Idiocracy: The Great Dumbing Down
Idiocracy The Great Dumbing Down

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This movie hit the nail on the head way more than it missed sadly. Now that social media has given such a large number of people the ability to expose their IQs to the masses this movie is more prophetic than ever


Kevin Yeoh : Reminds me of that kid that ate tide pods and survived because of modern advance medical technology.

Benjamin Barrera : This movie started out as a comedy, became prophesy, and now it is a factual documentary of current events.

GOAT : This movie was pretty funny years ago, but today I look back and this is actually horrifying :| It's really happening..

Jekku : Marketed as a comedy. Now a documentary.

Brian Hunt : This actually happened.

Stevie Wolfe : This movie was not supposed to be an instruction manual of how to direct the course of our species future...

Jess Morgan : My dad used this movie to persuade me to want children. It worked.

MrStifleras : this is not the future. this is NOW

sarcasmo57 : Like toilet water?

King Laius : Charlotte Iserbyt: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

Modig Beowulf : Sadly this is fact. JOO engineered

Rick Feng : My job locate in a retiree town and I see so many VERY smart and clever senior couples have the same problem like this Carol and Trevor: no kids.

Joseph Garfield : Wait, this isn't a documentary?

eXtremeDR : Active dysgenics. Nature favor intelligence but those in control, don't like it.

Mike M : This was supposed to be a joke. This was not supposed to actually happen.

somethingsomethingnickname : grab's a box of tide pods; * yummy *

Stef T : its happening...RIGHT...NOW.

YourNickIsTaken : Best documentary movie ever made.

megaC4 : One of the best elaborated movies. Great points. A joy to watch if one can ignore the fact it's almost a documentary instead of a satire.

Miguel Castaneda : we have a mensa member in car mechanical ability..writeing posts of how has trouble removeing a engine...even was told how

YourNickIsTaken : Me: Male 30y old, caucasian. Education level: 2 bachelor and 1 master degree in engineering Education time: from 5yo to 27yo = 22 years Working experience: 5 years in application development, 3 years in quality engineering Success: still living in a rent, cannot afford to have a car or a mortgage Future plan: work for another 40 years to be able to pay the rent and buy food. No place for kids. My neighbor: Male 23 years old, indo-gypsy Education level: 6 grade Education time: from 7yo to 18yo = 11 years Working experience: theft, killing, raping, social aid Success: 2 house, 4 car, 5 children, 2 grandsons Future plan: yolo bitches

Michal Valta : This is the kind of enrichement the "refugees" are bringing to europe. I am not trying to be funny.

Ford Cobra Boss 427 : And here we are 2019, the prophesy fulfilled, good times!

Amante : Painfully true. Unsurprisingly, FOX sabotaged this movie from the get-go because it too accurately satirized their core demographic.

Conrad Gifford : Something tells me Carol is a feminist.

Jim Bobberson : This is essentially exactly what feminism is doing today.

prison505break : solution is: in all of our lives activities, *we must act neither with excess nor negligence*

Mr. Hyde : Hence why we are trapped within the boundaries of an unsuccessful two-party system that guides a society of uneducated, uninformed voters who rally behind a candidate, like they would rally behind a soft-drink. Not listening to logic, but the grade school level of emotional appeal, and the prepubescence banter that both candidate spewed. They are both laughing at you.

C T : haha look closer @ the family tree 2:43

nathanielson : Poor economic prospects give some people boners. Who would've known

Despacito Text : This scene is goldenr/iamverysmart material

Big O : Just watched Kid Rock announce his run for senate and I had to watch this again. The chemtrails, fluoride and GMO's are working

delavalmilker : This move was terrible at predicting the future.  It was 490 years off!

Jeff C : This is a documentary, clearly.

aja342 : The great dumbing down was 2008-2016.

Morning Glory : “Puerto RICO is an island surrounded by water... big water, ocean water” - President Trump

TheFluffyDuck : SJWs and alt-right, always look a little.....special.

cath evans : Wouldn't it be nice if somebody actually commented on the film? This is the opening scene and has nothing to do with Clinton/Trump. Dumb and smart people voted for Trump, and the same applies to Clinton.

Caleb Cole : Haha I have been saying this for years! Modern medicine is keeping the dumbest among us alive and we have beaten Natural Selection!

Klwir Qldf : there is a huge market of young men interested in an artificial womb. plan-able parenthood and much safer than marriage and divorce.

LukeVj : I think Mike Judge is a prophet of some sort

Life Essence Is Stored In The Balls : Clevon? More like TRAYVON

Nathan Chadwick : needs a sequel

chukmok : This seems a lot more accurate

sleepyinhere : Trump brought me here...

Lawin Colt :'s alrdy happening :v

ninuxy : Trump was elected on 2016... Tell me idiocracy isn't happening...

F-zero91maru : we been living a idiocracy it's happening earlier i seen stupid smart people too

FartingFatso69 : Hey its Smoothie from Happy!