Expedition Jacksonville: Tagging White Shark Lydia

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Watch the video of how OCEARCH tagged and released the first great white in Florida waters, Lydia!

Comments from Youtube

Patricia Norris : Lydia is my favorite of all the sharks. From her navigation data on Ocearch website it shows she spends most of her time in deeper water including making two trips out to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Wow. Mary Lee is completely different, she stays much closer to the coast. I would love if we could get more information about dive depths, etc. I know I read on Ocearch that Lydia is a deep diver, but the depth data doesn't seem to be available on their website as a feature that we can search. Great work Ocearch and thanks to Caterpillar for all their support.

miscellaniac : It's depressing the amount of people on here that are anti-tagging. People who scream "SHARKS ARE KILLERS BLARG" are bad enough, but people who assume sharks will be fine if we leave them alone, if we don't research them, are burying their heads in the sand.  Sharks are killed in the millions every year due to finning, longlines and nets, sports fishing, destruction of breeding grounds and other factors. Humans do NOT leave large apex predators, land or sea, alone. The 1970's Jaws panics proved that, with sharks being slaughtered because we were afraid of them, and some of those sharks were very big, very old sharks. These tagging expeditions are intended to gather data that can be presented to law makers, the general public, and science foundations that can further education about how our oceans work to regulate the temperature of the planet, to enact laws designed to protect endangered specieis, and to help us as a species understand who we are, and where we're going as inhabitants of this planet. By demanding they be left alone you are unwittingly contributing to the ignorance that perpetuates the decline of predatory species. 15 minutes of discomfort is better than entire species annihilation due to ignorance.

kitty girl : If u research Lydia it will say she is pregnant!

Ryan Roberts : It really would be nice if they find less intrusive ways to get this research in the future. While I understand the shark doesn't feel any pain, I'm concerned with the effect the device might have on the way it swims. It uses that fin to help direct itself after all. Is there anyway to just stick the transmitter to the shark's main body like they do with sea turtles?

werasf offwrasf : Don't particularly like how much stuff they tacked on to her fin. But if it helps anyone learn more about sharks, then I don't see anything wrong with it.

isaswag : My name is lydia XD and I LOVEEEE SHARKS so this is like a really cool tagging! LOVE YOU LYDIA

R R DeRagon : Sure hope she's still out there....

Baby Rose : Lydia is alive and doing well. We are waiting for her next ping.

Brian Cleary : For those of you who do not follow OCEARCH or have not heard of it I strongly suggest reading into it.  This is a great organization that aims to create real time data on large predatory fish that is shared with the public.  Understanding our ocean's largest predators is imperative in understanding what makes an ocean ecosystem healthy.  I have grown up loving sharks and watching sharkweek and it is great to see OCEARCH getting some attention.  Before you start talking about animal cruelty when they "tag" these sharks, please read what OCEARCH is all about.  Keep up the good work guys!

Gary Low : Big fan of your work lovely people what a fantastic job!!

Aubrey Trittipo : that made my day.....And happy

Jimmil431 : They are putting their lives on the line? They are killing and maiming sharks throughout the world, do a little homework before making statements about their "heroism"

Rusty Shackleford : theweathernetwork said she traveled 16,000 kms to nl, but its only a 4000 km drive, and going water should be considerably shorter... unless he was doing circles along the way, or went to africa and/or europe first.

Nathan M : This is so awesome.

ThomasCrown911 : I'd like to know a LOT more about this!: wwwcausecom/v2actions/1737072-ask-caterpillar-to-reconsider-sponsorship-of-ocearch

IronMan164 : is this the first shark they seen or something? Free Willy lol

steeliechaser : Yes, Lydia is now vacationing in NFLD :) very fascinating. Thanks for sharing your research with us all!

MrNewff : This one decided to come to newfoundland and get screeched in.

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Eric Faith : I don't understand why everyone is claiming that this "is not research". The shark doesn't feel anything during the tagging (the dorsal fin lacks central nerves), and they release it alive and healthy afterwards. This helps them record migration and behavioral patterns. It is certainly research, and helps us understand sharks a lot more than we used to.

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Christina Welch : I'd love to be apart of an expedition one day and tag sharks. Beautiful creatures.

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copycatDrumЯ : So does the shark live the rest of its life with a tracking device attached to its fin? While it may not cause the shark physical pain, I wonder if it could affect its sense of balance or its sense of direction.

flarecard : This kind of thinking is why the USA's science research has slowed so much in comparison with other countries growth around world. And it's why we'll soon no longer be the leaders in science and technology.

White Shark Video : It's even worse than you know Paul.

White Shark Video : It's even worse than you know Paul.

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Camilente2 : She's beautiful.  Hope she makes it to UK waters but I presume it would be too cold here for her.

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Jake Milman : Awesome guys, keep up the good work

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Carlos Febrero : Great job guys !!! :)

Cool Guy : Wow I would love to be a part of this. I love the ocean and its creatures.

Psygnostic : This is basically alien abduction.