Hell's Kitchen Healthcare Costs | Marvel's Daredevil

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Enzo : Why didn't Matt have to pay anything for the brutal beatdown at the Hands of Nobu? Are all those cuts for free?

Miguelangel Ramirez : I'm sure Tony stark will cover it

mr beast 121 : Now if you do one for The Punisher, everyone else's healthcare costs would be $0 because the dead don't pay for healthcare

Excited Cat : The real reason matt wears the mask is to avoid all those lawsuits and medical bills

q9c9p Il randagio : Ohhh U.S.A. ... where the healthcare is a business for profit, not for the wellbeing of people... :D

StepKickKing : Imagine the healthcare of men that have met Luke Cage

Kireeti : For punisher, the healthcare is not an issue.

Andrew Kirby : UK Edition: Daredevil: £0 Everyone else: £0

Scooter _ : He need a Baymax

Ganiscol : Can we see the same for The Punisher? Should be fairly low healthcare costs for his victims... funerals on the other hand.

Mack Tripp : So killing criminals is bad but giving them traumatic injuries and super expensive hospital bills are ok? ,':l

robz75rr : Lmao I’m so glad this exist it closes the doors on my curiosity

orangeoblivion : A fate worse than death... medical debt!

Dyule : Elektra just casually stabbing people.

Mikey Guanipa : They need to do one where it shows how much u have to pay if this happened in Europe (trick question. It's free)

Bryan Baccari : If we had universal healthcare, we wouldn’t have to worry about this.

Adam Manneh : 2 days!!!!!!!


Matthew K : Matt's not rich. Neither is Claire, who sometimes nurses him. How is he treating all of those injuries?

Jere Gomez : If we talk about Defenders?

Slim FG : Bullseye Hype<3

IRON MAN : I will cover it

Tristian Rawlins : Why does Frank’s damage to Fisk count?

Taiheed Yarbrough : The healthcare of men who fought thanos though😁

MegaMagma : I want to see Iron fish.

Azael beads 23 : 2 days

Circulos : they can upload anything with daredevil and ill watch it

Leon Fontius : Good thing Daredevil a lawyer 😅 right?

ANNSQ : Never expected this video but I’m honestly so glad to have seen it in my sub feed lol

Kireeti : Obamacare would help.

Egg Benedict : Remember, Daredevil has enhanced healing.

Uglyguy 25 : Elektra's should be absurd. She dies every other week.

Saif King2 : Daredevil♥️

UnegEtu : murica in a greedy nutshell

Joshua Morman : Next do funeral cost for punisher

zbennalley : Health care cost? More like funeral cost.

Star Bane : Thank god I'm Canadian.

pip chip : Marvel uploading quality content

Bachelor Life : ❤️Daredevil awesome show❤️ Man with out fear like me From: east coast like me too

The Dark Knight : I love the show so much

21cmichel : why does their healthcare jump 100,000 for just a knock out but nobu barely nudges DD healthcare

velociraptor4you : It pays to be the Man Without Fear.

Mayo : Free healthcare in the USA LuL

Pyro Flame : Please provide the raw data you used for these calculations to allow third party authentication of your analysis.

Lars : Ha American healthcare is a joke

Ian Pitfield : if you live in the uk . everyone is equal cause healthcare is free!!!!!!

hank : *Pretty sure his insurance will cover it!*

Kyleidoscope : healthcare doesn't matter if you're dead 2:01

Benjamin Remy : it doesn't matter when these bad guys die, healthcare cost would be zero.

R. Parameswaran : One more day only 💪💥