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Film Gob : This mashup goes in directions you don't expect, meaning i've no idea what i'm doing because i second guessed everyone's speculation and teased what my viewers expected. It's stupid but i call it a bold risk.

David Land : Harloff literally calls them bullies in the spoiler review on Collider.

Quantum Surge : Like if you watched this with pizza rolls mailed to you from Plinkett

Wiiman6186 : good God...that Campea guy....that really is what it looks like to be dead inside.

Pieces of Work : Thanks for making this video, mate. ☺

FilmToaster : It's amazing. All these complaints, all these major problems with a movie like this, and they're all still giving it like 8/10's and 9/10's. I don't fucking get it. Why are they shilling movies like this so much?

Gloria Redmon-Booth : Lol, this is so on point.

Big : "I had a lot of problems with the film and didn’t like the direction they were going. 9/10." - Kristan Harloff

Ax-Battler : You watched collider so we dont have to

MrTCBrady : i laughed out loud when he said snoke was prominent in the movie

Lantern 2814 : The tide is turning, audiences are seeing the film for what it really is.

adj789 : Endless trash!!!

kolop1 : I didn't like it that much. I'll give it a 9 out of

Peter P21 : THink about how dead inside these fuckers are to just straight up lie and say “Loved it! Best Star Wars film ever! Everyone acted the best they ever have!” To do that for clicks and money. Disgusting.

MrKstate21 : John Campea may be the most unlikable person in the Internet movie community

deadbloodlust : Disney shills, Disney shills everywhere!!

Punished Captain Frog : R.I.P Star Wars

Sandy Shores : To these Critics: Maaaan...This is what film criticism has delved into ? You would decorate your room, Laugh, Cheer, Call the movie a celebration, Praise everything about it, Tell everyone to go and watch it, and yet....the movie is COMPLETELY opposite of what you're doing ? Is there even a little bit of morality or decency left in you ? You're just trying to get some fame and clicks!.....You're the ACTUAL scum.......of Hollywood..........Period.

StanWilks : The failed gymnastics metaphor is better than any of the writing in The Last Jedi.

deadkids clothing : I agree, it was a big risk making the movie suck as much as it did.

Ibrahim Mendoza : It's amazing they have such similar opinions yet different. That's cool very cool. P.S. I fucking love pooooooooorn or whatever the creature name is.

Greg Hoover : I'm glad you made this. These comparison videos are a perfect way to just piss all over the false fandom

uzman haq : Bloody brilliant

Jerry Strobel : The guy loosing his fight with male pattern baldness on the Jedi Council I hate him more than I dislike Campea.

Rei : Campea is so full of shit he actually believes it.

Sudev Sen : I don't judge people for lining whatever shit they love but....damn...they come off as so fake and corny.

Antonio Serrano : Rian didnt take risks. The fucking guy just wrote down all the fan theories and the force awakens similarities to new hope and just made up an incoherent mess. Let me say this. This movie is so bad there is no reason to watch another Star Wars movie done by Disney. This episode literally destroyed the entire saga and I'm glad. At last I am at peace that I don't have to be anticipating another one of these movies. I am content with this movie being the last.

Charlie Long : This may be one of the best edited videos I've ever seen. Like Crowbcat levels of editing. Well done FilmGob

Kis Kacor : Me personaly ,loved this video.

D Miguel O R : Luke went from the greatest jedi to attempt to murder his nephew, WHAT THE FUCK, no wonder Mark hated it

Simone : "they took a lot of risks" The same exact battle with at-at walkers from The Empire Strikes Back except instead of a snow planet it's a salt planet...... IT BROKE NEW GROUND

chitownboyz : The dickriding is strong with these nerds.

Backspacer12 : I never clicked a video so fast

MissDIARRHEA : May the cringe be with you.

Charlie Long : Chris Stuckmann even sounds like he didn't like it but feels the need to say he does

evilos72 : Those are Disney puppets

npyor 99999 : Hey Filmgob, do you think this is the most overrated Disney/Star Wars movie ever? It has a rating of 86 on meta critic!!! For context, ESB has 81 on meta critic. If we compare to classic movie sequels, this movie has a bigger rating from critics than The Dark Knight, Spiderman 2, Godfather 2 , Terminator 2 and has same rating as Aliens!! This movie is supposedly greater than all those iconic movies. This might just be one of the most overrated movies of all time. I thought the movie was a decent watch but not a perfect movie like the critics claim.

Nightstalker314 : Who is writing the bullet points for all these podcasts? Is it just some bullshit bingo?

Dillyn : John Campea is the bane of my existence.

Mariano Gomez : Just watch, no news articles, bloggers or anyone media for that matter will dare make it apparent that this movie bombed to the general public. Just a bunch of articles with click bait on what we might have missed from the movie or how cool the movie was. But if it was any other studio they would of tore it to shreds.

KazakovOleg : John Campea is next level cringe god

Krazedkarl : This movies pretty bad and doesnt know what its doing. 9/10 Hmmmmmm HMMMMMM. WONDER IF THEYRE SHILLS? . I JUST DONT KNOW!

Sandy Shores : The Shmoes know, Chris Stuckmann, Collider, JTE, Campea = These are all the DUMBEST Idiots you need to stay away from. :/

Matthew Amaya : Did Campea even watch the same movie we did? His descriptions of the film are so off...

Jerry Strobel : I liked when Luke showed up to face Kylo he had gotten a force hair cut and had applied some Just For Jedi to his beard.

G. Rob : Disney dick riding at its best. They were even in sync at times, kinda sickening to watch. The film was pure trash and insulting to the originals. Expose 'em Film Gob!

Jerry Strobel : If Boyega had played that a bit cooler, calmer and way more collected it would have been something like "Well is he?, I dunno" Campea and the Collider twins are better actors, having to say they loved something that broke their little corporate bought hearts. I watched it last night, it was the slowest chase movie ever even at hyperspace, imagine Fury Road but they walked instead of pedal to the metal driving.

luis saucedo : Does Disney pay them to lie lmao

trueninjatactics : These critics are completely full of it, but Campea is on some next-level sh*t.

HerDark Majesty : THEY BROKE NEW GROUND!!!!! nah just copied the empire strikes back and revenge of the sith