Dark Side of the Rainbow (HD) - Time + Great Gig in the Sky

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Wisewoe Tiswell : Profound beauty, I was 100% positive this was intentional but was told by somebody close to the band that this is coincidence but both pieces are made in a certain 'format' or rhythm that is used by some of the pros in the industry. Whether they meant it or not the outcome is simply breathtaking (totally inhaling)

Rodrigo Santos : 3:26 Look at the bridge.

Lag Duck : It's amazing how these two beautiful peices of art synchronizes to each other to the great effect. Timeless.

Mike Bryant : it works alot better on a ten strip of lsd.

dsfddsgh : Dorothy looks like she's tripping at the start of this video. LOL Must have been listening to some Pink Floyd.

Jean-François Vachon : If you want to see the best synchronisation of all... just type Synchronisation THE WALL and STAR WARS episide 4 on YOU TUBE. I tell you ,you can not beat this one !

Evoke : i ddnt kno they showed the dark side of oz on tbs

Brosantos : Beautiful video, thanks for uploading. Love this album. Listened to it on my first LSD trip, that was some experience.

Chad Man : I cried

Alan H S : Alguém mais acha q depois do furacão ela morreu?

le vide : Eu choro toda vez na parte do tornado

Cliff Price : "Staying home to watch for rain..."

C CC : I loved that movie! It was a big deal when it was on once a year. The scariest part for me was always the tornado. Freaked me out, man!

Craig Busick : Kinda beautiful.Especially Great gig in the sky.

Smash Marxism : Two timeless pieces of art, displayed here for us with great quality. Nuff respect.

Hillbilly Nerd Talk : I don’t see how this is a coincidence.

Terry Davis : I was hoping someone posted these two together... thank you Possibly the greatest piece of music ever written

nirvana kaya : nadie sabe nada

Linda Hehn : synchs perfectly. I have the lp and the video and (decades ago) I came in from work to find a roomful of feisty teens; i asked them if they had ever heard of this and we cued the tape and we dropped the needle at the third roar... and it was magical. P.S. i did not get my chores done

Lua Von Zandoná : Nerdcast

Justin Fitz : What are the odds. I'm the 666th person to like a video of the wizard of oz to the dark side of the moon album xD lmao

matheus martins : é muita arte !!

umi zumi : Omg, so beautiful and perfect

Sebastian Bradley : Also try the Prince of Egypt with Close to the Edge by Yes, it's amazing

unSTEVOED : Fucken Beautiful!

Rafael Henrique Veronica : Boa noite Tassio mano diz que terminou de colocar legenda nesse filme e que tem ele ainda? 😍

James G : A couple of F2's, easy money!

Jackson Bivens : anyway to watch the whole thing?

MidPoint : pure blessed

Barbie Green : Просто русский комментарий Гыгык)

Rodrigo Santos : Wow. This is like The Wall, except it's The Dark Side of the Moon.

TAKE IT BOY : 6:55 wtf

Isaac Ribeiro : No aguardo do completo. =)

Antonio Edson : something really incredible

Tyler Matthews : I don't get it

jeff dubuque : LSD.

Primo the Illusionist Yunker : If one thing that mankind is blessed with is making music

Gustavo Chong : Muy buen trabajo...Excelente

BigNintendoNerd : I freaking love that album so much!

Cartman_Gamer : Mano tem esse filme com legendas ainda

Canubis2k : everyone know the god lives///

iLL ELEkT : pink floyd forever

KT Pierce : Why didn't it start from the beginning?

Lucas Alvarenga : aa