How to Cook Venison PROPERLY! | Show Us Your Steak! | Men's Mental Health

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The Wooded Beardsman : *I am TAGGING my WHOLE TRIBE (I did forget to say Bob Hansler, but he is obviously included in my tribe):* I was tagged by TA Outdoors: 7:55 Joseph Carter The Mink Man: Bob Hansler: 21:46 Jeremy One Wildcrafter: 22:13 Adam Craig: 22:33 Aaron Nelson: 24:46 Alex Peric (apbassing): 25:43 CL Outside: 26:16 Jay Valente: 26:50 Riverbend Longbows: 27:06 Zach Fowler:

Jesus Christ : Amen

TA Outdoors : Some great words spoken there man, looking forward to your future videos. You put so much effort into your content, keep it up buddy.

One Wildcrafter : Thanks for the tag, Chris. But more importantly thanks for opening up and sharing your experiences, your thoughts, and your wisdom. Some people grasp this intuitively but one of the things I admire most about you is your dedication to researching answers to the questions that you have. You and I have grown a lot the past few years - never to old to learn!

Ben Lastname : I knew you'd get a show your steak video, your take on the topic rings a lot of bells for me and really solidifies trends I've noticed in my own life. Everyone says talk talk talk, but really it's about finding purpose, taking action, support systems etc. All the points you bring up make plenty of sense, thanks for opening up to us pal

TurkishKB : My ex won't let me see my little baby daughter who I was with almost 24/7 for 11 months. She's almost 3 now. You don't even want to know what's happened to my brain. I've gone into the mountains, its better out here. Thanks for talking I appreciate it.

Charles Cornelison : came for the steak, stayed for the talk

Andre Hinojosa : I like the way u think and love ur vids

Mick Wakefield : There is pleasure sure in being mad, which none but madmen know. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety, these vids really help. Thank you.

Anim3 Girl : I'm a girl but I love doing guy things like what you are doing! And for some reason I feel normal like I'm supposed to be doing it

i want to ded J.J.J : Stop making me hungry

H Solomon : Hope every1 had a good weekend, love & peace ✌

Big Benji : I’m a stay at home father for the last 2 plus years. I feel like I’ve lost myself while being at home and there for my son. It’s so hard. I 100% agree. I have found myself yearning for more and wanting to provide better. I feel most of what you have Explained about not being Full time at home. It is the hardest thing I’ve done(doing). Your a inspiration to get out and do more for my own mental state. I feel when my hormones spike and it’s the hardest thing to be able to control when the enormty of the frustration kicks in. Much love and apprecation for sharing to make me feel normal and like I’m not a poor father. Keep it up.... please... if only for men like us that Are misunderstood and somewhte confused. I’ll be on lake Champlain ice fishing this winter. Thank you.

Mulloway Man : Great video... mate there is no stigma.. if you have a mental issue you are not alone.

Mark V : We share very similar beliefs, glad to know there are more of us out there who dont refute biology and reject this modern day movement to break traditional norms that science has proven true for many many years. I enjoyed this.

Ziv Velti : Thank you for sharing your story with us, and your kid is adorable! I wish I knew sign language. BTW, thanks to Haze Outdoors for starting this challenge and bringing the awareness to the community.

Nathan A. Tjio : That 1 dislike is an angry vegan

Righteous1 : You have the best tips, honest and truthful.

Can Cer : show us your steak............ dont say it dont say it dont say it dont say it dont say it dont say it i can show my 2inch meat instead xD end my life pls

Tony Napoli : Great video Chris it couldn’t have come at s better time, I’ve been feeling low after the death of my mother 8 days ago writing this comment has cheered me up honest, thumbs up to you, ok a big hello to all the followers that Chris has, yes Chris that lump of venison looked really good, Bon appetite 👍👌🇬🇧

justin d : Winter is here my friend ..we just got 10 cm of snow in southern New Brunswick .....keep up the great content...

Jester Zubrata : Hey new vid on sunday? I don't mind👍

Gibson Willis : Thank you for making this video. I am not a guy, but this helped me. I am currently not living the life that I want and I feel very stuck.. what I got from this video was that I need to focus on what I know I need and want out of life and to fight to overcome the road blocks that I am facing. I don't have a husband anymore and I don't have my mom and dad anymore, I need to find the strength inside of myself for the life that I want. I love to watch your videos and to see how hard you work everyday, is an inspiration.

Gazula Vlog : Great Job,,, Am watching from Ghana West Africa. (GAZULA vlogs)

Big boi Bacon : loving the content keep up the good work!!!

Organic : Even if that meat is 4 years old, still made me hungry asffffffff. God damn.

TPHVICTIMS : If you take a mans work, you take his dignity. Look at my information, it’s all true. I’m 64 and a victim of the mental health system. Not everyone is.

justin d : Secomd

Whitetail Bushcraft : AMAZING VIDEO The talk was very deep and Helpful We have an illness in the family my first born which has dropped me to my knees and as a man I was so helpless to make this person better. Its been a long road and still haven't been able to talk about it on my channel. Thank you for your thoughts brother I am definitely part of your tribe because of your great channel !!

Sixten Larsson : beard

Mustafa Saad : Hello 👋

Mark V : Drop the meat in the pan so it splashes oil outwards and doesnt splash your beardbrah.

frederik falck : Yay

Van - Rod Lafortune : Who dislikes a video concerning men’s mental health. tsk tsk tsk

Ranger Rick : That's some old meat!

Crimson Angel Paranormal : I just shared this to people in th paranormal side of youtube community as well. its good to share awareness thanks man. i struggle bad with mental health issues myself. i have PTSD, disassociation, anxiety,and depression. so its nice to see stuff like this. much love and respect to you my friend :)

Liam Grey : This was an excellent video man. Iv been sitting on my butt all day for about 3 weeks since I haven’t been in the best head space and Iv been getting head aches back pain and sore arms! Something I probably shouldn’t be having at 14 soon 15, so hopefully tomorrow I’ll find the motivation to go have a walk in the bush out the back of my house! In hopes it’ll fix it. And maybe might make it a daily thing I do! Thanks for the video Woodbeard!

Survival Mindset : Well said! The cabin project is moving along. Excellent words. Keep the awesome content coming.

A E : I haven't seen a YouTuber genuinely care about their viewers as much as The Wooded Beardsman. You're doing a great service to these young folks. Keep it up!

jonh Huegli : Idk what number am i

SamIsOnline : 😍 awwwwww the outro clip was so cute i had to punch a hole in the wall just to feel manly again... and apparently to raise back my testosterone levels! 😋

Patrik Orrestad : First like

19 Neufeld : What kind of saw mill do you use to build your new cabin

Light Burner : WOW!... I have to say that I'm deeply touched that you opened up about men's mental health, and YES! It is a safe space, here!... It's such a taboo subject that a lot of men have difficulty touching, and even more difficulty to go really deep into it... So, I'm really glad you were tagged, and that you brought a different approach/angle to the subject... I might not be a man, however, it's a subject that has always interested me because I've seen men struggle with it and without saying a word... always keeping everything bottled up without knowing how to deal with it... And, as you said, I, too, think that patriarchy is nonexistent nowadays... And I won't go into details about why it's nonexistent... What I'll say, and that's not the case for everyone coz I do believe there's really good women out there who contribute to building up men, as well as emotionally supporting them... I've seen a lot of women emasculating men in various ways... some did it in an obvious way, and some in a more covert and/or insidious way... And the way boys are raised also contribute to the fact that, as they're growing up, they don't know what their role as a man is... And add to that, having relationships with a partner that emasculates and/or abuses them... for sure there's gonna be mental health problems with the feeling of not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel... You said that talking about your feelings didn't work, though doing manly things did (i.e.: catharsis)... I have to say that different men are wired differently... some will have the need to express what they're going through, if it's said in a safe space... and some, like yourself, will have the need to do manly things instead... I, personally, think that both are necessary... However, I do believe that, if a man feels the need to express himself, he has to carefully choose whom he confides in... And, it's true that, "in general", women are not equipped to help a man in those circumstances coz women are "generally" wired differently... Though, I also think that "some women" are reasonably equipped to help men dealing with mental health issues/problems... Then again, it's all a case by case thing... and I do think that your catharsis advice is a pretty good one!... So, kudos for that!... This issue has always made me sad coz there's not enough resources available out there to help men with this... Like you said, if people see a woman cry on the street, they'll automatically help her... However, if it's a man crying, there's this taboo and this "ignore it" mentality that's rampant in most societies... And that's sad... Seriously sad!... And I wish things were different for men... That's why I'm so happy to see that there's a "Show Us Your Steak!" tagging movement now, and I'm so glad you took part in it... I think that it's important to educate people about this... Not just men... Women, too, should be made aware and should learn how to better help the men and boys in their lives... Hence, it takes a village!... And it's true that letting time pass will eventually help... Depending of the gravity of the situation, etc.. it might take longer for some people to get out of the really dark tunnel... though eventually, they'll be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel... And it's not solely about letting time pass... Coz time does not heal all wounds... It's what you do during that time that can help heal them... And the whole "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".. that's bullshit... coz it leaves people with traumas... and most people aren't actually able to heal them... they usually find a way to put a band-aid on it... That's why I think it's important, as part of the healing process, that people express themselves in a safe space... Which your idea, of the catharsis, might include if men feel comfortable enough to open up about what they're going through... Ok, I'll stop talking about that coz this comment is already pretty long lolol... Blame it on the fact that I'm a woman! hahahaha... As for the venison... I started salivating as soon as the video started and I saw the meat you were showing us! hahaha... Searing is really important, indeed!... then again, it all depends what kind of meal you're making... As for the butter... True that! lolol... You can't cook meat without butter lol... it adds that yummy flavour to it lolol... Have you thought about making some "Ghee" for cooking?... Ghee is a type of clarified butter... You basically "cook" the butter in such a way that the protein separates itself from the rest of the butter... you strain it all (and throwaway the protein), and you're left with the clarified butter (Ghee) that you let cool down before using... It gives an even better taste to your meals than actual butter!... It's really delicious!... And super easy to make! ;) Chris... Thanks again for this video!... You're gonna help a lot of people with it! <3 <3 <3

Libertys Pickles : At 8 am, im so tired but imma watch this, and i was hoping you would do the show me your steak thing lol

Swamp Valley : Great video, Haze Outdoors has done a great thing creating this tag, and big channels like yourself are spreading the word awesomely! 👍👍👍👍

MN Outsider : My favorite new hobby is building cabinets and shelving. My garage now has a miter saw and other power tools. It's a great distraction. Eventually everything I'm learning will be put to use on a self-built cabin on my own property. I'm 28 now, by 30 I hope to have the land purchased. Another solid video.

ListlessAU : First

SkunkApe95 : I really need guy friends again... I really relate with pretty much everything you’ve said, but my daily life makes it really easy to forget that the way I feel isn’t really unique, that I’m not really weird or unusual, I just never spend much time with other like-minded individuals which in the case happens to be most other men.

And Moll : Buena carne de los ciervos para ver y tenía hambre, saludos desde el Perú.