Nintendo Switch click over 1 MILLION times

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Eating Pringles : Next do a Pringles crunch.

Hanakin Sidewalker : *And then half the universe dies*

Joshua Day : Me: hears clicks Looks around for knuckles

Azu_lito11 : 0:09 HAHAHAA nintendo switch 64 Kill me

Jackson Crim : 0:36 when you make a good poem and everyone there starts finger snapping

Shawnie Playz : *WHEN YOU BUY 1M SWITCHES*

Molière Gaming : 0:01 NOICE

Escapes And Removes : When you click your fingers and your child doesn't behave. SORRY FOR THAT

RUN TMC : Doctor:you have 41 seconds to live! Me: watching this video

CurryMonster : I can't believe it's been a year since the Nintendo Switch came out.


Some Crazy Gaming : Thanos was here

Xander The Gamer : *MASS CLICKING*

Khloe Lieng : Now do the kit Kat break.

Andrews Stuff : It sounds like squidward lifting the tiles in the white room when he was “alone”

Samoroki Kirigaya : Now we're talking

bE_apRo_ : RIP HEADPHONE USERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nico Tolentino : Every time the nintendo click gets like louder I feel like a demon is coming closer to me when it gets louder (btw satisfied already)

Virgil the Fox : Sounds like *DE WAE*

ThatAlessandroKid : This has to be one of the most satisfying "Over 1 Million Times" videos I've ever stumbled across.

Humorflix Just Dance, Parodias y mas : nintendo 64 nintendo switch clicks

Elon_thelad : when a greaser gang from the 1960s chases you down the street rhythmically

a random weeb : So satisfying.

Mr.M En Español : It's oddly satisfying until 16384



Nevaeh the person : Mom: hey what are u watching??? Me: ummmmmmm.....

Lash : *how do you edit this*

Galaxy_Boom : Watch in 0.25x


Ever Dee : "Bites za Dusto"

Jak CC : 2x speed at 0:37 sounds like me clicking my fingers in the morning.

Lukas Guerra г : These are why I live

The One : Ketawa kuntilanak

SpencerTG : *oh snap*

M C : It's as if the nentendo army is ready to strike

Destiny Dynamite : cliiiiiC

A Simple YouTube Channel : do lil tay saying im the youngest flexer of the century

Xernious : Never clicked on a video so fast

Arrikratos Gonzalez : Switch The Horror movie.

Azmarillbros 740 : Satifying once ever more one millon times😁

the penguin king : my new ringtone

ramil alfaro : Top Scary Movie Clips I ever seen XD

Toasted Fan Art : These videos get way too intense for my liking... but I still always gotta see till the end

prworld20 : The real question is... What game was going to be played?

‏‏ : Cómo carajos hacen esos vídeos?

Ciso Guedes : Tic tic tic...

Kenny Ramos : Reported for terroism

Abtin MB LP : 0:38 The Sound of my toaster

Francesco Giacobbe : This is where YouTube gets you at 4 AM