Millennials Don't Exist! Adam Conover at Deep Shift

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Ima Dork : I’m 23 and I literally never use emojis. I’m not saying I dislike them, I just don’t find them helpful for communication. I certainly use meme and internet language a lot, but my parents and teachers use emojis a lot in social media. I always get the feeling that they’re not just capitalised on by an older generation that doesn’t understand social media, but they’re in fact made by and for an older generation to assist in their understanding of social media. Does anyone else get that feeling?

Nstone53 : My parents are "Baby Boomers" and they are two of the most evil selfish greedy rude people I have ever met in my entire life. They're constantly belittling other people. Boasting about how hard they worked to get where they are. What a load of shit that is. After quitting the family business, my dad turned to drugs and left me with my grandparents for 5 years. Then got lucky in 1997 and got a job that paid for his education to push him up the ladder. You won't find that anymore. I had to drop out of college at 19 because they wanted me working two jobs and paying them rent. My dad makes 90K a year. =_=; I managed to get the two jobs and work my schedule to go to school on tuesdays and Thursdays (my only days off) but it didn't last forever. Schools don't provide every needed class on those two days so I had to quit school and I moved out. To which they told me I was basically too stupid to make it on my own. I never got the chance to resume my schooling because CA rent is so damn high I had to work full time. I did try, but it never worked out. The school I was trying to return to needed my parents to sign off that I was not their dependent for me to get aid and they wouldn't do it. I couldn't do anything until I was 25 because of this. By then I was married with a kid. I found out later that they had been claiming me on their taxes for years after I moved out. Safe to say I never went back for tax help. in 2011 we couldn't live in CA anymore, we had been struggling to find jobs and had already been on unemployment. We had two last options. Ask my parents for help or move out of state. I set up both option. If my parents said no then we would move. As suspected my parents used it as a way to be controlling. They showed up while my husband was at work with a list of demands. I still have the paper. It said I had to willingly give custody of our child to them. I would have to nail down two jobs, wake and sleep on a set schedule regardless of work, do anything they asked in form of cleaning, and chores and my husband wasn't allowed to come, our car that was in his name was to be put into mine, and my husband wouldn't even be allowed to visit unless it was cleared by them first. So we sold everything we had except our car, took our $2K from the sales and drove East to stay with my husband's Aunt and Uncle. We got back on our feet in two months. Both had full time jobs, had two cars and an apartment lined up. Recently my grandmother who raised me for five years as a kid passed away. I drove out to CA and my parents were harassing me to find out why. I finally told them that my grandparents named me the trustee. Well, they LOST it. Threatened to get a lawyer because money should be passed to children only, according to them. I'm just the trustee not the sole beneficiary and they don't understand that concept. I can't trust them at all an probably never will. A lot of this stuff if just the tip of the iceberg. They've stolen things from me, they've damaged my siblings in so many ways too. So I always find it extremely laughable when I hear my parents talking shit about my generation.

Murad Diab : Basically a millennial is a young person that you don't like

WIMPI : "The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers." -Socrates (Literally over 2000 years ago)

StoicSwordsman : Honestly that Time magazine should just say the "Meme Generation" not "Me Me Me." Get it right next time, Time magazine.

emily b : I'm a millennial. I have never, and have never met anyone who has received a participation trophy

CorrosiveFenix : Can we all be thankful Collage Humor pooped out such a creative and lovable dude, that is entertaining to watch

clase degraff : Not sure how to get the whole world to watch this..... but that is now my life mission lol.

Fyrex : Back in my day, dogs use to go outside and play, now they only just stay inside and poop and go on there phones. Damn you poopinials dog generation Damn you

NerdSync : Gotta earn those money bag emojis!

Sasaki Umiquema : Adam makes my day 😂

Killphace : Paraphrasing a line from 'True Detectives': "Old men have been complaining about the same thing through out history; But old men die and the world keeps spinning..."

CrackerJacked : I think it's time to make a video essay on Adam Conover and his "Millenials don't exist" thesis. Ceci n'est pas un pipe? Or is it? It might be a pipe Adam.

Brandon Dilorenzo : regardless of what you call the current generation of young adults, we have never before seen such a lack of soft skills in young adults entering the work force.

Disco Puppy : "Millennials are lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents" Ok then, that means that pre-millennials have a finger up their own ass for the last 17 years and will expect the "millennials" to look after them in 20 years "Greateset generation" Yeah, the greatest generation, you know, the one that started world war 1 As a "millennial", I can safely assure you, no, I'm not lazy, I'm not entitled or a narcissist but I still live with my parents, but not because I'm a "millennial". Have you seen your average 16 year old living in a house by himself?

Matt Jones : When I was kid in the 90s and we lost and got prop trophies everyone threw them out on their way out the building and you'd see a garbage can full of rub-salt-in-the-wound trophies. Only ever took home place trophies. It was the parents who came up with the prop trophies not us.

Hippie Whovian : Kids these days, it's like they've got a mind of their own!

pomkin : old people are very narcissistic...always think they are right, overly proud of themselves, think they are better than other people especially younger people

Opinunate ted : Good stuff. When I was a kid in the sixties and seventies, it was a stereotype that old people would always say "You don't know how good you have it. Now when I was your age---" followed b some story about walking miles in the snow to school or some such. Well, the thing is, the sixties and seventies were a prosperous time in the USA, while the old folks had lived through the thirties and forties. So the cliche had some basis in truth. But now, if you are paying attention, you see that the young people have it much harder. They don't have student loans, they have student loan sharks. They don't live at home and hold low paid jobs because they are lazy and unmotivated. They do it because it's the best they can do. Houses, education, and rents cost so much more than they used to. So now, when I talk to young people, if I am being honest, I don't say "you don't know how good you have it. When I was your age---." No, I say "When I was your age, I didn't realize how good I had it."

Munchies Evil Creations : millennials are also the most creative generation, cause look at youtube, deviant art, and etsy! people MAKE that stuff, by hand. i think that has to have some merit, huh?

jackster1212 : I'm 51 and I want to go on record to say... as much as they "exist" (see above)... I love Millennials. They're wrongly maligned, poorly defined, and -- far as I can tell -- kicking ass the way lots of younger generations do, as they start carving out their place in the world.

Gale Anderson : The real question is...why in the world is this age restricted?

Tango Hendrix : I'm just saying, doesn't it make more sense to call the offspring of the newest millennium "millenials"? Such as babies born on the year 2000 and so on instead of some date in the 1980s? Makes sense to me.

Giorgio Fabietti : The audience didn't laughed for 3 minutes at good jokes and they laughed as soon as they heard "hymens". Was that a middle school classroom?

MrsG87 : It drives me nuts to hear a commercial and them saying "product/store is great for all ages! Boomers, adults, and millennials.." um, we ARE adults! 😂

aaron wilkie : according to some definitions a 35 year old is the same generation as a 16yr old sorry they are not the same

Philippe Raymond : Millennials do exist in the sense they are a people who have been raised in a different manner than those before. For example when i was a kid it was normal to let your kids go out without any supervision; kid would play outside, often a few streets away from home with no parents around and nobody freaked out about it. Heck, even borrowed tools from the garage (hammers, saws, nails etc) to build stuff and i wasn't even 10 years old (and nobody complained about it). Now kids are so sheltered, it's unthinkable to let them go outside on their own without having them in our line of sight, and forget about letting them use scissors, let alone a hammer and nails... And seeing kids playing outside is rather rare nowadays (at least where i live). That's not just about complaining about younger folks, there are differences between generations because the would we lived in isn't the same now.

Sky Lord Panglot : I always thought the phone problem is just a problem of our time, not about generation. Actually I recently discovered that they slapped that problem into our generation. Its strange.

C MM : i just think its funny because 'millennial' stereotypes like, being sheltered, having participation trophies or being narcissistic, are the results of our parents raising us that way. as kids we didn't demand trophies, our parents and coaches gave them to us to make us feel 'better.' we think our lives are worth sharing all over social media because our parents told us we were special. (my parents - baby boomers - have said that if social media was available back in the 60s and 70s, you bet that people would use it the same way we do today.) we're sheltered because our parents moved to the suburbs and kept us away from the things they thought unfit for children. its not our fault - its the way we were raised.

Ash- Bob : So I used to run track as a kid and I was terrible at it. Slowest person on the team. I normally took 10th place (out of 10) and the ribbon I received at the end said "10th place." I'm really confused how giving an eight year old who sucked at sports but still tried so hard, a ribbon as a symbol of participation. Seems like a super strange thing to hate.

Pete Begnell : You totally missunderstood Rosie the Riveters motivation... I think you might be stuck in your own B.S.... seems your young audience enjoyed themselves... as always.

Khoa Nguyen : Take a shot every times he says um

Emilio Reyes : 👍😏

Justin Shea : The only difference from the other 'generations' is that the Internet allows narcissism to be paraded more.

The Smirker : "Millenials dont exist" is the most millenial thing i've ever heard!

ManaMuffin : I honestly see my dad on his phone more than me and my siblings. I mean he's constantly on it, anywhere we go. He's 47 and I'm 14, the youngest sibling.

Oddlythink'n : You say "uh" a whole lot.

Ryan Long : Irritating hipster with hipster glasses and hipster hair lecturing us on hipster stereotypes. Okay then.

njuta : Great conference, I think it took a second for the attendees to get on board, but maybe the mics weren't picking up all the laughs and chuckle audio. Glad that you're still uploading content to your youtube, I miss your fave game and f*ck this game series.

Steve Regan : stereotyping goes the other way too, the younger generation also use BS statements like white middle-class, middle aged, men are privileged These statements are also meaningless as the younger generation have always complained about the old generation.

Crimson assassin : Adam is 33? he looks really young/old for his age He kinda has the 'grocery store employee' look that you can't tell if he's the young graduate or the boss

Waterdog100 : Pokemon Go to the polls :ok_hand:

Evan Trotter : I know first hand as a millennial that I actually do have tendencies to be narcissistic, I DO often get jealous when someone has something I want (no shame here) but I know that I want change, and it's absolute hell to do so. So why do you think we hate to hear things like this? Well because it accurately applies, but the LAST thing I need is another person to try blow up ego about my 'not' generation and tell me what I want hear. Thanks but no thanks Adam. This presentation only made me feel more entitled and my true confidence comes from knowing to myself that I got this shit, when my own basic instinct is there to tell me something is up, like when someone tells me my 'not' generation is very unique but yet we're just like any other kids growing up and If I ever need respect I can earn it myself, without any misdirection. But it's like you said at the end, if you appeal and approach to someone correctly, it'll probably get you more 💰

desu38 : This generation is narcissistic? If anything this generation is incredibly self-loathing.

Filip Mattson : My participation trophies went into the trash. Why the hell would I want something that represents my loss? Pfft, it's more like a pity trophy.

Suzanne Anon : Healthy self-interest is NOT the same as narcissism. Nor is narcissism in and of itself the same as PATHOLOGICAL narcissism. Like all other things, it exists. And like all other things, imbalance is at the core of issues which culminate in HARM to others, and to self.

bloodiamondeyes : it sounds like elders are jealous of the young. that's why they must complain by saying "when i was your age, we didn't have". for now on, i should be like, don't make me get grandma, she'll school your ass.

Matt Smillie : If Adam was at TED, someone would let me know, right?

S S : dude sounds way too apologetic for millenials, normalizing bad behavior.

OzarkW1 : Parents and environment create the personality of children, so in my opinion the previous generation molds the next. Once the flower kids & hippies of the late 60's had kids, it all started. Or the gen before them.