Back from brain surgery

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Real Engineering : New hairstyle looks great. Titanium mesh on the brain sounds pretty badass too. Welcome back Simone.

Ketsueki Kumori : Honestly, the way the scar was done makes it really easy to cosplay as some cyberpunk badass.

Dafoodmaster : glad ur ok fam

Flemes : Im not seeing enough dr Ready jokes in the comments. Pls step up guys.

Sophia Zhao : Glad you're feeling okay! We love you :)

iJustine : So good to see you back :)

Brutaltronics : she's bacc

Sam Carpenter : "That's a pretty rough question to ask someone who's just gone through brain surgery." Meanwhile, on Top Gear, after Richard Hammond's 300mph jet car crash and significant brain damage, Jeremy Clarkson asks him: "Are you now... a mental?"

Republiken : #BlameBrian. Also, the US deserves a national public health system funded by taxes

Stephen Cooper : I clicked on these by accident you're beautiful woman and you are helping people in your situation and others . great luck I wish you hope you don't have any physical pain in your recovery good luck

Tampatec : I'm glad you got rid of Brian he was too clingy and dragging you down.

Kiki Lang : I'm glad you're Okay. I'm thinking the difference between a good brain tumor, and bad one is you get to talk about the good one years from now. I don't think it works that way with the bad ones.

Mongo TheManiac : "My brain seems to be working just as fine or as poorly as it was before" words of a true genius right there xD

MrTingles : dat's a badass scar! you're like a titanium road warrior now.

Abe Coulter : Glad to see your back

Lashan : Lost the tumour, kept the humour.

Maryla C : ❤️❤️❤️...🌞🙏🤗🇨🇦

Mike Fifer : Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery !!

SmoothEmJay : I cannot express how happy I am to not only see you but also that your surgery went well. I was not subscribed when I found out about this but it really upset me, I have made up for that now by hitting the sub button. That scar is bad-ass and your joke about it made me smile instantly. You're a great person.

Globalfire : She reminds me a lot of Alyson Hannigan who plays Lily in how I met your mother

Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss : That's actually a badass scar...

Faith Chase : Im so happy that your surgery went well!! Welcome back!! Sending you much much love!! :-) <3

Shazzkid : I had a brain tumour once but they caught it early and removed it before it left any lasting damageejsixihcbcnsksoaokznx

Ben Cooper : I had open heart surgery a year ago this month... i really related to you talking about waking up with everything being fine. There is nothing better than that feeling.

karasawa21797 : Who's this and why was it recommended? Kinda interesting though I guess.

Ilustrado : Dr.: "Simone, are you ready?" Simone: "No... but you are. ;) "

Critter T : New sub 🎈

Aya Alwasty : Everyone plz like the vid so she feels bettering

Dagg : Did they let you keep the tumor?

günter zwerg : Nice to see you again, greatings from Germany ;-)

Sea Lemon : You're amazing and that's a badass scar 👍

Cristopher : Her Logo aquires a whole new meaning now, doesn't it? was it a foreshadowing logo? Is it a creepy observation? I'll never know! :D

tauresa ttauresa : Any surgery can change your personality because "bits" of blood etc (debris)travels through the citculation system during the operation. ... just minuscule in size.

Butters : so glad you came out fine my moms sister has gbm

R3AP3R : Have you put a dild0 on it?

Nicole St. Louis : If her new robots work, then we know she changed.😂

Philip Wächter : Glad to see you back and making as bad jokes as before!

Graciela Ingold : You look so beautiful 😊 I’m so happy you are feeling better 😁

Ahmad Hamamah : I just had the chance to watch your video! I am so happy you are doing well!! you are such a great inspiration, God bless you!

Shady Elmm : Awesome news that you're back and feeling like yourself again! Happy days! 😃

AmandaRachLee : Brian is officially cancelled!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 So glad you’re back strong and funny as ever

Brad Scott : You're lucky to have gone through such a life changing experience at a young age.

Regal : 😂

seabastion : I knew you'd be ok.

jakskswse derp : i luuuuuuv your new haircut and im really happy that you are ok and that you are back to your normal self

YouTube Creators : We’re so glad you’re back and doing so well!

TerraW01V3Zz : My brother had a doctor named McDoom not joking

Christine Grunert : First time i have seen an hastag in a youtube vid

Xayr : hello, I don't know who you are but I'd just like to say that I'm glad you made it through. Really inspiring stuff.

Wan Sou : #whothefuckuseshashtagsinyoutubedescriptions