MMMM So good and tasty

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Niko Mal-Ren : I wouldnt want this man preparing my food...

StevenSlender123 : 0:13 When you nut

nadiya kendrick : I want to marry everyone who enjoys this video as much as I do

alberto perez : why dose it sound like he just busted a nut at the end

Angel Espinosa : sou god an teisty

Timo Eberle : god left me unfinished

yanis 67 : Hummmm my big burger

BLARGLESNARF : mmmn soo gud n tastie

Halo Extroit : Daddy?

meeik0u : mmmmmmmmm uh uuhhhh

Leo Unger : it does not look tasty

Drew Huebs : We are laughing at a dead man.

Aaron Wesley : Eric andre ain't got nothing on this guy

Dutchyrus : He just busted a dummy phat nut at the end

endoe_ 2 : mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so good and tasty

Something : 0:13 *mmmmmMMMMUUHUMMHUAU

dam2k16 : so goooood n tasty

A Plus : Sponsored amateur food reviews in a nutshell.

Isaac Matthews : Crazy Russian hacker with anything ever

No. : What show was this taken from?

Matthew H-J : didnt know people could have a fetish for cooking

chocolate flavored oppossum : Me on a cooking show

RektDCP : When you nut but she still suck

The Laptop Lagger : dude...

Mustang3813 : How I sound rolling a Blunt

kid14346 : I didn't know videogamedunkey did cooking shows

Dummy Productions : I don't trust him touching my food

KittyKat KitKat : ... what did I just watch

One Shot Lp : fresh meme

Lil Loli : Best ASMR

HighLI : At the end, it seems like he is cumming.

yikes•jpg : Ohh GOD it's so good MmHhmm so good MMMMmm so good and tasty mmmmmmMMM mmmmMMMmmmMmM aAAHa

Daily Dose Of memes : When she gives you big succ.

Tee Vee : I wonder whats happening under the table...

swiss moneybag : THAT'S NOT RANCH...

Andrea Toppi : I killed one of these on Skyrim

superpenguin77664 : Dolphin mating call

CRABBYPATTYDJ : I hit the replay so many times today😝

Hervis Daubeny : HMMMMMMMMMM! MMMM!!! S O G O O D A N D T A S T Y!!!

Trey Patsey : This is on my pop music playlist xD

Yesin Djebbi : Skin

Raging Bunny : He sounds like a baby.

Randy the rocker Richards : XDDDDDDDD

MaxxRanger : That mayonnaise is actually his 1 year aged semen


Yesin Djebbi : Seyf stinkt

Atomic Snowman : Mc Donald’s really needs to hire this guy

Buttchow : What is this from?

-ROCKSTAR- YT : 1993?