Back from brain surgery

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Lashan : Lost the tumour, kept the humour.

Demika 925 : I just learned that I have a brain tumor, and I'm having surgery in about 3 weeks. Your videos about your experiences about this have really helped me. Thank you, and I'm glad you're okay

booknerd234 : "That did not come from my butt It came from my pee hole" I laughed for 2 years

jeric_ synergy : Simone was fortunate to have health insurance. Remember MANY people would just have to forego her treatment (and die), or they might get treated, and then lose their house, car, and everything. The US health "system" is really ludicrous: it's just a one-way valve to insurance executives' bank accounts. It's a casino, and the whole country loses. Except for insurance companies. Vote blue.

Steven ryann : Sim: you don't want to upset the person that's about to... Expectation: cut your brain open Reality: Shave your head

YouTube Creators : We’re so glad you’re back and doing so well!

trackerrrr : Coming from a family full of nurses, PAs, and a doctor, I can tell you that if nurses only had to deal with farts they would be happy campers.

Alána Lugosi : I have no idea how to get ahold of you besides just commenting. You posted thing two days after my 30th birthday. I only say that because I had my first MRI when I was 19, they found something.. First brain surgery in 2009, and I'm still here. Grade 3 Astrocytoma. Two surgeries, chemo, radiation. I would really like to have a convo, you can vent, have someone to talk to who's been thru it, as I know it SUCKS. It is not easy. It can be so frustrating. I know it because I felt it myself and want nothing but to help others. I also have been home-bound for about a decade, my best friends are my Mother and my boyfriend. I'm sure this will never be read by you, nor do I expect a response from you.. Just know that I'm here to talk to, vent to, cry to, bitch to, you name it. And, I named my tumour too-- I'll tell ya the names and why, if ya even care. I truly hope everything continues to be awesome opossum, but again. I'm here. <3

Sofie E. : The balloon helps the katheter to remain in your bladder. Otherwise it'd just fall out.

Stephen Cooper : I clicked on these by accident you're beautiful woman and you are helping people in your situation and others . great luck I wish you hope you don't have any physical pain in your recovery good luck

Real Engineering : New hairstyle looks great. Titanium mesh on the brain sounds pretty badass too. Welcome back Simone.

Norgeroff : WOAH DOOOD THAT'S A COOL SCARR!! (I find scars really cool and kinda beautiful in some way, they're kinda a way to say that you've experienced stuff in life)

srq lisa : I have to say you are lucky to have brain surgery to remove your tumor. don't laugh are you like what the hell is she nuts. Well, maybe ha. I have a meningioma, but itt is located by the part of the brain that controls hearing, seeing , and talking to darn dangerous so i live with it all. So your lucky and I'm so happy that you are back and feeling good. I have insurance, but no money for assited living. oh well life goes on. Birthmark on your butt lmao. They blow up the cathiter ballon so it does not fall out. I have deflated many at home myself and removed cath. You look healthy so happy for you all is well. :) peace and happy no more tumors.

Shaurya K. Panwar : New haircut is sexy. The scar also looks like a design suiting you when you tie your hair back.

Ac Bitmugs : Wow,​ I literally had the same type of surgery the same time you did!

Jesus Christ : Today I learned pee holes can fart. So glad you're back! ❤️ Praise be! 🙏

Manuel Morán Soto : You really rock. What a way of facing such big challenge in life. Hat off.

valedictorianism : So glad to know you're okay. All the love and good vibes in the world to you. You had brain surgery and you were in hospital for TWO DAYS??? I had surgery on my wrist and they held me there for TWO WEEKS! Luckily you had a more efficient hospital handy :-P

PinothyJ : Who the hell disliked this?

Michael Sevens : Two doctors and an HMO manager die and line up together at the Pearly Gates. One doctor steps forward and tells St. Peter, “As a pediatric surgeon, I saved hundreds of children.” St. Peter lets him enter. The next doctor says, “As a psychiatrist, I helped thousands of people live better lives.” St. Peter tells him to go ahead. The last man says, “I was an HMO manager. I got countless families cost-effective health care.” St. Peter replies, “You may enter. But,” he adds, “you can only stay for three days. After that, you can go to hell.”

The Spherical Earth : I’m happy a brain so unique and powerful is not lost to mankind

Alvin Fletcher : I don't think I have seen your channel before, However, ElectroBOOM recommended you and this is the first video I have seen. You seem awesome and I can't wait to see your content, your humour is AWESOME haha.

J - : My guess is people ask if your personality have changed was coming from a more technical perspective, because your meningioma must have been fairly close to the frontal lobe based on its location near your eyeball, and frontal lobes have been known to be responsible for a person's personality (for example the famous Phineas P. Gage case where the guy survived from a traumatic injury where a rod going through his skull damaging his frontal lobe, leading to personality change in his later life). I mean, still a pretty weird question to ask (although I would be lying if I say I am not a bit curious as well), but yeah. I don't think people were thinking about it from a more emotional perspective when they asked the question. Nevertheless,. Glad your surgery was successful and you are ok! You look great!

Waifu ;-; : OMGGG!!!!!!!!! YOUR BACK!!!!

19.Legacy : Glad you’re okay!!!!

Elephant of Destiny : I know it's partially to cover the scar but honestly the new hair is pretty awesome.

Faith Chase : Im so happy that your surgery went well!! Welcome back!! Sending you much much love!! :-) <3

whatever dude : 1,8 thousand not liking this video? WTF? How horrible, a person must be not to like this sencere, pure and... adorable message. What are those people tring to say by this? Of course this whole situation (severe illnes, surgery) was messed up and horrible but what i see is one of the toughest girls i've ever known. This shit can happen to anyone, fortunetelly Simone lives in the US and unlike the other 7 bilion people, She can benefit from proper insurance and healthcare. This doesn't minimise anything. Simone you're a blessing and motivation to live through another day.

Игорь Смолов : Это впечатляет,... это просто жесть=0. Спасибо за то что ты адекватна и за то что поделилась частью себя.

Caleb Ames : Good that everything went well for you I wish it was like this for everyone

Tampatec : I'm glad you got rid of Brian he was too clingy and dragging you down.

MsThorne2009 : Glad your surgery went well. This coming November will make 10 years since I had a Left Temporal Lobotomy done to remove the neurons where my seizures were happening. It was scary but very successful. It’s amazing what doctors can to now and days. I haven’t had a seizure since.

Knowing truth is bliss : You are my inspiration! More power to you. :)

Brasileiro Patriota : So sexy scar!!! Welcome back!!!

Reese Douglas : I love that Shane Dawson music in the beginning to almost middle part of the video when you shared your emotions before the surgery. 😂 but Besides that, glad you’re okay.

Nicole St. Louis : If her new robots work, then we know she changed.😂

Jwef Potargent : hahaha you rated your brain tumor. That's hilarious

Sam Rach : Okay hi so this is actually the first video of yours I've watched (I intend to watch more tho) but the reason I clicked on this was is because I also had a brain tumor removed via an awake-craniotomy and let me just say you are the first person I've spoken to who knows about how it feels to have the air stuck in your skull!!!!! It sounds mild I imagine, but it was one of the things I HATED most post surgery. Anyways, I'm happy you seem good!!!!!

Neonennui : You are a force of nature!!

Twilightvision : Whoever the people who disliked this has no soul, and no heart, and I don’t understand why they would. Simone is amazing and deserves to have a happy life, I almost started to cry during this, and those people disliked this video. It makes me so happy that she is OK, and if Simone is reading this I just wanna say that I love you so much and yeah, sry for my rant, have a great day people!!!

Ilustrado : Dr.: "Simone, are you ready?" Simone: "No... but you are. ;) "

Beaih : Loved your part in the rewind, best

Jacie Steen : Sorry guys but I can't stop laughing about the vag fart lmao😂😂

Maynard : You look healthy .Wishing you continued good luck.Enjoy your work.

Morgan Whited : OMG we have the same scar. I had my tumor removed at 16

Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss : That's actually a badass scar...

Afshan Seher : OMG This is like the 3rd video I’ve watched and I love you 😘❤️💕

Element Wolves : Just saying the NerdE fam is looking out for ya #hopeyoufeelbetter

rastin Kosha : You are strong and very sweet. I am very happy that you keep building creative and funny stuff. :)

Jvillvin : Fmeindasd