Dark Side of the Rainbow (HD) - Time + Great Gig in the Sky

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Fragmento do da famigerada sincronia "Dark Side of the Rainbow", mostrando as músicas Time e The Great Gig in the Sky, em Alta Definição. Estou com o filme legendado completo, ainda pretendo compartilhá-lo no Youtube Legendas feitas por mim

Comments from Youtube

Rodrigo Santos : 3:26 Look at the bridge.

Brosantos : Beautiful video, thanks for uploading. Love this album. Listened to it on my first LSD trip, that was some experience.

Mike Bryant : it works alot better on a ten strip of lsd.

Chad Man : I cried

Hellcat Thornback : Profound beauty, I was 100% positive this was intentional but was told by somebody close to the band that this is coincidence but both pieces are made in a certain 'format' or rhythm that is used by some of the pros in the industry. Whether they meant it or not the outcome is simply breathtaking (totally inhaling)

dsfddsgh : Dorothy looks like she's tripping at the start of this video. LOL Must have been listening to some Pink Floyd.

Alan H S : Alguém mais acha q depois do furacão ela morreu?

le vide : Eu choro toda vez na parte do tornado

Craig Busick : Kinda beautiful.Especially Great gig in the sky.

Jean-François Vachon : If you want to see the best synchronisation of all... just type Synchronisation THE WALL and STAR WARS episide 4 on YOU TUBE. I tell you ,you can not beat this one !

C CC : I loved that movie! It was a big deal when it was on once a year. The scariest part for me was always the tornado. Freaked me out, man!

Smash Marxism : Two timeless pieces of art, displayed here for us with great quality. Nuff respect.

Cliff Price : "Staying home to watch for rain..."

Evoke : i ddnt kno they showed the dark side of oz on tbs

Terry Davis : I was hoping someone posted these two together... thank you Possibly the greatest piece of music ever written

Linda Hehn : synchs perfectly. I have the lp and the video and (decades ago) I came in from work to find a roomful of feisty teens; i asked them if they had ever heard of this and we cued the tape and we dropped the needle at the third roar... and it was magical. P.S. i did not get my chores done

unSTEVOED : Fucken Beautiful!

umi zumi : Omg, so beautiful and perfect

James G : A couple of F2's, easy money!

BigNintendoNerd : I freaking love that album so much!

Rodrigo Santos : Wow. This is like The Wall, except it's The Dark Side of the Moon.

Canubis2k : everyone know the god lives///

Cartman_Gamer : Mano tem esse filme com legendas ainda

matheus martins : é muita arte !!

MidPoint : pure blessed

Antonio Edson : something really incredible

Gustavo Chong : Muy buen trabajo...Excelente

Sebastian Bradley : Also try the Prince of Egypt with Close to the Edge by Yes, it's amazing

iLL ELEkT : pink floyd forever

jeff dubuque : LSD.

nirvana kaya : nadie sabe nada

KT Pierce : Why didn't it start from the beginning?

Barbie Green : Просто русский комментарий Гыгык)

Primo the Illusionist Yunker : If one thing that mankind is blessed with is making music

Rafael Henrique Veronica : Boa noite Tassio mano diz que terminou de colocar legenda nesse filme e que tem ele ainda? 😍

Isaac Ribeiro : No aguardo do completo. =)

Jackson Bivens : anyway to watch the whole thing?

TAKE IT BOY : 6:55 wtf

levi z.ellenwood : What's this myth about.?

Tyler Matthews : I don't get it

Justin Fitz : What are the odds. I'm the 666th person to like a video of the wizard of oz to the dark side of the moon album xD lmao

Hillbilly Nerd Talk : I don’t see how this is a coincidence.

neil harrison : whats with the sad sacks who had tiny titties in the advert, such sad people, very funny, would like to see them in 30 years time when there sagging round there ankles

Lucas Alvarenga : aa

Lua Von Zandoná : Nerdcast