Veteran chases disrespectful foreigners out of WWII War memorial in DC

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TrickshotMasterYT : Sad.

Die Y-Akten [DE] : The people today have no respect...

Eli T6i : My man cleared out tilted towers

Lola Carmen : The thing is, you shouldn't have to install a sign that says do not swim. It should be common sense. You're at a memorial for veterans that died, you should know not to swim in the fountain. Yes, people saw others doing it and thought it was okay, but that's not much of an excuse.

Thechannel : What's really sad is this guy is recording in portrait mode

Elite Ethan : These are the worst parents I’ve ever seen, I live in DC and every time I come here, I see at least 2 kids swimming and sometimes with their parents. Like wtf they need to know what this memorial means before letting their kids probably pee in it

Ryan Lac : This might be rude to you but I see it that these soldiers fought for their countries happiness and they would be happy seeing children thrive and be happy for what they fought for 🤷🏻‍♂️

Dingle : As you can see the water buffaloes in there natural habitat.

Nic8585 : The fountains at the fucking mall have better security haha merica

Alpha Tarawally : Maybe the vets and dead soldiers would want the kids to swim on a hot day

Dr Hanz : That why this memorial veteran need guard up by security

A 1Sauce : 1:41 ginger white boy spotted

Ashley & Jose : How does he know they aren’t American?

RC : Foreingers faught in the war ASWELL , and People should be able to enjoy the memorial even if it means cooling off on a hot day. They were only taking a dip!! it wasn't a pool party, they wern't spitting or throwing rubbish or doing drugs or playing loud shitty music. the area looked Tidy. Im sure those soldiers would be happier seeing familys enjoy the area and it being full of life rather than it becoming a morbid graveyard. The World has changed alot in the way we cope with death,,, not everyone wears black to a funeral anymore, and we celebrate those that pass on in many different ways now. Life is too short for moaning, just be happy that familys visit the place and enjoy the area and the soldiers are never forgotten. My Grandad served in the British forces in the push from the south up to the north of Italy in 45, he was 16, after the war he was a devoted family man and enjoyed seeing other happy people and children having fun it helped him after experiencing the sadness that came with WWII and the loss of many of his friends.

davidc4897 : Don't blame these people and blame the people who caused WWll. And what you mean where you from? What does that have to with anything?

ford diesel : God that actually hurts me to see that. They don't give a crap that all those soldiers died so they have the privilege to sit there and swim there . If our troops didn't do what they did they wouldn't have the freedom to do that. I'm going to go into boot camp when I graduate. USMC! But anyway god bless him for doing that and God bless all those troops dieing right now to keep this country free and God bless all the other soldiers.

Da t : Hmm I see people disrespecting the ww2 memorial what should I do? Record: problem solved.😂

Cpt. Rex : This is why trump wants a wall

Jack Collins : We definitely need to build this wall now

Michael G4 : Disrespectful illegals

C. Glory : I am not American, but even I think this is disrespectful.

Fruit Saver : There not from america, they hardly understand English, much less history, and you can't expect the children to understand respect or the history considering it's not taught in it's fullest until later. So what I think needs to happen is they need to put signs up and people should be a little more calm when telling people like this to leave. I know how it feels to be embarrassed all too well, and my mom also knows that considering she doesn't understand American culture, so essentially what you're doing is embarrassing these people for not understanding which also isn't Right.

Chiri : Latino Beatbox Champion 2017 : 1. This guy didn’t serve in WWll 2. It’s doesn’t matter if you’re American 3. This land belongs to Native Americans( I’m Native American)

Emyr Avalo : He’s a headass I under stand that they are disrespecting to memorial but you don’t have to be American to go there it says in the name World War Two this was a world wide war so I’ve live it shouldn’t matter where you came from to go there

Jonathon Aguilar : He's right, but i don't like it when he said that most of these people aren't Americans

fps_evan : This is outrageous.

Filip Gasic : The guy thats recording is retarded...

MC Peanut : You got me messed up i get what your talking about but its not just important because there american they can be any race but i hear pure racism

Crown taken : I can see were he is coming from but also he is racist listen to what he saying

Laurens Van Der Veen : This video pisses me of. I live near Amsterdam and I always see people who let their kids climb on our ww2 memorials it's so sad.

fdgdfafassff : I never understood how people can swim with their normal clothes

Xavender Mericus : The US sure likes to overglorify their soldiers. That is more annoying than this video.

ANDY_ pLaYz1919 : 0:42 I can understand what he/she is saying but why would it matter if they’re not American

MrFelixify : "not even American" that suppose to make it worse? i feel like that's why they are doing it because they don't understand it. If Americans had done it it would have been worse. And also. I have seen Americans being incredibly ignorant abroad at other countries memorial sites. And also. What is better than actually using a place, kids having a nice day on a beautiful day. If i was a veteran i wold rather see the place being used by loverly families than poeple walking around being stale not knowing how to act or do. If there a rule that you have to be sad at a memorial site?

Billy Blazeit 420 : Fucking illegals

winson xie : This takes ‘dancing on your grave’ to the next level

Squirrelly McNuttersen : I don’t think those people purposefully disrespected the memorial. They all seem to come from different origins and maybe swimming in a fountain is acceptable there. We shouldn’t be too harsh and fast to judge.

CXB : They may not look like americans but they can be looks isnt everything you can be chinese and be born in america she doesnt know anything if they are then again it is disrespectful to do that on the memorial

Da t : What pisses me off more is a full fledged American saying American like who Tf cares if you're American and stop making it more obvious that you're racist. I don't mind if they say it a few times but Stfu.

Dwayne Froome : Does it really matter if there are American or not?

NixToP70 : This pisses me off

captainsparklezx13 : They should put officers there or something to enforce the rules.

The killer57 : This is why I hate the new era

Niklas Rädel : Do you hear all the Laughter? Can you see the kids having fun and enjoy their day? This momarial has been created for the soldiers that gave their life so we can live in a world of freedom. A World with laughing kids that dont have to worry about what happens tomorrow. These soldiers fought for a better tomorrow and not for a Fountain to stare at.

casey bachus : my god lady get over it

ultimatetrex1999 : It doesn't matter if they're american or not, its about them being disrespectful🤦‍♂️

Diego Reyes : I agree that people shouldn’t be doing that and think it’s very disrespectful but I also think that the constant reminder of the soldiers being “American” and having to ask where people were from wasn’t necessary.

Rainotic : knock them charlies out

abner rivera : You guys should all be ashamed to follow what this man is saying! Yes they are disrespecting the memorial but for Christ sake!! The soldiers died for our freedom, to live the American Dream! Maybe they shouldn’t be swimming in the fountain! I totally understand but never call them out for not being “Americans”.

Rudis Ortez : Whoa whoa whoa i know the people in the video is doing wrong but on 0:40 the woman filming says”these people are not american”which is really racist