Marvel’s Daredevil: Season 3 | Date Announcement [HD] | Netflix

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Miraç Altuntaş : One of the best Superhero tv show. Shit even one of the best series among all of them.

Channel NerdGasm : Daredevil on Netflix is the best thing the MCU has produced yet in terms of quality. Its the best adaptation of a comic book hero I've ever seen.

Zen Razor : Damn watching anything related to Daredevil and it feels like getting baptized by pure genius, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica are decent to average at best. But the moment I see Daredevils it's like alright kids sit down and let the master play.

Braeden : I swear Charlie Cox is and always be the perfect person for the role of Matt Murdock and DareDevil

madison : daredevil > all the other defenders

DJ ShaqTown : FINALLYYYY Daredevil clearly the best of the Marvel Netflix Shows Is Back !!!

Much Love N Hugz : Daredevil is the Robert Downey Jr of Netflix MCU shows imo

Legendary King : holy hell you believe that its been 2 years since the last season? like dam dude time flies

Adrian J : I don’t know why people keep saying Daredevil is the best Netflix Marvel show. It’s the god damn best Marvel show, the best Netflix show and the best superhero show. Bar none.

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth : First season: 👍🏻 Second season: 👍🏻 Third season prediction: 👌🏻

Lee Ragdoll : The blindest man alive... Back for SEASON 3 BABY!!!!

Samrah M : This teaser trailer is better than Jessica Jones, Luke cage & iron fist put together lmaooo

Julio Acceus : Now we just need Moon Knight.

Omari Coop : Damn it Netflix October is packed already and I have to study.

Bhavik Singh : *We better get at least 13 episodes*

Ádám Szabó : Frank said-You're only one bad day away from being me

Cori Trottman : I'm sooooo glad we are over the arch where Matt questions himself on whether he should be daredevil or not. It's best when the hero believes in themselves 100% this is going to be awesome

Ambiguous : Matt is about to "beat the devil out of it".

BaZe E : “You can suffocate evil. starve it. lock it behind bars. but it will find a way to comeback even stronger. There’s only one true way to end evil, to finish it for good. *LET THE DEVIL OUT* “

Random Guy : "Yet when I hoped for good, evil came; when I looked for light, then came darkness."  Job 30:26

Enrique Zamora : Hell yeah! Love how Matt doesn't care anymore and just going full on DareDevil! Honestly Charlie Cox's DareDevil is the best superhero in the MCU.

King Björn : Born again???


Boy Lopez : I just hope to have a nod to the punisher or hell maybe even a cameo. They have a good dynamic together

Endextro : Daredevil is better than most of the movies and that’s a fact

The Journey with Nick and Nate : Yeeeeeeeessss it’s about time!!!!!!! Can’t wait for this season!:) would love to act in this series!:)

márk fehér : Marvel is on fire this year. First, a good avengers movie with the first decent villain in the mcu, then an awesome spiderman game(beats all the spiderman movies with ease, except spiderman 2), then this? HYPE!

Itzhak Matos : Does anyone know the music in this trailer?

טום מוריץ : Can someone tell me what is that soundtrack on 00:06 please im getting crazy

Nick Clark : *Hell* yeah! Ya get it? Hell? Cause he's... yeah I'll go.

Chrysies : sounds like the Punishers speech finally got to him

Wayne Chan : 0:17 white suit Kingpin

203654389 : Listen here Netflix..... Y’all better hope this guy doesn’t scare me in my dreams due to ur marketing cause there will be a problem.

Juan Blanco : Im so excited daredevil is definitely one of my favorite heroes

JRA Tu Amigo : The Devil Of Hellskitchen Daredevil

Serprizebuttsecks : This is essentially a trailer of him standing still and it's better than the captain marvel trailer!

Bulut Serin : Please let Elektra out. She was the reason season 2 was not as great as season 1. Very annoying character. Also she ruined The Defenders for me.

Ethan De Villiers : you cancelled the best show 😢😢😂😂😂 why Netflix why !!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Luis Cadena : But the punisher😭

Zamosa : Bring back kingpin

Robert Glovacky : Venom: "Knock knock let the devil in" Daredevil: "Let the devil out"

S Jester : *”I’d rather die as the devil than live as Matt Murdock...”*

Nayan R : Darkness only responds to darkness.

TheRealCSD : The best super hero show on the planet!

Chibi Spidey : “Let the devil out?” about *cast* the devil out? 😐

M1K3R : this is by far the best Marvel series Netflix has made, Punisher was great too though

The Real Slim Shady : Yeah Matt Is back, need the pusnisher S2

The Iron Lord : It’s about damn time

Brian Hope : That beginning part was very Thanos-esque. *_I LIKE IT._*

Crow Conspiracy : My man daredevil is going to be the first Netflix avenger to get a season 3