Steamed Hams but it's edited like Dragon Ball Z (and it's the Funimation Dub)

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mrchips2301 : This almost definitely took more effort than Funi's entire DBZ blu-ray releases. These FUNi sound-alikes are pretty darn good! Vegeta-Chalmers is hilarious. Although you do leave the terrifying implication that the Funi writers could come up with dialog as good as golden era Simpsons.

Joe Capo : deleted scene from the cell arc

WindyCornerTV : This deserves more views. The voice impressions and editing matches the old 2000 TV version of Dragon Ball Z perfectly.

Allie-RX : Where's the Ocean Dub of Steamed Hams?

01omensfulls : Top 10 slice of life scenes in action anime. Yeah!

orochimarujes : Love how you replaced "good Lord" with "blast it".

Booty Blasted : This is so stupid, but I can't look away.

Pgirts : This is one of the best things I've ever seen.

SebiTheSeabass : I thought this was going to have cringe low quality voice-overs but holy fuck this is good. Plus making it widescreen, gg XD.

PrincessofPower84 : The use of the soundtrack is the icing on the cake.

MoonschoolGamer : Great job with this, loved it


N BradS : I love how the title of the upcoming episode is a blatant spoiler, just as Funimation did. And of course, awesome job with the voice work. :)

CuppaKofe : Ew, The Simpsons orange bricks. The Homerboxes are so much better!

scifiguy9000 : Chalmers: SEYMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!*transforms into a Super Saiyan*

PJAStudios : This is AMAZING. I love how you even used the terrible, TERRIBLE 'music' they had for the commercial break titles too XD Great episode preview spoiler too.

Chad Serrant : Chalmers = Vegeta, good job

scifiguy9000 : Chi-Chi: Goku! The house is on fire! Goku: No Chi-Chi, it's just the eternal dragon! Vegeta: Well Kakarot, you are an odd fellow, but I must steam a good ham! *Vegeta leaves, not noticing the burning house* Chi-Chi: HELP! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!! Goku:*runs back to get her*

TheAwesomeDarkNinja : Holy crap, I love the voice acting.

Logicphile : This is just incredible, how did you get the voices to be so accurate? They're eerily close.

Propane Accessories : Bruce Faulconer did nothing wrong

[marbardan] : I love the fact how you even spoil the next episode with the title card.


TopBunkProductions : A ‘Big Green’ dub of Steamed Hams would be incredible.

Faze of 1337planet : Somehow I find this funnier then the other dub :)

Silver Soul : This is almost too perfect. 10/10

einar darr : The Silent stare at 3:36 speaks volumes in presence strength

Steel4 : Bulma: Hey, Vegeta, maybe you should get a job. Vegeta: I could be a superintendent. Bulma: Do you know what a superintendent does? Vegeta: Yelling? Bulma: Sure. Just go with that. See what happens. Vegeta: Maybe I will.

The Poor Gamer : @funimation

Kahlil Dozier : I like how Skinner is Goku and Superintendent Chalmers is Vegeta

flyingtoast27 : The mother having the voice of King Kai was genius

MadnessAbe : "You call hamburgers 'steamed hams'?" "Yeah, it's a regional dialect." "What region?" "Uhhh, North Galaxy." "Really? Well, I'm from Planet Vegeta and I've never heard anyone use the phrase 'steamed hams'." "Oh no, not Vegeta. It's a Namekian expression." "I see."

Gilberto Astanio : can he find the treasure before the evil mr burns? BURNS GETS THE TREASURE! well geez thanks Funimation!

slideshowRob : Translation is far too accurate, and silent pauses aren't being filled by offscreen dialogue

Kinjo : Lmfao Vegeta's theme

Chad Serrant : That Next Episode Preview... and next episode's title lol I was waiting for a "Freeza Defeated!"

Virtus : Oh my god the intro had me dying

Gilberto Astanio : you should have added a mind dialogue at 3:36 of Skinner saying something like: "oh no! quicly! i have to think about something before he gets suspicious!" or something like that, it would be really funny

xMetalx59x : Whoever's Bart does an ungodly good Trunks.

Devious J : The most tense arc in anime history. Side Note: This battle's run time went over 3 hours. The extra footage was added in the blue ray release. Yet despite the run time they managed not to go over budget and still kept the animation crisp. You gotta love the shit from the 90s vastly superior in terms of story despite the cost being low.

Gemini Media : Adding the voice over as a dub for the original footage was genius, since that’s what dubs are lol.

ENDERSWAGGER : I feel as if the superintendent Should've been lord Beerus...

Chris the Dork : I have never watched DBZ, but this video was still amusing to me. Aninalysis you are an odd fellow, but I must say, you steam a good ham.

Kerry O'Brien : Please never stop, these vids nourish me

Danny Anderson : I love the title card for the "next episode". Reminds me of the time, "Will Goku survive Namek's explosion?! Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!" *cue title card* "Goku's Alive!!"  -_-

DaSheepKiller : Music and editing are on point, but there's one thing you got wrong. The dub is good and correct.

ZackstaDaxta : Ahh it was great hearing the Faulconer music again, I've heard both the Japanese and English and enjoy both for different reasons haha. Fantastic job on the voices, utterly hilarious.

OtakuD50 : Milhouse in da house!

cutiepinkie 15 : I love how they totally spoiled the next episode by showing the title card lol.

Memes. Dank : I actually wanna see Burns gets the Treasure! now