Ingenius: Dongle

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Tank 103303 : Who else only here cause they seen my boy teddy ray

ZeeC : double dongle

TheBetterPixel : And now Samsung is removing the headphone jack

Branden McNabb : I Fuc%ing Love This Ad!!!!!!

Xelärion : Look at the samsung galaxy a8. No headphone jack. What a retarted company.

IsmokeHiphop Live : *My homie teddy ray blowing up*...*both weight and views lol* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Noneofyour Business : Not even 6 months are now joining the evil you vowed to fight. Great ethical integrity Samsung.

iSirAnonymous : Why is everyone so mad? It's facts.

Vinnytoon : And Samsung removed the headphone...

Zeus : Freedom to speech, thanks *SAMSUNG* . You know it's funny, I bet a Apple fan will come here and insult me and I won't care, because *SAMSUNG* comments are open but I'd like to see them try on a Apple video. Oh can't. You can @me but by then I've already won.

KEVINKEV : MY BOY TEDDY!! Only reason I clicked on this 😂

Vapelife X : I see Teddy Ray... *I like* ... *even an ad*

Kian Myers : I’m an apple user but I still love this ingenius series keep it up Samsung!!

Apple Cultists! : Samsung just launched a phone without a jack, and no dongle in the box. What do they have to say now?

WoodyChai Tan : Did Samsung A8s removed 3.5 headphone jack?

cebastianasf! : I seen teddy ray so I clicked 🤷‍♀️

Aaron M : All the dislikes are salty Apple fanboys

SplashyTrash280 : 0:24 *T H A T S O U N D S E X P L I C I T*

wafle betonowe : Samsung removing headphone jack in latest galaxy. LOL

A. Zingg : Where is the HP-Jack now?

Toy Model Collector : I Want to see teddy ray in future commercials.

M K : 0:14 Now dongle doesn't even come in the box. Buy separate. 😂 Go Apple. 👍

Spark's Stuff : unlucky guys. go be hypocrites elsewhere lol.

Brandon Caleb : Now what? Huh?

Smith : 5 months later, they have dongles now.... Samsung HAD to be working on this jackless device when they made this ad so they take Samsung users to be as dumb as Apple users. Way to go everyone... you're a tool too.

Lily Bue : Teddy Ray😂


Jega A Nathan : Can I still use these headphones with my "GalaxyA8s"? Yes! It's time for the double dongle!

Maulana Pamungkas : Aaaawww and now Samsung REMOVED the headphone jack

Rexton Videos : HA NOT ANYMORE!!!

LyricalGenes : *Teedy Ray!*

Yes Yee : Cough cough Galaxy A8s

Andy Dennis : And now they have a phone with no headphone jack after all the condemnation and piss taking they follow apple again. 🤣🤣🤣

k k : not so ingenious anymore now huh samsung

chemicalsam : Well well well, how the turntables

Keverley Charles : Ommggg I literally only clicked to see TEDDY RAY

Matheus Cecato : And the Galaxy A8s was launched, next

XtraCoco Mint : That "explicit" comment had me laughing. This is a great ad, short and to the point and exceedingly hilarious.

Al Harris : you already know I watched this just for teddy.

Ced Gee : Teddy left ADD and got that BAG

SagittariusBoomBamPOW SheDidThat : That's awesome Teddy Lol! 👍

N o c t i s t a l g i a : I saw Teddy, so I clicked. Simple.


Silver Surfer : That sounds explicit. Samsung is the best at this

Jonathan Lozada : Teddy need to put some lotion on that voice😂😂😂

grayson bell : DONGLES a funny word 😂

Skeleton Clique xxx : *A8s entered the conversation* *A8s left the conversation*

The TechbReviewer : Samsung: We still have the head phone jack Consumer: Yay *December comes by and leaks come for the Galaxy S10 Samsung: JK we got rid of it [Disclaimer: I have an J7]

Sarla Kanoongo : Now not even in the box! Lol Apple thought let's prove this video wrong and remove it.

Concept Creator : Thank you Samsung for keeping it! Now...DON'T remove it!!!!