Look at Life - Down In The Dumps 1965

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69roadr : 50 years later, we're spending an arm and a leg to put the old cars back on the road

rhett burger : Caused a real heartache when I saw that 1936 Buick, 6 wheel equipped and from what I could see no rust squashed flat.

CPWindsorsub : Boy you can tell health and safety wasn't a big concern back then lol.

rhauf1 : They still burn-clean scrap metal.  Today when crushed cars leave the junkyard, they are loaded onto freighters for transportation to Asia, where the metal is recycled.   The squished cars (rubber parts and all) are melted down ON THE SHIP while in in transit, since they are melted in the middle of the ocean (outside all countries boarders) there are no pollution laws to abide by. Replacing your "old car" with a new car is an INCREDIBLY dirty process. I don't think people realize this when they buy a Prius to "be green"

Zero Ninety : Holy crap that car that was crushed would be worth a fortune now.

Black Terminal : Sad to see that nice car crushed. But they didnt see the value back then.

jb : Lets crush a $300,000 car for a demonstration.

Joshua Tomlinson : Back when England was a country to be proud of. :'(

1947Desoto : That 1936 Buick looked like it was in perfect shape, why the heck would they destroy it for the sake of demonstration? I would be upset at any vintage car they'd crush but it's a Buick and a premium model at that, why couldn't they use have used a more common Model T or Model A? Or better yet a REAL junker.

JohnLeePedimore : 1.You have 30 minutes to move your car. 2.You have 10 minutes to move your car. 3.Your car has been impounded. 4.You car has been squished into a cube. 5.You have 30 minutes to move your cube.

Charlie Fleming : As we all live in the present, absolutely nobody can predict future value, eg 60 years from now who knows if a sought after car in excellent condition is a Ford Focus? Sounds so stupid now but we just dont know!

Draxindustries1 : And not a Polish car wash or Muslim in sight...they were the days...

DontLookAtMeLad : Ah the country was so lovely... :( Less immigrants, we had literally all of our gun rights intact. We were free people.

Philliben1991 : In 1965 even the binman wore a suit jacket!

Debraj Deb : This film of 1965 = present India.

MrLaydownsally : the poor cars , the poor clock  . what a waste

Marshall Curtis : I was disheartened that they crushed that American made mid to late thirties olive drab 4 door Sedan at 4:39. That was an antique back then! But apparently not antique enough to be valuable to a collector at the time. That paint job obviously was not original. It looked like it may have been an American military staff vehicle during WWII. It's a shame as it did not appear to be wrecked, rusted, nor roasted. I say any antique that is merely racked up in miles (or kilometers) until it quit running ought  to be restored!

FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ : Times when you could smoke and work with no problems :)

TheDutyPaid : Remember this still goes on today, I bet if you film any scrap yard or breakers now and people saw the film 50 years from now. The comments would still be the same.

Leu Mamk : I don't understand why this video looks high definition if it was recorded in 1965.

computername : I can hardly imagine that in 50 years someone cries over a prius, a smart, a multipla or any of this out of factory crap..

AndyB : That car wasnt worth destroying. I would crush that guy who did this instead

meyaw Abdulaziz : alot of these cars probably worth alot more today than they did back in the old days.. but back then they didnt worth much...so the owner must do something about it.... if people knew how much these cars would worth today they would probably saved them for their sons....... but then again...they require space...and some money to keep them in operable conditions...prevent rust...etc so keeping them even when not used costs money,,,money that can be used for other important things steel is abundant ,,,so i doubt these cars would affect any countries development if not recycled i like old cars....they have something that you cant find in new cars...sometimes your forced to take actions... not everyone owns a barn or huge real state were he can keep these cars...so...yeah it all depends ,,,

Marcelo Wolfart : Poor Classic Cars.

Matthias Wandel : Wow, how things have changed.  just incinerate the stuff you didn't want back then!

marchlander1 : 4:39 I felt every punch and squeeze on this car.... looks like military vehicle?

Wal Ter : 4:40 .. NO GOD PLEASE NO!!!

The Metal Butcher : This is the best quality film I have ever seen for 1965.

Karlfalcon : 4:50 - 5:50 makes me ill to watch.

79tazman : I wanted to cry at 4:40 that car was mint

taunusv4power : it's like ripping my heart apart.

alex smith : 7:29 Dont wanna fall down there.

scaleop4 : look at the joints at the bottom, lol all sad faces. 5:00 square sad faces hahahha

Stonka : And we learned nothing.

ATCRyderX© : That's really incredible to see the scrap industry (which is now a Billion, If not Trillion dollar industry) in it's emerging days.

leecosworth : Not a mosk in sight, where did we go sooooo wrong

1C3 P1CK : I love the way Brittan strips cars in 1965 with fire! Awesome!

Bill Smith : Wow, the Queen threw away an old clock.

slimchans : He mentioned disposing of the copper tubing . Now it's one of the higher paying scrap metals

SPOT A CAR : We're all saddened they destroyed these cars, but they were only trite and normal to them. To be coherent, we should stop destroying Camrys, Priuses, or at least make sure a certain amount of each model remains existing or in use: it will generate the same outcry in 20-50 years, when our grand-sons will see videos where we destroyed Chrysler Voyagers and Camry's.

Barnekkid : At 4:37 he speaks of the crusher processing a thousand cars a week.  That's one car every ten minutes around the clock for seven days non-stop.  I don't think so.

kieran farrell : Poor cars :(, to think 100% of the cars there would be worth a lot more then they was then. Such a shame those cars are gone.

Norma Thomas : those cars were not that valuable back then

John Burns : People here are weeping over an ugly 1936 Buick being crushed. That red soft top Triumph Herald at the beginning would have gone the same way. I know which one I would rather have.

battz99 : Yes, that was a lovely old Ford V8 Pilot, not a very common vehicle at the time because it was a bit too big, thirsty and 'American' for the British market. Sad to see it being crushed like that though, because it looked to be in quite good condition.

szili76 : He said gypsies!! Hehe

Mad Max : I bet none of them would have abandoned them knowing how much they would be worth today.

Robert Parkes : How many lovely old classic cars, furniture, fireplaces, etc have been crushed !! If you only knew then what you know now !!!!

dormantsuperhero : A few short years prior to this, to even own a car, any car, was a luxury that set you apart.

BornToRunBarefoot : I will attempt to reply using British grammar: “Dirty work, that.”