Veteran chases disrespectful foreigners out of WWII War memorial in DC

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DarkMatter2525 : I'm a veteran too, and though I didn't pay the ultimate price, if it ever comes to that and my society decides to honor me with a fountain, and your kids want to swim in it, please let them. It would please me to know that I fought and died for a country that actually values freedom and happiness rather than just playing lip service to it.

Pink Crown : You might be right but because you added the whole “foreigners” I can’t side with you sir

Messy Queen : I mean..this is disrespectful. They're acting like it's a waterpark or a playground. At memorials you walk around looking at the scenery, and remembering the lives lost. Not taking selfies and having a blast at a memorial. There's a time and place for shit like that.

Ifreeze_lifting : Honestly if I died in war and If I could see them swimming I would join the kids and have fun I basically died for those kids to have fun and be safe

Dank Dank : They aren't even swimming they are taking a bath in there, And probably peeing inside the memorial too, smh.

kermit fam : okay,but vertical filming tho it doesn’t matter if they are American or not. No one should be disrespecting people who died so we can enjoy and live life free

Greg Walker : i am a 68 year old navy veteran and my dad was until age 98 a world war two veteran. i would be pleased to have visitors here enjoying themselves with their children. this is to me not a sign of disrespect and the fact that they are from another country or look like they might be really has no bearing. if you are upset by this, i am very sorry but i don't think these folks meant any harm...unfortunately every human on the planet has lost loved ones to war and other scourges.......

Adam Parry : All I see is kids having fun. Didn't the soldiers die for these sorts of freedoms?

ryansbigclock : If people want there family's to have fun and swim they should just go to the beach or something

Seth Skullsberg : Whats sad is if those people were not there that place would be empty.

Hex Hub Music : Should the Memorial be guarded by U.S. Soldiers now?

Dee V : So it's okay to disrespect sacred Native American burial grounds (where actual bodies were buried) for your sacred pipelines? You sure know a lot about respect. American pride at its best.

CB Sleets : The only crime here is the video being shot vertical.

Noble Long : "It's for American soldiers that died!" ... ghosts can't swim!

STIGMA custom collectibles : Gotta respect a guy for having the Balls to call them out.

Oblivious : The foreigners are like omg America is great they got pools everywhere

aobcldeefcghcake : American or not, no one should play in the water! This pisses me off so much. I love the studies and history of WW2 and to see this be turned into some public pool for idiots boils my blood.

123tominator007 : Dude, the only true Americans are Native Americans. Unless you're a Native American then your ancestors were foreigners. This is the land of the free NOT just of the White.

KingAndQueen18 : I’m not american either a soldier, and actually i think he’s doing the right thing to do, i would’ve been pissed off, if this were my country. Just disrespectful.

Gary Lion : Your voice is the furthest thing away from sounding American.

SmilyWand159 : there practicaly swimming in the blood of the fallen soldiers

TheAssassinGod 1 : They wanna invade our country but not follow the rules or respect anything, go back to the boats!

LeVelle Coley : Y are people mad at foreigners for doing this? This shouldn’t be allowed to be a free roaming area then 🤔🤔 u should have to pay and have rules, guarded, but there’s nothing. They aren’t disrespecting anything, it was built for this, they aren’t vandalizing anything. Soldiers have their own cemetery and it’s guarded and respected, this was made to be happy and free and observe.

Some One : Ok ok at first when I started watching this video, I agreed with the person filming. It is very disrespectful to be swimming around in that water, but then they said “and most of these people are not even American” uh, most of those people aren’t WHITE. You don’t have to be white to be American. Being an American means being born in America, not being white. I do not approve and I am proudly one of the dislikes.

brandonmma : Americans worship statues and now fountains

Justin Y. : He just secured loot lake

APPLE & HAPPY x-files : Live a little man ! Weather is hot ! They r not trashing the place , they just having fun , i’m sure the soldiers would rather see kids having fun that no even a fly on the horizon ...🤦🏻‍♀️

santhosh ignatius : Who is the real foreigner in America???

Casper_Skitzo : Good work . They would correct us to if we did similar things in their ...."countrys"

Les Amis de la cuisine provençale : OMG !! They swim in a memorial of war !!! I just can't imagine this in France !! Imagine ppl partying in an american cemetery in Normandy !!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!

Rebelle : When I went to visit there, no one swam in the fountain. It was complete silence and yet beautiful. Then was in the middle of December

Akshat Ghoshal : This guy is such a part pooper.. the kinda person who gets offended when people are having fun. Hopefully he gets some mental help and stops being a jerk to everybody around him

mikedabucify : America is quickly becoming a third world shithole.

coalminergroupie : They don’t care if it’s disrespectful or not. They come here and think they can do anything they want without repercussion

audrey ann : This is extremely disrespectful. As if they're at the damn Beach. The fact that they are Foreigners makes it that much more insulting. Some people are offended by the use of the word "foreigners." They ARE $Foreigners and that makes it that much more disrespectful because they come into this country for what we have to offer but yet they have no regard for our Veterans monuments who paid the ultimate price so they could come to this great country. #1 country.

jimmy perkins : Just call the police

Rogue 71 : To the people that say it's ok to be disrespectful because America is a free country: First of all, that ILLEGAL. You cant do that because it's against the law. And second, for those of you that say you should be able to because in America you should be able to do so as you please because its the "land of the free", let me tell you, there's a very fine line between freedom and anarchy, dumbasses.

phenompy : As a non american and a lover of all cultures i respect what this man is trying to do here. Rude or not, you have to show some respect for symbolic memorials like this even if you're a foreigner and specially if it's made by your own country. Can you imagine the outrage if someone starts playing ball in auswitchz or jumping over the pyramids?

Nathan James : I would say it like this if you are in the water or sitting on the monument get out right now before I call the police it is against the law for y'all this is a memorial get out now

heyhey : Where are the usual volunteers? They are usually really quick about getting swimmers out.

no satisfaction : It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum

hunkey monkey : Our politicians sold us out. These solides are turning in their graves.

Charles Thompson : Some one get the Dems out of the pool

The Finnerty Twins : My whole family went into the military and my ancestors did to and some of them died or watched there friends die so yes it is disrespectful to be swimming and guys news flash ITS ILLEGAL!

Jesse Hanner : Swim at your own risk! Beware! Pee in the pool and land shark on the beach. And who built those inviting steps into the water? Some dumbass designer or someone who knew kids just might wade in there?


TanoFTW : That's a very big and nice swimming pool!

Leigh Sweet treats : By the way who are you?By the way that's what the soldiers fighting for to be free and happy.There is a lot of american soldiers around the world helping different country without hesitation.And you so racist asking people if they were speaking english asking people to leave.Why don't you let the people incharge to do their job.Maybe they can handle it nicely.So please out!!!!

Fourteen Words : Sickening

Rebecca Bocancea : Well according to the people in the comment section why stop there? Why not spit on your loved one's grave -they should be happy we're ridding ourselves of bacteria, or take a piss in the waters of the 911 memorial -those looking down would be happy we are getting a nice sense of relief, or how about going to the Pearl Harbor Memorial donning Rising Sun Flags on our t-shirts -after all the soldiers that died would be happy we still have the freedom of self-expression. ... where does it end. Yes soldiers died so that we could keep on living in Freedom but is it so much to ask that we keep a memorial of their death sacred?