How To Play - Jenga
The Ultimate Way to Play Jenga

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In this game tutorial, you'll learn how to play the war-torn board game "Jenga." Please consider supporting me on Patreon: Get your very own "Cards. Deal With It" t-shirt here: Follow The Dragon's Tomb on social media: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Get a Dragon's Tomb microbadge: Special thanks to my Patreon supporters Ben Wolf, Dan, Dan Peterson, Ethan Storeng, Jason Dinger, Jeffrey D Eldridge, Jeffrey N Smith, Jeremey Lasher, Kenneth Nelson, Robert Weisberg, and Thomas Martin.


Andy Chan : Next up: How to Play - Risk In this next episode, you will learn how to play this fun-filled, family-friendly game of tower-building. Only those with a dexterous hand and a sharp mind will prevail!

Take Your Chits : It REALLY bothers me that you didn't mention the issues of race representation in this game that have been a hot topic of discussion in the community. Over 60% of the world population is from Asia but sure, let's just use a mix of knotty pine and flat-sawn ash for everyone. I mean do they think we're stupid? All we're asking for is for them to add some quarter-sawn adirondack spruce to the mix. It's not like we're not asking for rhodesian teak!

phurballdj : All in all, this video was a blast to play.

Joshua Osborne : >essentially that's alienating most of the board game community Hahahhahahaha

Dave - Taxero : Hmm, so I have been playing it right. Thanks for the clarification of the rules.

qbert72 : Great job providing simple and clear explanations for a game that can sometimes confuse beginners!

Collin Blank : Dance floors are so OP. You have no reason not to play them!

BjΓΆrn Forsberg : Hey! "Roll over 9" you did not roll over 9. Cheater.... ;) Awesome vids :D

spderweb : We play with a house rule, where you can just stack all the pieces on top of each other in threes, and then pull them out from under each other and stack them. It's not really how you're supposed to play, but you bought it, so you can do whatever you want.

LEGnewTube : For those wondering, yes it's a lot like risk. The only difference is Risk is stupid.

Magical Elfman : I like how Jenga emphasises the relationship between war and memory - e.g. how we reminded ourselves to "never forget" events like 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and the Alamo. Poignant. The detail that went into the camouflage fatigues on the miniatures is also very striking. I was part of an intramural club in college called "The Jengaoists", and many of our players were semi-pro tier. Highly recommend advanced players try out the draft variant!

Andy Shepard : I love and appreciate you.

PhantomSwagger : The variant that really messes with less intelligent players is Espionage. You secretly choose an opponent's soldier as a spy for your army. Once per game, they can be revealed and immediately attack an enemy on the same continent, or interrupt an attack on a continent you occupy, or steal the nuclear detonator before it can be used.

BDZB Comics : That roast at the end tho...

Brennan Cottrell : I may actually play Jenga know that I know it's like Risk but with more things to do and with an emphasis on keeping track of your own stuff.

CuppaJoeGamer : By far the most absurd review yet. Where's my "Cards. Deal with it." Shirt?

ronnyay : I lol'd in the earth tornado part lol Is too many people ask for jenga and Risk rule so you just toss the two into one video?

Nightenstaff : When I was a wee lad, I used to play this classic with a homemade set of sticks from the yard. Our dice tended to always roll fives and sixes, so walls were never used. I thought this was the norm until I started playing with official sets and started getting absolutely destroyed by wall players. I would have some epic Earth Tornadoes for stupid wall campers.

Taytyaaytyat : A perfect representation of how the terrors of war can MAKE EVERYTHING LOOK THE SAME

David Francisco Garcia Owen : Essentially is risk with nuclear bombs and tornadoes, all with Jenga pieces... and is absurd as it sounds hahaha.

onedeadsaint : my idiot brother keeps getting the armored raft confused with the wall. anyone else wanna play with me?

Jenna F : Jeff, I'm always the shortest player in our group. I'd like to go first sometime; is there a game out there where this occurs?

CLOOOWNNSHARRK K : Hi Jeff! It's Lincoln N Megan Gs son

Surreal Reality : Thanks for the rules breakdown, you really do an excellent job of clearly presenting the rules for all level of players. When I see people playing this game wrong, I chuckle a little inside, knowing that The Dragon's Tomb has set me straight. I litterally see everybody stacking the pieces of this game and then remove pieces, genlty, trying not to toppple their little tower. It reminds me of what I do with my pieces when I am bored waiting for my turn, making little stacks of my player pieces. Lol and these noobs think thats the whole game, lol. I guess this is really a testament to how important a clear and consise rule book is. Cheers, and keep up the good work!

Marla Singer : you were so cute in the pyramid scheme vid

Becky Stratton : Jeff! As always, wonderfully explained!! It seemed like such a complicated game until I watched your video. I played just as you described. I have a few questions. 1. Since I am a part of the board game community (and hence not so bright) am I allowed to mark my cards and pieces so I don't have to remember which is which? 2. If there is an actual tornado while I am playing is it allowable to let it do the work for me when I'm out of the game? 3. If Donald Trump plays can he build a wall when any player plays 3 victory cards? Or any number of victory cards for that matter? 4. What tools do I need to build rafts, walls, and dance floors? I eagerly await your response. Thanks Jeff!

Erekai : Don't understand why everyone is comparing Jenga to Risk. They couldn't be more different. Risk doesn't have nukes. If you're going to compare Jenga to anything else, it's really more like Risk 2210. But the similarities stop there. Jenga offers much more rich and rewarding gameplay. Highly recommended!

Jozsef Hajdu : what a great game! is it the deluxe version? the regular is plastic , I think lol

Nicky Tenuta : N E R D

Zach Lorton : This is freaking brilliant.

treesa rose : You made is much complicated than chess πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

budsticky : The Dance Floor seems overpowered.

trentonx : You are the funniest person alive

Brandon Graham : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Jerico Jimenez : The dice lmao

Stuart Partida : Im confused. So can you build rafts on top of your own walls? Also how many soldiers can be on one continent at a time?

Sam Krygsheld : This would be a nightmare haha

Rob Witt : amazing

danpsou : I think I have a counterfeit copy :( My version has drawings of little meeples with what looks like shot glasses of some sort, instead of the normal components you show here. My gaming group kept wondering which of those "drinking instructions" we had to roll to win a battle. And the further along in the game we were, the less things made sense, until one of my buddies got sick and spend the rest of the evening throwing up and yelling obscenities. It kinda ruined Christmas dinner for everyone, even the kids. All in all, not a blast in my experience.

Victor Price : This video perfectly explains how to play Jenga! The rulebook that comes with the game is so confusing, so my friends and I would usually just stack up the blocks in a tower, then randomly pull out blocks to make it fall over. But now that I know how to actually play, this game has replaced Chess as our number 1 go-to game. The strategies are endless! Do I build a Wall? A Dancefloor? Or maybe a Raft? There's just so many ways to play! Chess is just boring now, compared to Jenga.

CamaroHeed : LMFAO

bosh : Really fantastic overview of one of my favorite complex strategy games. With that said, perhaps in a future video you could cover something a little more simple? I love playing Twilight Struggle with my five-year-old son, for instance.

otubrabnad : Quick question: My friend Mark is 5'9". I grew up being 5'6" but self-identify as being 6'2". Who goes first?

M M : tl;dw

Republika Dugave : My friend brought jenga to gaming night and started to build a tower... We were like...are you serious?? Read the rules, idiot....

OriginalPiMan : These rules are so impractical I want to cry.

Michael Swirsky : Aren't you supposed to stack the pieces on top of each other? And HOW would someone be able to remember what all those pieces represent? You make it out like I'm stupid for not being to distinguish them.

Karol Szymczuk : you take a block from the middle/bottom and you put it on top.