Ingenius: Dongle

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Tank 103303 : Who else only here cause they seen my boy teddy ray

ZeeC : double dongle

Branden McNabb : I Fuc%ing Love This Ad!!!!!!

Vapelife X : I see Teddy Ray... *I like* ... *even an ad*

Kian Myers : I’m an apple user but I still love this ingenius series keep it up Samsung!!

IsmokeHiphop Live : *My homie teddy ray blowing up*...*both weight and views lol* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Zeus : Freedom to speech, thanks *SAMSUNG* . You know it's funny, I bet a Apple fan will come here and insult me and I won't care, because *SAMSUNG* comments are open but I'd like to see them try on a Apple video. Oh can't. You can @me but by then I've already won.

iSirAnonymous : Why is everyone so mad? It's facts.

SplashyTrash280 : 0:24 *T H A T S O U N D S E X P L I C I T*

Aaron M : All the dislikes are salty Apple fanboys

Lily Bue : Teddy Ray😂


Ced Gee : Teddy left ADD and got that BAG

nacs : Galaxy 10 is removing the headphone jack and adding a dongle 😄 hypocrites

Al Harris : you already know I watched this just for teddy.

KEVINKEV : MY BOY TEDDY!! Only reason I clicked on this 😂

Shannon Dawson : HERE FOR TEDDY


N o c t i s t a l g i a : I saw Teddy, so I clicked. Simple.

bigga C : Still waiting for teddy ray vs doboy season 2

cebastianasf! : I seen teddy ray so I clicked 🤷‍♀️

Lil Tumblr 6 : Yooo, shoutout ALL DEF!

Jonathan Lozada : Teddy need to put some lotion on that voice😂😂😂

grayson bell : DONGLES a funny word 😂

Maribel Del Real : Tedddddy Raaaay

Toy Model Collector : I Want to see teddy ray in future commercials.

Rune King Thor : That sounds explicit. Samsung is the best at this

Warped : Should I be worried that my wife asked me to bring her a double dongle?

Mariah Daynell : It’s teddy tho if ur not original fan u won’t like off top the thumbnail 😂😂😫😫

Jyotsha Kumar : And now the dongle doesnt even come in the box lol... Magawd, thats petty even for apple :p

Tben916 : My boy Teddy Ray !!!!

XtraCoco Mint : That "explicit" comment had me laughing. This is a great ad, short and to the point and exceedingly hilarious.

brayan theGOAT : Ayyeeee teddy😂😂😂👏👏

Jim Jones : Teddy

Rahul kumar : Now... The dongle doesn't come in the box anymore 😂😂

SagittariusBoomBamPOW SheDidThat : That's awesome Teddy Lol! 👍

Truthseeking Troll : So Samsung are the rumors true that you are removing the headphone jack for the Note 10? If so consider this Note 9 that I will very soon buy to be the last smart smartphone that I'll buy from you.

MariusS Catalin : I bet this guy got beaten by Apple fans after all this ads :))

Alejandro Sandoval : LSD- GENIUS 🙌🏼🔥

Chitrakar Vlogs : 0:15 it used to come in the box.Not anymore

Keverley Charles : Ommggg I literally only clicked to see TEDDY RAY

Feliciana Tates : I only clicked because I saw teddy

bigga C : My boy teddy ray!

Auriam : Oh god,I accidentally clicked on an ad!

Chuneezy : Why I’m the world buy a 700$ iPhone oh wait that’s right because Everyone has it but me :( oh well I guess I’ll spend my 700 on a new flat screen 4K resolution tv ;) ( buy better things )

LyricalGenes : *Teedy Ray!*


Dino.M : "Apple is so innovative.They have watteproof phones,double camera,fast charging." *INNOVATIVE*

Technical Op Tricks : *A dongle*

Bro 870 : What is the name of song