Expedition Jacksonville: Tagging White Shark Lydia

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David S. : She's going to go back to tell her friends what happened, and none of them will believe her. She'll live the rest of her life sheltered and in constant fear, known by her community as "Loony Lydia."

Patricia Norris : Lydia is my favorite of all the sharks. From her navigation data on Ocearch website it shows she spends most of her time in deeper water including making two trips out to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Wow. Mary Lee is completely different, she stays much closer to the coast. I would love if we could get more information about dive depths, etc. I know I read on Ocearch that Lydia is a deep diver, but the depth data doesn't seem to be available on their website as a feature that we can search. Great work Ocearch and thanks to Caterpillar for all their support.

Eric Faith : I don't understand why everyone is claiming that this "is not research". The shark doesn't feel anything during the tagging (the dorsal fin lacks central nerves), and they release it alive and healthy afterwards. This helps them record migration and behavioral patterns. It is certainly research, and helps us understand sharks a lot more than we used to.

R R DeRagon : Sure hope she's still out there....

copycatDrumЯ : So does the shark live the rest of its life with a tracking device attached to its fin? While it may not cause the shark physical pain, I wonder if it could affect its sense of balance or its sense of direction.

Ryan Roberts : It really would be nice if they find less intrusive ways to get this research in the future. While I understand the shark doesn't feel any pain, I'm concerned with the effect the device might have on the way it swims. It uses that fin to help direct itself after all. Is there anyway to just stick the transmitter to the shark's main body like they do with sea turtles?

Christina Welch : I'd love to be apart of an expedition one day and tag sharks. Beautiful creatures.

miscellaniac : It's depressing the amount of people on here that are anti-tagging. People who scream "SHARKS ARE KILLERS BLARG" are bad enough, but people who assume sharks will be fine if we leave them alone, if we don't research them, are burying their heads in the sand.  Sharks are killed in the millions every year due to finning, longlines and nets, sports fishing, destruction of breeding grounds and other factors. Humans do NOT leave large apex predators, land or sea, alone. The 1970's Jaws panics proved that, with sharks being slaughtered because we were afraid of them, and some of those sharks were very big, very old sharks. These tagging expeditions are intended to gather data that can be presented to law makers, the general public, and science foundations that can further education about how our oceans work to regulate the temperature of the planet, to enact laws designed to protect endangered specieis, and to help us as a species understand who we are, and where we're going as inhabitants of this planet. By demanding they be left alone you are unwittingly contributing to the ignorance that perpetuates the decline of predatory species. 15 minutes of discomfort is better than entire species annihilation due to ignorance.

kitty girl : If u research Lydia it will say she is pregnant!

werasf offwrasf : Don't particularly like how much stuff they tacked on to her fin. But if it helps anyone learn more about sharks, then I don't see anything wrong with it.

Adam c : Seriously wrong, I don't get this at tall.  I've been loosely following the story about this on Carve mag and other facebook feeds, first I thought it was a joke but realised it was actual research into what sharks get up to.  Leave them be, totally disgusting how they catch the shark and haul up and then all is saying we know sharks have been doing this for 100,000years for what actual purpose are they following this shark other than to say its crossing the Atlantic?  Shame on surfers who have got on board with this shite.  Disgusting and sad human activity.

Stevie Wonder : R.I.P. Paul Walker, he will be missed not only for his roles in The Fast, and the Furious.

Nils Magwalt : Marvelous! It looks like a pitstop!

Psygnostic : This is basically alien abduction.

Baby Rose : Lydia is alive and doing well. We are waiting for her next ping.

Jamal Hossain : Good GoB

isaswag : My name is lydia XD and I LOVEEEE SHARKS so this is like a really cool tagging! LOVE YOU LYDIA

Aubrey Trittipo : that made my day.....And happy

hdb80 : At 2:22 the guy rubbing and patting her belly. Dude, this is NOT a dog.

ChantalMiss : I dream that? Drill holes in the wing to attach this tag? This is what they found as a means? Although sharks do not feel pain in their fins, which I doubt anyway, it does not happen as a method! (translation)

dan m : Poor lydia is now swimming in circles due to an incorrectly foiled fin.

melodykey : a bit of a girly thing to ask i know, but does it actually hurt the shark when they are tagged i mean they are drilling through their fins

Camilente2 : She's beautiful.  Hope she makes it to UK waters but I presume it would be too cold here for her.

Ronald Irwin : my favorites are Katherine and Mary Lee. I am wondering if the two swimming cycle is true. if so is Katherine heading to the gulf of Mexico... hmmmm?

washington luis de figueiredo alves : what a waste of shark soup

Vic Ls : Poor sharks, why we need to put those things in its body? they don't need it... we destroy all as I can :/

Douglas Onions : Why did they have to drill hole's through her poor body. That bulky transmitter they attached to her would cause her great drag and seriously effect her hydrodynamics too, when in attack mode traveling upwards of 30 knots through the water, it's sad. 

Emily D : This is disgusting how they drilled thru the fin of the skark. Find less invasive methods that don't permanently injure these creatures.

prakash g : its just a entertainment business with pretentious research

Robin Obrien : yeah to heavy on her dorsal....come on put them somewhere else where she won't have trouble navigating

BhaiSeriouslyMatLenaOk - : and I thought Deep Blue Sea was only a movie

bunnybutcher : love the work you guys do

Gary Low : Big fan of your work lovely people what a fantastic job!!

Nic Gray - Soulful Music : Wow, what a large and impressive animal. Thanks for doing this research. I have followed Your channel for a long time already. Awareness of the oceans is just so important.


Louis Chan : Why don't kill it? Shark like eating people

Utopia Lord : Animal cruelty.

NikkiRowCoxx : It’s getting a new piercing.

Jason Gafar : HAHAHAHA, this reminds me of a pit stop in those formula racetracks.

C T : At the end of the day it’s a fish... A fish that animal lovers like myself respect...

Jason Gafar : 1:53 - BAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! The awkward moment you jump into water and notice there's a great white shark.....a few feet away.

Bob Johnson : What was that dufus doing at 1:50 jumping into the water?

Jason Gafar : HAHAHHAAHHAHAAH. The thought alone of what that shark is busy thinking. hahahahaha, goodness.

heather landskron : you are doing a awesome job +OCEARCH . !!! have a good day and night. 

Christina Welch : Who/where can you cage dive in jacksonville or Georgia with great whites.

Bullman1000 : She is expected to be heading towards Ireland and to be hitting the Irish seas in the next coming days :D

Blackout987 : Geez, talk about taking size into account.

Valice : Lydia.. That's a cute one.

Hannah Coleman : Hah she's on her way to Ireland!!

Jack Drummond : It now 500 miles of the coast of Northern Ireland I will look out for her