then no less than 3 hours later I get the notification for this video.

Als Live Chat I Kids Learn Songs & Nursery Rhymes : caffeine deprivation is a bummer Oh THAT Fergie! Thought the Royal Family had got some talent for a minute.

Gabrielle N. D. : Yasss. We need more random YouTube videos. And I totally agree with you.

Didideedee : All I can say is...I just love you and all that your silly self is-just perfect! 👍🏼👏🏼☺️ ♥️

Tempe Bee : Same thing regarding Roseanne's rendition of the National anthem at the superbowl in like 1993. Amen!

Diana Martinez : Mandela Affect

Warmer : I love how brutal you are with TRUTH Chris. THANK YOU!

tiffanyferg : Y’wealthy??? Ya rockin your echoey open concept kitchen??

Nate one : "You made fergie... Then asked her to do the national anthem" THAT MAKES NO SENSE CHRIS... ENGLISH??? (Which is it asked or made?)

Romanflight : It would have been easer to watch if she did the anthem topples! Maybe a wardrobe malfunction?

Alex Hilber : Omg! I love u in Alone Together!

Mia Pet : thank you Chris i was thinking the same thing i loved her too

Kris Ray : You're the man. One of the few who actually defend her.

Brandon LeMay : Dude you need quit smoking crack.

am broken : Burn those fridge magnets with that hideous blouse

Connect to Soul : Thank you for your personal continuous knowledge, incentive and therefore expertise to help my experience to progressively more consciously awake moreover spiritually connected.

jsphotos : Another double-digit IQ Fergie fan.

A clear path to follow : I wish I could wear pink so comfortably and confidently.

Samira : Dude, she sang tremendously FALSE, I would like to agree with you, but this time I pass

Xavier Cook : lol i knew he was gonna say this hahah classic mommy/daddy

BIG D'S RANTS Big D.Witicker : True! True! 90's new York accent.

Jordant Bryant : 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 He ain't lying tho...

Buck Rogers : “That Fergie Way”


Matthew Medeiros : Huh'gree... but ya'bein' basket a' cats

Steven Celi : YUP!!!! Hahahahaha couldn’t agree more