Thoughts on Fergie’s National Anthem

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MrJHimself : Leave Britney alone 2.0

AndyBoyLettuce : Are you a mother of 3....if not 100% don't have 13 magnets on your fridge

Jaime Reynolds : I just stopped watching something else and clicked on this right away. Thank you! I agree! You're the best!

K. : This entire bit falls apart when you realize that none of the fans asked for Fergie...the NBA booked her.

Pickeledcoconut : I'm just picturing Sam and Butters cowering like "Dads yelling again"

billybob gaming : You got fergied lmaoooooo

Evan Deitrich : Go to lunch!

T Nicole : You tell em Daddy

Cocobakingsoda : NBA: I could ask Fergie how the national anthem is supposed to be done, yum.

jasonknowlez : I've never seen someone so invested in something so unimportant! lol

tileformiles : Sometimes you literally get the wrong burrito. But you eat it. Because there's no going back.

keagan breen : fergie singing it that way was the least cuda thing she could have done, she basically told the whole country to "turn round" and entered us

Chris Lumsden : I never asked for any of this, im feeling so attacked. sorry dad

Jessica Lienard : Yum

Dead Chris : I love you so much Chris omfg 😂😂😂

Meagan Thorpe : It's not that people didn't like what she did, it's that it sounded bad.

Rjh Rhjj : She tried to change-it.

Wavey Davey : Uh oh daddy’s upset. Hide the belts and wooden spoons babies.

Fake hip hop : 100th video is not a podcast. science

Shawn Barbour : this had better be satire

Destiny Munoz : I did not ask for it

BeBobFerrari99 : (Chris Crocker voice) *L E A V E F E R G I E A L O N E*

Nadia 168 : I love you in pink my Jesus

Nikki_D1919 : #droolmore

09soniciscool09 : Chris Delia is literally insane

am broken : Burn those fridge magnets with that hideous blouse

Charlie : Wow Chris D'Elia u getin old af #haveyoumadelifeinsuranceyet

Diana Martinez : Mandela Affect

Koda : I mean I didn't ask for Fergie but I damn well enjoyed what I watched. She sucked, don't try and defend her.

Lord Panik : "Hello fellow kids, isn't Fergie phat". Your daughter wants her hoodie back, daddio.

hulivar : was god awful....

v e L : 👏👏👏👏

Genisis Munoz : Clicked on this real quick, for real 😍😍😍😂😂

jay hill : What kind of rifle could kill a unicorn? Because that's obviously how you made that hoodie.

Todd Howard : Sorry winter soldier... i disagree

Buck Rogers : “That Fergie Way”

Maddy Reese : LOL I was literally thinking this morning that I wanted to ask you on Twitter what your thoughts were on this subject...then no less than 3 hours later I get the notification for this video.

Phoenix Errlybird : Y'in thekitchennn

Cody Champion : I've see Chris live, I've seen him on sitcoms, I've seen him on @midnight. He is one of the least funny comedians I've ever heard. I don't understand why people like him. I don't even know why I clicked on this video. As I should've predicted, it was not funny, nor did he even make any valid points.

BabySniffer : 😂😂😂😂

ashley Baynes mom : 😂😂😂 🙏🏼

smeg_of_christ : hey... Fearful cult leader... y’hearing going or somth? y’need y’ears checked? Wasn’t eve singin’. Was basically orgasming onto the mic. S’awkward n’ painful to watch. Still a faithful baby. Y’just off on this one.

lovellie : LMFAO PREACH ALWAYS <3    #truebaby

Connect to Soul : Thank you for your personal continuous knowledge, incentive and therefore expertise to help my experience to progressively more consciously awake moreover spiritually connected.

Tempe Bee : Same thing regarding Roseanne's rendition of the National anthem at the superbowl in like 1993. Amen!

tiffanyferg : Y’wealthy??? Ya rockin your echoey open concept kitchen??

Steven Celi : YUP!!!! Hahahahaha couldn’t agree more

DAILANA MANGO : I like the positivity here

Ninna Faye : She did fergie it but in all honesty no matter who sings it KEEP THE DAMN CADENCE wtf was that we shocked because we weren't ready for it to sound HORRIBLE with a different cadence 😩 #thanksforcoming Other singers add runs she fergied that shit but in a terrible way...I watched it with squinted eyes waiting for the "fergie-ness" to get better and it didn't. She sounded a lil tone deaf in places holy shit. I mean let's argue but I'm agreeing yes it was in the style of fergie....we were just unaware of how bad it could and did get... Maybe I used cadence wrong maybe it's the rhythm or the tone...EITHER WAY the point is that shit was 🚮🚮🚮🚮

Tempe Bee : I couldn't agree more!!!