Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Vocals Half-Step Out of Key)

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Semitotal : Rickrolling rickroll itself.

Dudley Squibbles : He's never gonna hit those notes

Canaan Banana : it hurts so good

contrabardus : I'm never going to use any other video to Rick Roll anyone ever again. Also, I'm going to Rick Roll people again just because this exists.

Boris G. : this the music that plays on repeat in hell

Matthew Dolan : Thank you for doing these. You are doing God's work.

Mason Nixon : Hank Hill

MrShroud : "never gonna tell a lie and hurt you" Well, if that's the truth, then the truth bloody hurts.

Patrick Gambill : It would be funny if you put the vocals 3 quartertones flat. It would garuntee every note is out of key.

Keno9988 : this makes me uncomfortable


Chris : How did you get that guy from Karaoke last week to do the vocal? ;)

Jorge Barcelo : A E S T H E T I C

Laughing Man : Sounds like amateur night at the local karaoke bar.

Maito Mikey : This is worse than Never Gonna Hit Those Notes. AMAZING! -Russia

Zoidelle : this is worse than bad, its like, what do you call a crippled dog that stinks and has blood flowing from it but has a super cute face? thats what this is.

David Clawson : This is cruel and unusual punishment

Sherry Myers : omg this is so funny good job

Man In Magenta Wig : Y u do dis 2 Rick?

Guilherme Motta : This one is actually pretty good. Milhaud approves

Hypnotica420x : damn this guy is a really bad singer

Anom Mona : My life is now complete

Nikjay : How do you isolate vocals? Or do you just find them.

DC 33879 : An accurate portrayal of most karaoke attempts

Jonas Bergmansson : You should stop putting the explanation in the title. It would be funnier if I could link your videos to my friends without them knowing that they are altered!

Gabriel Pereira Santos : do one of the great gig in the sky !!! PLEASE

Reilly Spitzfaden : I've tried making the voice three quarter-tones (1.5 semitones) down, and it sounds even more bizarre! A whole step (as well as the frequently-suggested tritone) don't sound quite as odd, though. Thanks for making these!

Derek Felix : Brilliant and awful all at the same time. Well done!

JPence14 : This is the best worst thing I've ever heard

Austin Marks : I want this to be the video people use for all forthcoming pranks.

A E S T H E T I C : Oh god it hurts! 0o0

Reku Heims : do one where both normal AND half-step-out-of-key vocals are played at the same time

Hunter Austen : This Hurts my throat

Sara Vazzana : We are definitely not all created equal.... (: > /

Isaac Smith : Rick roll from hell

gamer without skill : he gave up


Cheese Mahone : Is it just me, or does Rick Astley look like Chris Hansen in this picture?

CherrySunburst : Sounds like early Talk Talk

Melody Gaza : Ya messing with me fav song.

Stephen Max : no, no, NO, NO!!

iarkd : As a choir student, this bothers me. But as a person on the Internet, I both expected this and love this just as much.

Alexander Famous : My ears still hurt even after turning it off...only lasted 1 minute listening...

My_opinion : 100% sanity while listening to music sounds normal. But, 70% of sanity makes it out of key.

Good Smithies : Rick Astley - Never Gonna Hit Those Notes (Vocals Half-Step Out of Key)

Buzz Foster : I dare someone to try this with Smashmouth.

General Sotheny : Godamm, could you imagine if this didn't say what it does in the title? IT could the next silagunner.

J.J. Shank : I'm going to make sure this gets played at Rick Astley's funeral.

Kevin MacAllister : this is making my ears hurt

Dan Hogg : I love how not only he's out of key, but consistently ahead esp. in the chorus.