Family Guy- Adam West's Cat Launcher

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Krish 1991 : Cat launcher >>> Infinity Gauntlet

Adam Rodgers : You'll be missed Adam We Tomato Batman West

Illmatic662 : RIP to great Mayor and Person Adam West!

xXSilentAgent47Xx : He could've used M16 with cat on, just like in Postal 2.

stanley kan : should have called it a cat-apult

hulCAWmania Universe Of 田中 : its no wonder he's catman in fairy odd parents

Baseball5581 : Adam West for President. You know you want him.

Krizefugl : this part of the series is actually the reason i named one of my cats paul. and im proud of it. fits him well

Ivy Girl : That's the silliest name for a cat I have ever heard, Paul?! That's a person's name😆😅😅😆😆

Miguel Mil-Homens : RIP Adam We :) he will always be in our hearths and youtube videos!

N Shell : I called my cat Paul after this

The1pokemaster1 : Adam West has 17 cat rounds and 10 cats were fired

conka096 : shouldn't it be cat-apult instead of cat launcher

Fail Marine : Adam West is my favorite character in Family Guy

Adam Fitzpatrick : Adam West: crazier than the crazy cat lady

Clay Pidgeon : This needs to be a gun in TF2.

DinoJake : There's a new angel in Heaven, guarding the pearly gates with a cat launcher. RIP Adam West

Sweetiebelle Kitty1516 : RIP Adam West I hope they continue on with your character, as a background character.

TerraP : My cats Name is Paul.

Kyle Mac : Immediately thought of this when I heard of Adam West's passing today. My father grew up watching him on Batman and I with family guy. My father got me into Batman as a child and I got him into Family Guy as I grow older as a result. Thank you sir for your brilliance and entertainment over the years.

Lil Jae : Where was this in Batman

MysteriousM : Leaping felines! I figured it out. Mayor West is, CATMAN!

B P : pretty sure this is my future, crazy cat guy

iguana 91 : Seriously how the can you tell the difference between Canadian bacon and bacon?! Mayor west should be blaming the pizza company, not the delivery man.

Cloud Time Films Reviews : Nobody messes with Adam West!!!!!

Catzilla : I would expect Batman to know how to make a cat-launcher.

M Theory Enthusiast : i laughed so hard at this

FelisDestructicus : Daryl Dixon needs one of those.

Emilio DiBenedetto : It's kind of troublesome to find-out that Adam West and I are the same kind of crazy.

Arvind Raghavan : This mistake cannot go unpunished pizza delivery guy prepare to meet your maker

clipobserver : Do Mayor West use that on Donald Trump?

Andrei Felix : RIP Adam West. So many great moments.

Hail King Devin : R.i.P Adam west

jean-claude schwartz : RIP Adam West we miss him

OrionMagnus : I love how this is a reference to Fairly Oddparents because he was also Cat Man on that show. xD

Doctor Awesomeness : RIP Adam West

Buizel Williow : he just has that ready just incase

L. Salisbury : Just showed this to my tabby... she was SO offended she walked away. Now she's giving me dirty looks!

wenaldy : Im Catman.

OneToughCookie TheYouTubeHero : Oh no she di-int

Sean Feeney : Why is this guy a mayor?

Константин Войнов : So convenient to use cats: you'll run out of ammo!

Sunshine_water : Whats really funny is that at the end, the cats are just chilling in the bag.

WinningCrys : how i feel when i play my BM hunter

Mr Snrub : Paul ! Thats a persons name Hahahaha 😃😄😸 0:57

Zachary Kerman : Brace yourself for an influx of views

justin martin : anyone else come back here after hearing of his passing?

Night Shade : Lmao my favorite F####part lolololol

Cadifinal : that moment when you see the mayor in his pj's running down the street shooting the pizza delivery guy with cats

Zach Glendon : I see Adam West actually doing this