Idiocracy: The Great Dumbing Down

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Skadoosh : This comment section is full of politics for some reason. Hillary being elected wouldn't make intelligent people reproduce more, if you weren't aware.

Kevin Yeoh : Reminds me of that kid that ate tide pods and survived because of modern advance medical technology.

Benjamin Barrera : This movie started out as a comedy, became prophesy, and now it is a factual documentary of current events.

Stevie Wolfe : This movie was not supposed to be an instruction manual of how to direct the course of our species future...

Jekku : Marketed as a comedy. Now a documentary.

Jess Morgan : My dad used this movie to persuade me to want children. It worked.

CvnDqnrU : "I'm not the idiot, the idiots are the ones in the opposite political party."

YourNickIsTaken : Me: Male 30y old, caucasian. Education level: 2 bachelor and 1 master degree in engineering Education time: from 5yo to 27yo = 22 years Working experience: 5 years in application development, 3 years in quality engineering Success: still living in a rent, cannot afford to have a car or a mortgage Future plan: work for another 40 years to be able to pay the rent and buy food. No place for kids. My neighbor: Male 23 years old, indo-gypsy Education level: 6 grade Education time: from 7yo to 18yo = 11 years Working experience: theft, killing, raping, social aid Success: 2 house, 4 car, 5 children, 2 grandsons Future plan: yolo bitches

Brian Hunt : This actually happened.

garneroutlaw : Lots of the low IQ individuals in the comment section - especially the ones bringing up politics.

Keknegen kai : Explains why there are so many Hillary supporters

Apple Bag : reminds me of California

Nazael Rahl : It's funny how many people consider this to be "Trump's America" and end of the world. But when it's Ahmed, his 3 wives and 16 children none of which can even speak the language of the country they live in it's cultural enrichment.

Stylus 'Luigiman' Sketch : Kinda reminds me of what california is becoming.

Rick Feng : My job locate in a retiree town and I see so many VERY smart and clever senior couples have the same problem like this Carol and Trevor: no kids.

sarcasmo57 : Like toilet water?

Ruth Allen : Explains the large number of Trump supporters.

Лукаш Кошарек : This is how we got into neo-liberal society.

stp479 : Trump has been "presidented" to make America great-again. Idiocracy is now clearly a documentary ahead of its time.

teamhex : I love the tribalistic people on here commenting on politics without understanding how stupid identity politics are. If you can't think about each issue and form a conclusion on your're just as bad as the morons in this movie. Stop supporting your "team" while taking pleasure in the failure of the others.

Mr. Hyde : Hence why we are trapped within the boundaries of an unsuccessful two-party system that guides a society of uneducated, uninformed voters who rally behind a candidate, like they would rally behind a soft-drink. Not listening to logic, but the grade school level of emotional appeal, and the prepubescence banter that both candidate spewed. They are both laughing at you.

BigletJohnson : So many liberal simpletons in the comments here comparing this to the Trump presidency when in fact the premise of the movie is very clearly idiots outbreeding society's productive demographic. Now remind me again which party is the one that's cultivating an unsustainable welfare state growing the size of non-working demographics, rewarding them with other peoples' money for having more kids than they can take care of?

Tarzan : The movie is too optimistic and removed from reality. Most low IQ people don't even have a nuclear family. They are just a collection of single moms, with children from multiple, and absentee fathers. They also tend to be black. As the saying goes..."What's the most awkward day in the ghetto? Fathers Day" 😶

arcadia713 : These children finally became so numerous as to elect Trump.

Stef T : its happening...RIGHT...NOW.

OKABACUS : This movie is not a prophecy of anything. Read some history. Pick any civilization from Sumeria to Egypt, China, Greece, , Rome etc etc. The rise and collapse of an empire/civilization follows the same script every time. We are going through the same things that all before us have. We're just so arrogant that we think if our civilization falls it will mean the end of the world. Sorry to break it to you, our time in the sun is coming to an end just like it has over and over again through the centuries without fail and just like all those other times the world keeps turning and something new will come up. Maybe better, maybe worse but 1,000 years from now we'll just be another civilization that people can learn from but don't because they're sure this time it will be different. News flash. It won't be.

Fearless Paladin : Smart people are the new endangered species lol. Is a sad true.

OldSchoolRasslin : We need eugenics. It got demonised because of the Nazis but if we don't do something, then human race is doomed.

Mr bacus 72 : In europe replace the dumbs for muslin and that's the sad true we're watching happen.

Владимир Паны : Those supposedly smart people sound just as dumb as everyone else to me.

runekey : Natural selection has never favored the "best" based on human metrics, its about who fits in the best with their own environment. I think this video is highly misinformative, even if it is just a joke

Owl the Commentator : A lot of that is caused by people living off welfare and how high the taxes are.

R. Rod. : Natural selection was never about wisest or the smartest.

Jose Rogan : It's already like this, but instead of dumb whites, it's just going to be a cluster of Mestizos reproducing with one another until the country will be rebranded "the United States of La Raza"

A Anijs : With Trump, the USA are running into a new era : the era of idiocracy.

hurrdurr25 : Thanks welfare state

prison505break : solution is: in all of our lives activities, *we must act neither with excess nor negligence*

King Laius : Charlotte Iserbyt: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

Sponsi : It's the leftist shit that makes the world go that direction: giving money to the "poor and needing", high taxation of richer people (richer are more intelligent most often). We in Europe have this shit at the moment. Total massacre.

Freestyle : For the German version, replace Clevon with Mohammed

tom jens : Same in real life. Open the world's average IQ map and see who is breeding the most and who is in declining population (except importing "enrichers"). Non PC truth.

jsfetters : This is how libtards came to rule the world.

megaC4 : One of the best elaborated movies. Great points. A joy to watch if one can ignore the fact it's almost a documentary instead of a satire.

Joseph Garfield : Wait, this isn't a documentary?

Crazy_Cat_Gentleman : Trump is sexist and racist. Why? Because it has electrolytes! This move explains why we have Hillary supporters, feminism and social justice warriors to a T.

MrStifleras : this is not the future. this is NOW

Eric M : This is Trumps America.

Linked Neurons : Have things gotten so woman-coddling that they can't even show one thing against one. The smart ones showed the woman as slightly smarter, but that's ok. On the other hand, the dumb one didn't EVEN SHOW A NUMBER FOR THE DUMB WOMAN!!!! Are women so mentally weak that they can't even show one dumb female in a joke of a movie???! (shakes head) Thanks for the video. It's not you. I'm adding a like.

Mr F : Meanwhile Sheniqua is having eight brown babies in the hood with seven different fathers, and as they're raised by the welfare state with no father. Being raised in complete ignorance and classlessness, each of her five borderline girls has at least eight more brown babies on the welfare state. Reverse natural selection; survival of the un-fittest.

Buck Mulligan : I bet Clevon voted Trump...