How to Cook Venison PROPERLY! | Show Us Your Steak! | Men's Mental Health
Outdoor Youtuber gets real about issues with masculinity and mens mental health

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Show us your steak is a challenge to men to open up about mental health issues to help remove the stigma attached to the topic. I was tagged by TA Outdoors and below and in the video I will tag my entire tribe - men who support me both with my channel and in my life! Use code "WoodBeard" to get 10% off ASAT Camo: I was tagged by TA Outdoors: MENTAL HEALTH RESOURCES Mental Health America: Canadian Mental Health: Original show me your steak (Haze Outdoors): I am TAGGING my WHOLE TRIBE (I did forget to say Bob Hansler, but he is obviously included in my tribe): Bob Hansler: 7:55 Joseph Carter The Mink Man: 21:46 Jeremy One Wildcrafter: 22:13 Adam Craig: 22:33 Aaron Nelson: 24:46 Alex Peric (apbassing): 25:43 CL Outside: 26:16 Jay Valente: 26:50 Riverbend Longbows: 27:06 Zach Fowler: WILDERNESS LIVING CHALLENGE SEASONS Season 4 The Wilderness Living Challenge: Season 3 The Wilderness Living Challenge : Season 2 The Wilderness Living Challenge : Season 1 The Wilderness Living Challenge: MEDIA Woodobo SPICE (FOR SALE): Facebook: Website: Grohmann Knives: ASAT Camo: Kevin (my brother's) Instagram: #WildEating #Survival #ShowUsYourSteak Use code "WoodBeard" to get 10% off ASAT Camo: Merch (t-shirts):


Jesus Christ : Amen

TA Outdoors : Some great words spoken there man, looking forward to your future videos. You put so much effort into your content, keep it up buddy.

Charles Cornelison : came for the steak, stayed for the talk

Andre Hinojosa : I like the way u think and love ur vids

TurkishKB : My ex won't let me see my little baby daughter who I was with almost 24/7 for 11 months. She's almost 3 now. You don't even want to know what's happened to my brain. I've gone into the mountains, its better out here. Thanks for talking I appreciate it.

H Solomon : Hope every1 had a good weekend, love & peace ✌

One Wildcrafter : Thanks for the tag, Chris. But more importantly thanks for opening up and sharing your experiences, your thoughts, and your wisdom. Some people grasp this intuitively but one of the things I admire most about you is your dedication to researching answers to the questions that you have. You and I have grown a lot the past few years - never to old to learn!

that one kid you dont want you kid talking to XD : Stop making me hungry

Mick Wakefield : There is pleasure sure in being mad, which none but madmen know. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety, these vids really help. Thank you.

Nathan A. Tjio : That 1 dislike is an angry vegan

Mulloway Man : Great video... mate there is no stigma.. if you have a mental issue you are not alone.

Ben Lastname : I knew you'd get a show your steak video, your take on the topic rings a lot of bells for me and really solidifies trends I've noticed in my own life. Everyone says talk talk talk, but really it's about finding purpose, taking action, support systems etc. All the points you bring up make plenty of sense, thanks for opening up to us pal

Righteous1 : You have the best tips, honest and truthful.

Gazula G : Great Job,,, Am watching from Ghana West Africa. (GAZULA vlogs)

Big boi Bacon : loving the content keep up the good work!!!

Mark V : We share very similar beliefs, glad to know there are more of us out there who dont refute biology and reject this modern day movement to break traditional norms that science has proven true for many many years. I enjoyed this.

Ziv Velti : Thank you for sharing your story with us, and your kid is adorable! I wish I knew sign language. BTW, thanks to Haze Outdoors for starting this challenge and bringing the awareness to the community.

Deathdealer40cal : Going to try not to leave a long comment but no promises lol. This is hands down best video I've seen on YouTube period! Very inspiring message and factually correct. Men are a specific type of animal and our needs have not changed since the day we came about. I have been in the same position mentally and it was from the lack of "men" stuff! Again GREAT VIDEO CHRIS!!!!!!

Itz_Real_Notch : I'm telling you do a hog catch n cook make CARNITAS it's my favorite Mexican dish

Jester Zubrata : Hey new vid on sunday? I don't mind👍

Lurch Fowler : Thanks for sharing. It had helped me more than the year and a half of therapy

Only Trinity : " According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, any food stored at exactly 0°F is safe to eat indefinitely. "

Joz Sports : Awesome video, deer meat or wild game meat last way longer than grocery store meat, I'm eating 2017 deer sausage/fried rice

Swamp Valley : Great video, Haze Outdoors has done a great thing creating this tag, and big channels like yourself are spreading the word awesomely! 👍👍👍👍

Ericsidolmind : Thanks Chris. That was a great unabashedly masculine perspective on mens mental health. As a mid 30's man myself, i have noticed a slow down since my 20's. When you do masculine things less, your body and brain respond. Get outside, build something, take on a project. You will feel better. You dont always have to pour your feelings out. You can fix you sometimes. Thanks again Chris

Big Benji : I’m a stay at home father for the last 2 plus years. I feel like I’ve lost myself while being at home and there for my son. It’s so hard. I 100% agree. I have found myself yearning for more and wanting to provide better. I feel most of what you have Explained about not being Full time at home. It is the hardest thing I’ve done(doing). Your a inspiration to get out and do more for my own mental state. I feel when my hormones spike and it’s the hardest thing to be able to control when the enormty of the frustration kicks in. Much love and apprecation for sharing to make me feel normal and like I’m not a poor father. Keep it up.... please... if only for men like us that Are misunderstood and somewhte confused. I’ll be on lake Champlain ice fishing this winter. Thank you.

Ace Baker : I love the advice you have for boys and young men. As a woman raising 3 boys, I find that there are some things that boys need to hear from other men.

Van - Rod Lafortune : Who dislikes a video concerning men’s mental health. tsk tsk tsk

Survival Mindset : Well said! The cabin project is moving along. Excellent words. Keep the awesome content coming.

Jordan Masunas : I made some tenderloin from 2013 recently and I was fine. Old meat don't hurt nothing as long as it's kept properly.

Ƿódenson : Hands down one of the best videos on youtube.

A E : I haven't seen a YouTuber genuinely care about their viewers as much as The Wooded Beardsman. You're doing a great service to these young folks. Keep it up!

OPERATION ASS CRACK : Show me your steak challenge??? I LOVE STEAK!

Whitetail Bushcraft : AMAZING VIDEO The talk was very deep and Helpful We have an illness in the family my first born which has dropped me to my knees and as a man I was so helpless to make this person better. Its been a long road and still haven't been able to talk about it on my channel. Thank you for your thoughts brother I am definitely part of your tribe because of your great channel !!

John Lambe : This is for you Sia - Move Your Body (Remix 2018). After that awesome talk , you need to relax and listen to the music.

BIG STEVE : You give the best manly advice and you make sense. Try Jordan Maron Music if you like dance music, he mixes his own....very very good.

Bushcraft Baxter : I've been waiting for you to do this! I know you and I have a passion towards making sure us guys don't become wimps, and making sure we stay well rounded.

justin d : Winter is here my friend ..we just got 10 cm of snow in southern New Brunswick .....keep up the great content...

Thomas Golden : This is awesome!! So glad this is being talked about!!

Welder 92 : Great content. Your raw and don’t beat around the bush and I love that. Keep up putting out videos man and stay safe.Cheers from Georgia, USA

John Lambe : Psychedelic Trance 2018/2019 mix Part VI[end of the year mix]

jerrynator101 : Time to plan a hunting/fishing trip with the boyz!! but for reals, from a biological standpoint i can totally agree with what your saying!!

Amos Presley : You got a Wonderful Spirit my friend. Please, keep up the great job.

Ricky White : Very good..the venison looked awesome..and the words of wisdom are priceless..thanks again

Zach Martin : The men's health bit was very well-said.

Mark V : Drop the meat in the pan so it splashes oil outwards and doesnt splash your beardbrah.

wsfarnie : Wow. Best steak challenge vid so far, nicely done!

Håvard Moen : Well said! And men should have a year around play-off beard!

Rickyboyz 100 : I'll cook you up some back straps some time!!