Thought 10. I cannot stand female poetry. A Replicant Fish Poem.

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Replicant Fish : Hope you guys had a good day.

AgeofMachines : Maya Angelou's biography is a shining example of the transactional nature of female relationships. Why? She was a prostitute, madame and pimp in her younger years. Don't think for a second she didn't leverage that experience.

Christopher Lane : Hey check this, I just asked a Chick what she bring to the table, an she was like I am 17 so I don't know.. 😂😂😂

terminator T-800 : joy , and peace are enemies to the modern day female , they are annoying to her.

jd7680? z : Whine or nag is all women do and we are fed up with their drama and greed the poetry of old cat lady's bye bye crazy lady now shut up and leave me alone

Kindloving partner : when women speak i just hear fart noises out of their butt faces

terminator T-800 : their mouth's are an open sewer of conflict , and chaotic noise........this is the modern day female.

Christopher Lane : An she had a nasty lil attitude

MGTOW SOLDIER : heres female poetry brothers...smash and dash.....pump and dump....bone and

terminator T-800 : drama becomes the female beast that's why their comfortable in it , they live, breathe ,and bathe in drama, because it's in their nature.

Richard Weiss : Female poetry sounds like it was written by a spoilt 12 year old child. Shallow and petty, lacking maturity, perspective and true understanding. Yet another thing that women cannot do as well as men.

Christopher Lane : I got writers block, cause Trama of people's baggage

northernleg : Not bad 'guru Fish,' but lets stick to MGTOW content theirs a good chap.

Gordon G : A good women is an illusion

S Snowperson : The great Poet of our time. That was totes worth the listen.


Tell Me Why I Cry When I feel It : I feel like this all the time. The level of victimhood and man-hating in female poetry makes it impossible to consume the content without pinching the bridge of my nose, closing my eyes and sighing. Great video by the way! Loved how poetic it was, hahahaa!

vic twenty : 2scientific facts woman are 100 x more likely to lie and they have also 100 x more bacteria that courses farts to smell in there intestine GO AND RESEARCH THESE ARE FACTS i heard about on a radio show in the 90s WHEN YOU WERE ALOWED TO SPEAK TRUTHS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why trust them they STINK AND LIE

the surname with no name : not bad RF. Edgar Allen Poe is still mu favorite though.

lazy RRR : There was a young man from Carolina A Blind Knight and shameful Mangina They tied to a chair , He ; stripped raw & bare , Died suffering Female Poetry 💀

Kindloving partner : run through with a pork sword ahaha


Tango Nice : A female poet 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

P Exe : Standing on the stage demanding attention, their bodies unsightly swelling from toxic fluid retention, Long lost is their dignity, character and morals, sending their naked pic on tinder while their husbands work hard building digging with shovels, Whamen spew nonsense on and on bla bla bla never ending, they tell lies in court the men need defending, It's always about their emotions, they don't stop at blaspheming marriage vows and devotions, They spend money wrecklessly on botox, lotions and potions, Intoxication is their friend being clowns together, they'll blame anyone, anything, any excuse nowhere near clever, For the sake of the world eradicate feminists, yeah i mean it, they are rude and self- centred c'mon we've all seen it, An android is better lookin' and will never age, so for Godsake please get off the stage, And when their exhausted from all- day whinging and wallow, it's back to the underground cemetry at Sleepy Hollows...

AriusDion : Female comediennes are just as bad.

sofalover : I am woman, hear me bore.

Luc Chasse : You should try to do some slam poetry with music on the background, im sure it could be really good !

Christopher Lane : Yea she was with her mom that didn't speak English, she was a sexy lil Latino lol

Mark Strike : Fish ever saw that Buzzfeed girl speech

Ultra Instinct : fwb with single moms.😂😂

MGTOW SOLDIER : verse2 MGTOW what you hoes gonna do now?.... Beatches aint shit sept hoes and tricks....

How do I Look? : Women's hoetry.

Mgtow Life : Ive been writing poetry for 25 years, since middle school..I've written some epic stuff in my life for women, never have I had a women write a poem for me.

Immortalis : Not only female poetry, but female philosophy is lacking in depth.

BC1000 : NICE..............

Mike Hunt : I'd post a snapping my fingers emoticon if there was one available.

Christopher Lane : Smdh!

Danasa Danasa : We men have nothing in common with women.

Kindloving partner : fish grabbing the worlds ears and porking its stupid face

alen romanesen : Women And their Basterd Children Most Pathetic Scum Creatures On Earth ):