What is Inspiration!? (HOW Do You Use It in 2018)

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R Cody Wanner : Love this! Great great work! Thank you!

VFX Todd : Love your channel. I went camping last weekend hoping to make a little camping horror short from random scenes. My friend I went camping with wasn't into the whole filming thing, so it was hard to get him interested. Anyway...I'm gonna try to put something together with the footage I have. Thanks for the inspiration to look for inspiration. That made sense, right?

Devin Leary : Amazing content. You sir and the one that inspires.

where is danny black : Sweet Channel man!!! see you at the meet up tomorrow :)

Hector Rodas Vlogs : Dude, amazing shots!!! that low drone whoa!!!!!

Hector Rodas Vlogs : I appreaciate the hell out of your video!

Hector Rodas Vlogs : First

Sparky and Eliza : Love this and love the music you have used. Great content :)

johnsondrummer : Dang man. Your videos are so good.

Made-up Universe : Great vid mate! It’s a sub 👊🏻👊🏻

MattRalphWright : Nailed it.. those transitions and ramps make me go all tingly!!

Shane Cooley : Inspiration is a very fleeting/illusive thing that most of us don’t just have at the power of our fingertips. If that were the case, there would be no unhappiness in the world because we’d all be manifesting our wildest dreams with ease. I think if you look throughout the course of time, success and progress comes to those that are able to reboot their inspiration time after time, failure after failure. Great video and topic my bro.

Wayne May : Haha. Mowing the lawn is actually a great time for me to think... It's almost therapy for me.

HOLLYWOOD UNAPOLOGETIC! - Filmmaking Essentials : "Be inspired everyday!" Yes! Absolutely, man! Go! Go! Go!

Ryan Kellum : I DEFINITELY find inspiration in mowing the grass. Great video! Subscribed!

Mastered Motivation : Really unique video- nice work!

Lucille Not Lucille : I'm late, darn

Kelly Swift, Broker in Oregon 503-559-9055 : Nice job Tanner!! Your talent is inspiring!!

Eat Right Fit Right : Great share!!! New Friends here! Subbed 218 and Liked 31 👍👍👍

The Real Estate Dad : Had to come back for another look. Amazing brother! "Not really a difference" love that bro. That's how I roll too.