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Miruthula R : oh... my god!!! just they touched death.

Lisa Kennelly : They just wanted to tell you about their Lord and savior Mufasa

Katerina Luna diCamella : And you didn't know you can lock the door either~

jagadeesh anush : Lion: Wow, This looks like my lost car. Let me check inside and confirm

Bimal Rathnagoda : Are these people idiots? They should have locked the doors of the car before entering the area.

holiday time : Idiots!

PSV broek : Donkeys

Skyler Leif : Damn the Lions smarter then the people in the car

Said Ali : an idiot

satya naidu : You copied this video and original video by Joshua sutherland

Jay singh Johri : Pure idiot....... lady

Ann Samuels : Like seriously? They didn't lock the doors? Smh.

K U N D H A D I A : U wer lucky enuf...fortunatly...


ANIMAL LAND IN INDIA బారత జంతువుల భూమి : just miss ,other wise death

Gloria Metayer : Now that was scary.

Julie I AM : That ended well! Who the hell drives through that to start with and doesnt lock the doors either🤤

Abba Dabba : Perfect example of why people need to follow the rules of these parks. Dad had decided to not lock the doors as advised and it almost cost his daughter's life.

Bitter Truth : Scary moment

Veronica Dunbar : Unpredictable. That's how. Please let's be carefuluuu.

2 to 4 productions : Lion was like its my uber ??😂

Smart Videos : pendo idiot gawar

S MUNAF : stuppid people..

princess angelia : That was like can i see if ur a female or male inside there

Jack Sugden : What a plank not locking the door.

Zikrullah Trading : the lions wanted to rape those ladies in the car.

Iqbal sibia : I wonder how and why lions become man eaters ?? 😁

Syed Rayaan : OMG

Vikrant Rautela : hahahaha its scary

Iraquitan Nunes de França TV : As pessoas são muito idiotas, estão em um safari e não checam se as portas estão travadas.

Sony black warrior : Westerners are truly stupid!! no doubt!!!

treman smith : Omgggggg i was scared for u then....stop

Niki M : What made you think a lion has a smaller brain than a house cat? If a cat can open a door a lion can do it too. Duh.

shadow man : clever girl...

SocialBakchodi Public Figure : Oh my God

Kalim Akhtar : o m g🔙

harish sharma : Leniency at top

rehana kay : didn't even lock the dumb

Jazz Dosanjh : Stay away im the king of jungle let me enjoy in my jungle stay in your city's

Sachin madaan : Hat's off to all the women in world😁😁😁

Yafavv Nai : Didn't know they can do that. Bit*h why did you have the door unlocked in the first place😒tf

Ejs Ssbsbs : I wish their fams all died by that lion

Josh Q : Why wouldn't you make sure that the doors are locked...Common sense isn't very common after all.

Chainesh Dindyal : wow scary

tafadzwa kachinga : it's not fun guy's.u cant play with life

Kenny Reeves : Angggg they were just getting the door for you

Gaurav Barot : Open door wow

dont know : R u mad😵😵😵

Pip Pipster : What’s so weird is that the thumbnail shot is about 20 feet away 🤪

jackson desousa : Dumb bitches