The radical possibilities of man-made DNA | Floyd E. Romesberg

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Quick Fix - Thought Provoking Videos : The only thing I could think of during the video was trying to grow wings. After the last minutes of it, I just can think of growing green glowing wings...

Hazcool45 : Interesting and scary at the same time

Julian Colbert : This has apocalyptic movie plot written all over it

RD : changing from ipv4 to ipv6

Jamie Arzola : He needs to take this to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He needs to be heard.

War Jac : So we aren't gonna get to know the student responsible for growing the first of those cells under the necessary conditions? Where is their credit for this?

SuperAtheist : This is why I'm still subscribed to TED.

QuestionMarc : He spoke as though releasing bacteria like these into the ocean to clean up an oil spell could be controlled by controlling their access to chemicals X and Y. This is eerily similar to the Lysene contingency from Jurassic Park where the dinosaurs were engineered to lack the ability to produce the enzyme lusene that they need to live so can only live off the food the handlers provide them which is infused with it. Except the dinosaurs got around that a variety of ways. I think only the carnivores lacked lysene since the herbivores just ate whatever plants were around, and the freed carnivores ate those herbivores and got lysene that way. Now of course that was fiction, but life is adaptable, none faster than bacteria. Did you know there is a species of bacteria today that can only live by consuming nylon? It was discovered in the waste of a Nylon factory in Japan. This species evolved within a fairly short span to require manmade materials to live, similar to x and y. Also we know that various illnesses continue to evolve to evade medicines we make to stop them. It is not that hard to imagine with two additional chemicals in it's DNA to work with that this new bacteria could quickly evolve beyond our control if let loose. If that happens, we may not be able to stop it. For that reason we need to be extremely careful moving forward.

SM : "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could ... That they didn't stop to think if they should"

logicalempiricist : Enter Jeff Goldblum the chaos theorist in "Jurrasic Park": "Life finds a way." LOL

Paul Ramirez : This is the TED that I love. Mind-blowing, thought-provoking topics that make us see the world in a different way.

Michael F : 4 thumbs down within 3 minutes of being published for a 13+ minute video...what's that about? let me guess, Jesus freaks?

Tejus Kabadi : Who knew the first X-men would be glowing single celled beings :P

Juan Pablo Salas S : We can set all the limits we want to this new technology. However, there will be someone somewhere with the will and the resources to do it. See what just happened in China with the CRISPR babies. Although the “entire” scientific community was willing to respect the obvious limits self imposed, there was a group of people willing to use the technology in an unethical way. Same will happen here. It’s just human nature. New stories will be told. Some of them will be horror stories...

Discover Your Awesomeness : *If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much..*

aSHTEBALA : I think Chemical X is the same one that created the powerpuff girls

efferus : I found this speaker rather arrogant, mocking both belief and science to further his own business goals. To play in the sandbox doesn't imply one has achieved the capacity to consider oneself above and beyond it.

José Coutinho : So the countdown for Resident Evil IRL has started...

hdmat101 : Does that mean I can have a bigger pee pee?

_____ Ellis : I can understand the reasons why some people might be afraid of this due to the unknown however it's the unknown that might be for the better.....the question I do have is for the starving of the cells, without the food so to speak x and y is there a possibility enter quote: "life finds away"?

Random Schmid : "and then they'll just die" not convinced sir...

The yesterdays Of tomorrow : Damn dude that guy must be really unhappy on how life is from his perspective

Vahid M : Gee whiz... what could possibly go wrong?

Ojus Singhal : This is somehow irritating and scary. How can we be *SURE* that changing the number of base pairs in our DNA (if we are willing to insert this 'technology' in humans) will *NOT* lead to a genetic disaster, since our knowledge of genetics and proteins is relatively limited (we don't even know how proteins fold). Also, why does a small group of people have the power to genetically intervene in life, of which we all are a part of? Am I right in being scared by the possibility that a single synthetic organism if let out in the natural environment by mistake has the potential to alter the basic characteristics of life by spreading and reproducing? I feel we are being overambitious...

Solo .01% : Umbrella corporation!

Paul Cadena : Oh fudge, this means there really will be new genders one day maybe.

kwnyupstate : We will have complete control over our DNA soon enough and will then be able to engineer humanity and improve ourselves at an exponential rate. Mastering control over DNA is the real milestone of any intelligent species.

Kevin B : Wow, that guy just answered a question I asked way back when I was a teen. Why only 5? Answer, that's not the limit!:) I can't see much limit to this technology and so long we don't lose control of some sort of self-replication new life then the applications are endless. Immortality? Yes! Cure to all exporting maladies? Yes! Travel through space? Yes! Evolving to an higher level of conscience? Yes! And I only scrap the barrel here...

Feynstein 100 : It only takes *one* of those cells to mutate into a form that can produce the X and Y chemicals itself to change history and evolution forever. There will be no going back after that. Not trying to sound apocalyptic. Just saying. :)

Devanshu Ballabh : Can i make xmen using this?

ettvanligtkonto : This entire video is made out of ones and zeros what type of stories could you tell with that.....

Feynstein 100 : Also, are 5 base pairs the limit or can we make more? I mean, the results upto now clearly point to the latter but idk. 🤔

Frank : When he said that there was no way for synthetic life to spin out of control because of the difference of the constituent chemistry of x and y all I could hear was Jeff Goldblum... “life.. it uhh.. finds a way”.

Swizz : Much more research is needed. Every DNA ever has a tendency to mutate with unexpected results. The near term practical implementation for the semi-synthetic organisms would be drug research with molecular based drugs as a result. Not injecting yourself with or releasing into the environment a whole new type of organism with 3 base pair DNA.

tejas 454 : Damn.... Who else thinks it would be a great movie plot. 🤔

MissingNo : it's sad how many people in the comments are just afraid of this. Reminds me of the first people to ever ride a train. They thought they suffocate because of the "high-speed". It wasn't even fast. So please - he just presented us a possible cure for cancer. This man devoted his life to this and he made a very good choice. His work is astounding and I'm amazed on how many years of hard work went into this.

IO TG : From a four letter genetic alphabet in organic human DNA, to a six letter genetic alphabet in semi-synthetic DNA. This is exciting stuff. 👏👏👏

HERMUS : this is a disaster in the making. Don't screw with DNA when you hardly know how life really works.

Abdul Basit Shaikh : This was inevitable at some point during the course of time.. If not in 2018, a biotech breakthrough such as this one would eventually dawn upon us in 2030 or 2050. That's not really the issue. The issue is what happens now.. now that it *is* here. Right now, we're at a point in our technological progress in computer science where we can't even be sure if something as seemingly innocuous as Artificial Intelligence *won't* bring about massive destruction: everyone from Hawking to Elon Musk have warned about the potentially world-ending power that AI could attain down the road.  But, 'man-made' DNA is a whole different level of 'life-altering': for all its potential, AI cannot possibly be compared to the limitless possibilities that synthetic life would bring with itself. Whatever risks AI poses, those posed by 'man-made life' could, therefore, only be countless times more unknowable.   Clearly, there are no straight answers here. It's vastly complex, on every level imaginable, and needs to be approached that way.

RICK ROLLED{FaCTz} : telling you they made Morgellons... yet dum dums still think Nothing is going on and it's all coincidence. Big Pharma and Doctors will deny the existence of morgellons... Stay circumspect and Vigilant... FaCTz

sebastian brosche : What could possibly go wrong?

Chad Lupkes : How many other chemicals and bonds in DNA are potentially possible? We've found that life evolved on Earth with 4. We've just identified two more. Could there be a total of 8? 10? 16? 32? How long until we put an Artificial Intelligence to work finding the answer to this, and it comes up with any number of potential DNA and proteins that go far beyond what Earth evolved with. What kind of properties would those life forms have? Could they survive above or below the boiling point of water? Could they use other types of liquids as the fluid in their cells? Could they find a way to generate those base pairs from local materials instead of being dependent on us to provide them? Several other comments below quote Jeff Goldbloom's character in Jurassic Park: "Life finds a way". I think experiments like this should be limited to space stations orbiting Mercury, so we can do something quickly if things get out of control.

Marc Van : Welcome to the new arms race. Any nation without a moral code will start developing citizens that are much smarter, faster, and live much longer Thant the rest of us. We will not be able to compete for resources.

Ian Stradian : The next level of human evolution will be by our own hands. This could be our genetic revolution or our total destruction. We could cure all forms of disease or manufacture our own extinction. What is scarier than that is the possibility that we will birth a new race, a race of humans who will in every way be our masters. We might be on the verge of creating a master race, some say we already have. Every parent wants the best for their children, the best chance for our offspring to succeed in life. What if you could genetically alter your offspring to be disease resistant, with a healing factor of a super hero, and a life span that might not have an old age. What would you pay to give your children these types of advanced advantages? Has someone already begun raising a generation of human beings who are better in every way than the best and brightest that are living today? What if these “new Humans “ could only mate with another “ new human “? This new race would take over with in a few generations. How would you feel about living in a world where you could never be as good as the children of the elites? Class warfare on a genetic scale. Just think about some small genetics lab in some Eastern European country taking payment for a child designed to exceed all human expectations? Would you want to live in a world where only the ultra wealthy have access to this new technology? By the time that this technology shows its power an entire generation of “ new humans” would have taken over. Meet the new boss, it is not like the old boss.

macro deth : Synthetic life is the logical next step and a great idea for a great tv show called Battlestar Galactica.

cheekoandtheman : Why does science choose atheism with such a deeply blind default? Where are the agnostics ?

OlymPigs2010 : ...what effect will "Artificial Organisms" have on the food chain? I think this is a very dangerous experiment that could lead to birth defects and to food crops that are toxic !

gustavsidekick : 6 Letter bakteria breaks out, every living thing is dead a year later. Thats what i think about😂

Vladimir Staykov : There is something very disturbing in this presentation. This guy is trying to play God. There is only one outcome of this, and it's not in humanity's favour.

747lch : How would translation even work with these bases? And why do we even need to introduce new bases besides “more options”? Can’t this all be done with the normal 4 bases?