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Comments from Youtube

8 Ball : Well at least no one will steal his flow lmao

Max Arnold : This is the final boss when you defeat all the mumble rappers

The Weather Channel Nashville twcfan Jake Oldham : A kindergartener trying to explain everything while crying and sobbing

tj257 : His parents still waiting for his first words

prod liljjj : when shaggy doesn’t give you any scooby snacks

Some Thin : Mumble rap moved on to breathless rap

issawildludy y : It sounds like the producer was chasing him around the booth

D K : When you buy a Benz with your disability checks.

Tierre Hummons : Who here from Instagram?

akon_yai : Who came from ged_kid

DJ Schmolli : When you left your asthma inhaler at home but wanted to shoot this video so badly.

Shinji Hirako : I hope I am not laughing at a Disabled person.

Junior Garcia : Who’s here after kollegkid posted that video lol

Rafeeq Abdulla : This dude introduced us to a new genre- Asthma Rap

Buddhika J : Artist - Lil asthma Genre - Lungrap


Prince_Po1o : When the special needs students preform in the talent show

Aneeq Abrahams : This shit fire can't wait for the english version

HodgeFam : Who’s watching this after watching Adam22’s new video? 😂

CHICAGO LEGEND : First Rapper To Ever Speak Cursive 🔥🔥🔥

Trey777 : After you defeat all of the Mumble Rappers you have to battle the final boss...Lanze

Suhit Hegde : Patrick just became a rapper😂

Ohh Red : Sponsored by make a wish

Malcolm Caldwell : We all from ged kid wild

Aaro Ahlgren : When you crying and trying to tell your mom what happened

Chijioke Asika : When mumble rappers hit full form

ded pewl : *Talent has left the chat.*

drukct : Cant wait for this man to collab with blueface

Boba Fett : Top 10 rappers that Eminem is afraid to diss 😂

King Jxck : When you have a rap video to shoot after running a marathon

Careless M!nds : This is beyond mumble rap, even mumble rappers will probably say “What the hell this????”😂

Esme Marion : He sounds like Patrick having an asthma attack

Soul Warrior : This was so bad that I enjoyed it.

Zikrullah Nabi : Why has oxygen left the chat

Shybaka289 : He sounds like Courage the Cowardly Dog trying to rap.

Scott Tomaselli : Dude throws like.... 10 dollars on the ground. 😂😂😂.

Raheem Alexis : Somebody give this man back his inhaler clearly mans loosing oxygen and can't breathe

miles on the beat : this is a message from aliens to us

Fade God Mike : Bro was running on pure primitive instincts when he made this track

Big Gæ : New rap genre: Disabled rap

Satan Shameer : This guy ahead of time when this becomes norm in 2020s

Ross Patterson : Sounds like a fat guy rapping after he's went up some stairs......

jessicaplayzs gacha : Most retarted video on YouTube. This should be illegal.

lionel rich tea : Athsma gang🤘🏾

Dima Sam : He look like a zombie from black ops

eriknoi05 : When the Autistic kid trys to ask u a question

Ťrue Čolde : My man rappin with ultimate instinct asthma

Supreme God : I feel bad for him, hes just trying to make a rap song but he has asthma.

ParadoxMg : desiigner’s long lost brother.