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Paradym Music Group : 😂 this video is what happens when u donate a camera to the psych ward

Crypto NWO : *they say you hear this exact song while entering the gates of hell*

Alpha Dog : Someone give this guy an inhaler he's having an asthma attack while rapping!!!

I change my profile pic every time when I comment : He put African rap on the map

DJ Schmolli : When you left your asthma inhaler at home but wanted to shoot this video so badly.


Zarek : Zoo Patrol didn't done their job

D Joseph : Tupac lives.

Eliezer Borjas Jasso : 2:25 to 2:33 sounds like he finally died

lionel rich tea : Athsma gang🤘🏾

「Squodwurd」 : Watch at 2x speed

Robario : Früher,nannte man so etwas : Regentanz ^^

Mario Noobman : TriKool HYPERCLAP

Jay1 : He sound like patrick star with the gorilla suit on 😂.

Dank Dank : This gonna be the 2020s hip hop style

Jridd Gaming : moon subs? Where? moon2SPY

D Joseph : Best lyrical rapper alive.

Dutt tape : If wakanda had drill music

Jay Turtle God : Y'all need to stop hating. This brave young disabled man just wants to express himself.

Kay Brooke : Huh? What? Who? Wtf someone get me a translator

Venom : Any moon subs? moon22

RunningOnEmpty : MOONMOON sent me

The Flying Sloth : Lil Asthma

Jimbo Jambo : This makes gucci gang look like a work of Beethoven

GMPJW : The beat clean

Antoine Obeid : Lil asthma rapping with one lung

Pezpuck : when you wanna be a rapper but you have asthma

Aaron Waggoner : my mans missing some brain cells

JAE 2 SaUcEY : Am I the only one who sees he has 10 dollars

RobTooCold : Lmao

WavyPotential ™ : Look at that one dude hairline

Zyon Hudley : Sound like he having a asthma attack 😂😂

SiPe Scorpion : Back at it again with the dehydrated dog

Isaiah Leber : He sounds like when a 5 year old cry’s and he’s trying to talk.

Joan Corn : I wish I was deaf

Rare Pepe : Asthma rap is the future of rap

ZooZoo Kazoo : NO MOON SUBS HERE moon2SPY

RashadZ : When Patrick Starr is introduced to mumble rap

Azrael Archangel : This is why i dont pass the aux cord.

Moneyshot : Stop hating, disabled people have the right to express themself too.

Aneeq Abrahams : I feel like this is how mosquitos communicate

LifesAnAdventure : Is this guy mentally handicapped?

compa leo : Wtf did I just watch ?? 😂😂

Shybaka289 : He sounds like Courage the Cowardly Dog trying to rap.

Your Favorite Bronze : moon2A pepeD moon2A pepeD

xMensurx : Song start at 3:26

Casey LOVEDAY : When the comments are better than the song

Raccoonta_Kinte : top quality track sponsored by moonmoon_ow

8 Ball : Well at least no one will steal his flow lmao