Veteran chases disrespectful foreigners out of WWII War memorial in DC

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Oblivious : The foreigners are like omg America is great they got pools everywhere

S A D - E G G : yes it is disrespectful to do that but it doesn't matter if they are foreigners or not

Gamer punk : Looks like nobody gives a damn.

J E : Oh my God these people will swim anywhere. Disgusting and rude. They're clearly not here to see the memorial.

sound fx : The camera girl needs to chill or I'll have her go back in the army

C18 : Not related, but it's so damn hot, that water looks refreshing.

Hugo Gutierrez : Okay everyone, this is just another case of sheer ignorance! It's not a foreign vs American issue. I grew up and live in the DMV area, and have been to this memorial several times, and it's not just foreigners doing this. I've actually seen born and bread Americans doing the same damn thing! People are just idiots! Just like our museums have security, DC should assign a security guard service to patrol and protect this sacred monument, period.

Gabriel Miller : Despicable ! That's what happens when people don't have the word "respect" in their vocabulary!

Danny Flores : It doesn't matter where there from its disrespectfull even if they weren't foreigners

BasicallyTyler tyler : how can you tell their not “Americans”

Brendon’s Forehead : I agree that it’s really disrespectful to be swimming in the memorial fountain, but it’s also rude to be confronting people asking them if they speak English. You could have told security instead of yelling at people Edit: I will be deleting my comment because people always find a way to argue. If you don’t agree with me that’s fine because everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But please don’t start talking about immigrants and how they can’t even speak basic English. This whole country is literally immigrants. If you’re not a Native American, your ancestors were immigrants. Please stop arguing. Please respect each other because I think it’s stupid to be arguing over a comment.

xNAJAFx : If i was a kia in heaven looking down at the memorial seing families enjoying them selves, i would not have mind.

xcandyskullboyxx : 1:40 white american spoted

Ay Dude : Just let the park rangers do their job the tourists didn’t know it was wrong... You were really being a douche by kicking all those people out

Rob Erickson : How does he know they aren’t American ?

Faith Goodlow : I get that swimming in the fountain is really disrespectful but he should have told someone who worked there so THEY can take care of the situation instead of being rude about it

Hey I know you : Where’s someone jumping a curb in dodge 2500 crew cab and starts running people over when you really need 1, our country has become a toilet bowl for the rest of the worlds useless humans.

BuzzGeek : Butthurt much lol they're having fun so go away

Oliver Rehnert : You wanna swim and have fun? Go to the pool or beach. You don’t swim in a memorial for the brave soldiers who died fighting. It’s for remembering, not laughing and splashing. Those soldiers would probably look down and be happy they fought for that exact freedom, but it’s still rude.

KickingAssDaily : It looks like a happy place. Why wouldn't anyone want their memorial to be sad and depressing? Memories of people are supposed to be a good thing.

fdgdfafassff : I never understood how people can swim with their normal clothes

onetoothcally : If it ain’t a waterpark don’t make it look like a waterpark lmaoooooo🤣

xoMemiiox : Well done on this guy. He was really respectful the entire time and showed them why it was wrong that they were doing this in a polite way.

Brian Mendez : I agree but look what does being American have to do with it?

thedude2119 : I usually keep my comments to myself but when people say that someone doesn't look American that is ignorant. What does an American look like. Really?? I'm asking. Because we are all from somewhere else. It's not disrespectful. It's up to people in this amazing country to choose what they want. Don't be a dick, it's water. It's not hurting anyone

Rachael Liz : The thing is, you shouldn't have to install a sign that says do not swim. It should be common sense. You're at a memorial for soldiers that died, you should know not to swim in the fountain. Yes, people saw others doing it and thought it was okay, but that's not much of an excuse.

Sir Lord Mr President Trump : Sad! I bet most of them are here ILLEGALLY.

itsmyluckyday11 : To be honest, the soldiers who died probably don't mind some kids giggling and enjoying the water. I was expecting blatant disrespect but it looked like some families and maybe tourists just enjoying the day. There wasn't any anger or malice, just people enjoying the day. They probably figured it was a park.

Linda Terry : They didn’t understand that you weren’t supposed to get into the water. Once you explained it to them they got out. It’s a tourist place of course most of these people are not American.

codeblu37 : Is it a pool or a fountain?

brainbatter1 : This is how Americans behave abroad lmao

flclub54 : Sir your 💯 right about these people disrespecting the memorial but you can't be sure who's American and who's not just cause don't look like you.

JoseMN : He’s racist.

Zachary C : This is very disrespectful

Blitzrunner 458 : There should be better security and have a hefty fine for this.

The Walking Journey : Where's ICE?

TheMusicNeedsYou : We didn't enlist for holidays or memorials. We fought for people's freedom so they could do what they want. Keep hydrated soldier!

Spookpy : Should of called the police or security :/

Jacobe Jinks : He not right going up to people asking that I would have smacked him

ctrl shift X : I’m Australian we lost a war to birds but they shouldn’t do that still

fahik : You are the one who fought against Hitler for the so called “freedom”... how ironic...

Spoidey : This is pitiful. I cannot believe the amount of disrespect that came from these people. I Cannot wait for the wall to get built. Less foreign people = less of this bs.

Anthony Rodrigeus : Shit looks so refreshing to swim in. LMAO. I would’ve lowkey wanted to swim in there too.

Jon Jones On gas station dick pills : If I was dead and they built a memorial about me, I would be happy knowing that people where having fun using that memorial

beastypie99 : It's a shame there's no security watching the place.

scale cars : Even if these people didn't know it was a memorial, why would they think a public fountain is a water park? The amount of disrespect towards America has increased greatly in the 21st century. If you don't like our country, leave!

Aidan Dever : What’s disrespectful is the vertical filming

barisy58 : Notice how they all are mexican?

Bryan : Why does Donald Trump hate Hispanics and Foreigners? !!!!!!!!!THIS IS WHY!!!!!!!! WTF ARE YALL DOING YOU ARE MAKING THINGS WORSE FOR THOSE WHO WANT HAVE A BETTER LIFE

Ricardo Lopez : The problem is that there's no security in sight and they are too laid-back. Also this is cringy as foq