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DJ Schmolli : When you left your asthma inhaler at home but wanted to shoot this video so badly.

Crypto NWO : *they say you hear this exact song while entering the gates of hell*

Bromigo 69 : When you crying and trying to tell your mom what happened

Pn0ybr3aker : When did mental hospitals start giving their patients record deals??

Erick Palacios : This song is what happens when you take all the drugs at the same time.

lionel rich tea : Athsma gang🤘🏾

I change my profile pic every time when I comment : He put African rap on the map

Someone just touch my dick : is this mumble rap's final form?

CFR ESQ : Yo Lanze, What's your address my brother? I want to send you some asthma medicine.

Nero : When you just finished running from the cops but you have to drop your new single

Dank Dank : This gonna be the 2020s hip hop style

TraumaER : *Lanze - The World's First Retarded Rapper With Chronic Asthma* _Congratulations!_

Casey LOVEDAY : When the comments are better than the song

Lilo Pasha : EM and MGK are nothing to this dude

Dead Justice : Finally. Some real quality mumble rap that has lyrics that touch me.

Aaron Waggoner : my mans missing some brain cells

MJD : My man just created a new genre called Asthma Attack Rap

CYBER HORSE : This video is the last thing you see before death inevitably claims your soul

Bobbyjesus : This is obviously parody of mumble rap... I hope.


waza14 : At 0:58, he literally threw like $2

Sonny Crockett : I want to attend one of his gigs to see what his fans look like.

Mr.Hawkfister : Did he lose your inhaler before recording this?

Spartan Mark V : *Mentally disabled rap*

Hip Hop Central : This Is Gonna Blow Up Just Watch 💯

BROWN WARRIOR : This is literally the funniest shitt I ever seen Hahahahahaha

Eidjf Sidjd : Someone give this guy his inhaler. Sounds like he's having an asthma attack.

RashadZ : When Patrick Starr is introduced to mumble rap

FelixSoNotAGamer : You've seen lyrical rap, you've seen mumble rap, now for the all new... *Asthma rap*

CHICAGO LEGEND : First Rapper To Ever Speak Cursive 🔥🔥🔥

Anthony Fazio : I think he created a new genre, Asthma rap

Corporate Deathburger : This was my wedding song

Edwin Berumen : If Homer Simpson was a mumble rapper

Kenny King : New genre called asthma rap. Mumble rap just got worst.

Kay Brooke : Huh? What? Who? Wtf someone get me a translator

WeavileTD : Lil Asthma poppin

SiPe Scorpion : Back at it again with the dehydrated dog

Les Chouans : this is the most brilliant song of all time.

David G : lil lungs

GMPJW Almighty : The beat clean

Someone just touch my dick : Lanze's parents are still waiting for Lanze's first word since he's born

DragonNomak : this guy is a lyrical genius , if 2pac and biggie were alive they could've never reach this guy's level facts he is light years ahead

No-Presence l : Aye it’s Lil Asthma💀

Just a nigga thats high : Waiting for the breathing version

Some Thin : Mumble rap moved on to breathless rap


This fake Gucci hat : His hairline just as bad as the song

Christian Martinez : This ain’t mumble rap it’s asthma rap

-Apollo - : Like if lanze is better that lil pump

8 Ball : Well at least no one will steal his flow lmao