MMMM So good and tasty

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ben andrews : ..."hello suicide hotline, yeah, i looked at another meme.....i think i've had enough"

Sam is Someone : Sounds like he's just trying to cover up his farts

FunForSameer : There were two people on set that day

adr1χπ : when u bust a nut and she keeps on sucking

Shadow_102004 : my mom thought I was watching a porn

Red Onion : I wonder whats happening under the table...

PapitoMow : I don't feel comfortable when he's making those sounds and pouring a white condiment

nadiya kendrick : I want to marry everyone who enjoys this video as much as I do

StevenSlender123 : 0:13 When you nut

swiss moneybag : THAT'S NOT RANCH...

kid14346 : I didn't know videogamedunkey did cooking shows

foil : Watch this at .25 speed. You wont regret it or maybe you will, alot

alberto perez : why dose it sound like he just busted a nut at the end

R.A.P. : was that a cooking show or a porno? either way... there's white sauce at the end of it.

Dummy Productions : I don't trust him touching my food

Angel Espinosa : sou god an teisty

Leo Unger : it does not look tasty

Matthew H-J : didnt know people could have a fetish for cooking

Timo Eberle : god left me unfinished

Lil Loli : Best ASMR

b•ne : Ohh GOD it's so good MmHhmm so good MMMMmm so good and tasty mmmmmmMMM mmmmMMMmmmMmM aAAHa

Anthony123 : 0:13 wen she keeps sucking

Sparc Mac : LOL

BLARGLESNARF : mmmn soo gud n tastie

Drew Huebs : We are laughing at a dead man.

Mustang3813 : How I sound rolling a Blunt

Daily Dose Of memes : When she gives you big succ.

A Plus : Sponsored amateur food reviews in a nutshell.

BardiXgamer Official : It's reported that the sauce he put in his salad is actually his cum

Something : 0:13 *mmmmmMMMMUUHUMMHUAU

TexasReaper_4010 _ : my mom walked in and my ear buds weren't in....I'm just gonna leave it right there

Lemon4ik : How it feels to chew 5gum 0:07 New 5gum,Stimulate your senses.

Sofia_miss17 : 0:13 oh gosh hes coming

kevuah yeet : At the end, it seems like he is cumming.

The Blue BlobFish : Does it taste good tho?


MaxxRanger : That mayonnaise is actually his 1 year aged semen

RektDCP : When you nut but she still suck

XxFearExemptxX : This is some nice food porn!

Ďurindelka Jedlička : 0:10 when u are trying to imitate racing car

No. : What show was this taken from?

TheJayef : Watch at .25x Speed lol

MR rekt : hottest porn ive ever seen

Aaron Wesley : Eric andre ain't got nothing on this guy

FRISHR : How it feels to chew 5 Gum.

Halo Extroit : Daddy?

Isaac Matthews : Crazy Russian hacker with anything ever

Javi's Hair : S O G O O D A N D T A S T Y

Redfox : I want this as a ringtone on iPhone. Any suggestions how?