Veteran chases disrespectful foreigners out of WWII War memorial in DC

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No black Liquorice please : People talking about "let them live their lives" well they can go do that at the community pool.. lol not the place that was dedicated to those who gave their lives to make this world what it is today.. makes me angry to watch this because the people swimming don't give a fuck about those brave individuals! Have some respect for those who gave their lives for our benefit..

TechForYou : Wow such disrespect. If they're tourist they should at least look up information about the fountain before jumping in it. I know its a hot day and a pool of water is right in front of you. But come on you're on memorial ground! People go there to pay their respects. Not to jump around in the pool. Also leaning/sitting on those name(I think it was names) is just not cool. If they wanted to take a dip in water I'm sure there is a beach not to far. Then again I understand that some of them come from around the world. It would just be nice if they did more research.

ColeLorentzVlogs : Well let’s go piss on there monument in there country uhhh this gets me real triggered 🤬

Generic white kid the second : Didn't know that the WWII memorial had been refurbished into a water park by foreigners.

ChEeZePuFf h : I would be pissed too if i was a vetrran and people started getting in the memorial fountain

Jackass Jacob : I live in a land called China, They cooked my cat in a diner, They called my dick a minor, I love China!

PIGGY STOMPER : This is why guns were invented

bryan1282 : I can’t wait to dive in the 9/11 memorial!!!

geckomom74 : if you just started yelling "out" "out" and waving your arms they would have all moved right quick. but at least this way they are now informed it is not a place for swimming! thank you for kicking them out ☆☆☆

dudewat212 : As you read the comments, look at the names of those who try to justify and support swimming in the fountain. I doubt they are unbiased.

Brian Evans : Well what else ya gonna do with all that water?! War is a sham anyway. Everyone calling people heroes etc when in reality they were used by their governments like pawns. Even today young men go into the armed forces thinking theyre gonna kick ass with their tanks and guns and deathmetal blasting on the stereo - and these people should be celebrated how and why??? American colonialism isnt good for the world. Governments just brainwash and lie to simple minds in order to achieve their goals of power. War is shit. Everyone should refuse to fight, and instead fight their warmongering governments to bring about a change in mentality. Politicians dont give one hoot about you, your sons or your daughters. Just how they can line their backpockets and retirement nest eggs.

Random Thoughts : people, especially non-americans....what if americans took a swim in your heroes memorial fountain? and not just one but like fucking 50 people...just sayin, stop saying that this isnt disrespectful, try thinking what would you feel if people disrespects the heroes who protected your country..

John Doe : This is a strong case for why identitarian movements are gaining traction in the United States. Here you see groups of people, with no respect for the United States, or any regard to the sacrifice those soliders made. A memorial is supposed to invoke a feeling of remembrance, a bit of a humbling experience to honor the sacrifices that brave men made in the name of this beautiful country. How do the foreigners who visit our land treat these memorials? They let their shitty fucking kids swim in the water, who knows if they're pissing and/or shitting in the water. Real fucking nice. This is just a small glimpse into what people who are tired of the disrespect see daily in this country. Coming to America used to mean something, it was were people could actualize their dreams, and live a life free from the government putting its boot on your head. Nowadays, we get heaps of what we see in the video. What a fucking shame.

Fezi Rain : Damn watching my own race being retards And fuck Salvadorians they get in my fucken nerves

Silly Gily : Those soldiers fought for people to be free. Not to be honored. Your the one disrespecting them.

Ryan Negrete : Fucking Beaners

H K : You are a di@# head. I am a Veteran. WW2 Wasnt just about America. We freed nations. Geez. Peace Brother. Smell it, enjoy it, live it.

Chip Sturm : Good for you brother! Wish I was there to back you up. Did what was right and did it the right way. People, there are rules for a reason. Ignorance of the rules does not exclude you from them. People mistakenly think their personal freedoms supercede the rules and they are so wrong.

Abbigaile Nutter : That is so damn disrespectful, it makes me want to cry, those ppl fought for our country, and then ppl think it’s alright, to just swim in the fountain?! It is meant to look at and remember, the ppl that fought for our country, I hope more ppl would actually have some respect, and think about what there doing.

Charles Hunt : Wtf is wrong with people

Ultra Instinct Goku Mugabo : It’s disrespectful that he said “most of these people aren’t even American” so what it doesn’t matter what race you are, America is made up of many different people

Jean Horseface : Its not illegal and a lot of veterans encourage swimming in it. IF they pay respect

Travis Krause : benavidez whats the problem you tried starting a fight and making thus about race and all. your other stulid shit!!! and guess most of the people backed me up imagine that!!!

Jackson's Fan : As a foreigner, I know that this is a memorial place, it should be treated as a memorial place too. This is actually disrespectful for the soldiers, First of all, why would you swim in ther? FOR WHAT REASON? Wow really disappointed. I’m not trying to be racist or anything but this is actually disrespectful

max chesse : This guy is awesome. We need more people like this. Thanks dude!

Carlos Lopez : That is so disrespectful 😤🇺🇸💪

Makaveli ThaDon : Lol my pet rock speaks better english than the camera man

WorldBS lololololol : WTF these people need to get fuck out of US that's very disrespectful what they're doing

Ceej Channel : when u bomb japan and instead of bombing you back they come and swim people dont get the joke

CaptainUseless : Can’t victimize an entire culture for what some people here did...while it is disrespectful, it could easily be avoided with signs and guards like at other monuments

John Que Phone : *Kids swimming in fountain* I'm an American patriot, I will not stand for this. *Politicians taking away VA assistance, using an insane amount of budget on illegal wars while funding private corporations and committing treason* It's ok, no need to get worked up, I'm sure they have our best interests. Way to represent MERICA, where you get worked up about things that don't matter and are apathetic and ignorant to things that do matter.

UncleFurgason : All you got is a Dumbass Rambling needs his ass whooped so he can go progress in life

Thomas Le Belle : What a Hero!!💪 Keep the good werk up.

Bummer Drummer : That's hardcore fucked up. Imagine if I went to a south/central American country and pissed on their independence statues/memorials.

jaime vazquez : Hillary Clinton told them its alright to swim in the memorial

Ann Marie : This country has gone to shit! Where are the signs or security? Barack Obongo took them down huh?

DroCast : Just by him saying “ this is for the soldiers that died from MY country” & and MY Americans soldiers and for him to assume they’re not American shows this man is a racist. Smh

Yorkylee Fairbank : Im also ex soldier and one thing you forget is them men died so people could live there lives. So what if there swimming there kids. I don't find it disrespectful.

indemniman 162 : Obama appointed Park Service taking a break.

Mike Jones : Thank Ted Kenedy for them He opened the flood gates!.

Victor Perez : Did I just hear that "it is not a pool, it's disrespectful to swim in the pool" 😂

Kazuoh : you have to be a literal 3rd world retard to swim in a fucking memorial fountain! i wouldve kicked their fucking ass!

Frosty Modz : This makes me depressed knowing that my grandfather died in WW2

Dan Black : Your actions were noble until you did a whole 180 and slowly but surely turned your argument away from being about desecrating a memorial to more about "you ain't from around here. These are MY dead soldiers not yours."

Cyth : Good on you for telling them off

Rome Dep : What does where they are from have to do with anything? You don't know if they are citizens who pay taxes just like you so I don't know what gives him the right to say that shit.

roblox drug king : this guy is a fucking lame ass nigaa!

Shrimp Salsa : People die for that and kids are peeing in the memorial

oscar zafra : yeah get out of here with the self importance. they weren't doing anything wrong.