MMMM So good and tasty

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nadiya mc.dankmeme : I want to marry everyone who enjoys this video as much as I do

swiss moneybag : THAT'S NOT RANCH...

Isaac Matthews : Crazy Russian hacker with anything ever

Великий Музыкант : Why this melody in VK?


Veltyn ッ : Sounds like every fake porn star on Brazzers...

- Gax - : 0:13 when you have a foodgasm

Stephen Ratliff : Man I just wanna go to flavor town

Waseem Saada : (this comment is a joke) 0:13 can't help but think that the bottle of salad dressing is his jizz. And I wouldn't be surprised if it is because of the noise he makes whenever he applies it to anything. And due to the noises he makes maybe he orgasmed and he is trying to visually tell us that he came

Gevito236 : Jesus Christ dude save some pussy for the rest of us.

Questions Answers : This person is like Gordon Ramsey of Pornhub... Now that's how you do cooking!!

Hardcore chennel Mrananym : Where are you a cuming

RamzzzTV : When u fuck a mcchicken

Miguel Ramos : when u cookin sum tako bell

The Satanic Gamer From Hell : nothing like a good nut

oracrest : I wonder if this could be facial tics.

turboswaglove15 : I read the title as 'MMMM So good and nasty'. Clearly I'm losing it :')

Spish Spish : this is 3 times the size of the important videos playlist. wish me luck

Andrea Spiga : Close your eyes and you'll hear someone giving oral sex.

Chi-Chi Man : (When she lets you eat the booty)

Red Leg : I switched to porn when my parents walked was easier to explain

RobloxGamer Kyle : Me when I eat a publix sub

Lazy person : When she gives you big succ.

Cristal Valencia : No. I'm not going to laugh at this. What is this?

ivan viti : someone needs to combine this with the KOTH god its so juicy meme

Studipity : That's a ten.

MajorSaur : He probs had someone busting a nut for him.

Tony Music : My dad always told me, "Don't be quick to find faults"... Good man, terrible geologist.

Panda 007 : My best 16 seconds of my life

Captain Chromosome : toss that salad boi

SirLeelong : How did I end up here


guy dude : 0:13

Simply Squamous : This video is one of the reasons I continue choosing to live

Fail Marine : Will you prpare my dinner?

MH_LFC_03 Youtube : You can't spell nutrition with out NUT

Fat Cunt : *H M M M S O G O O D A N D T A S T Y*

2012 Honda Civic : get you a man who can do both

Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid : This never gets old! lol

Teeny Warrior _ : 0.5 speed. MMMMH YUH UH

Luke Cagle : 0:13 what Lil Pump does to a girl's lip

nimorrax_ : when i discovered SCMDraft 2 is updating to support StarCraft: Remastered.

FRISHR : How it feels to chew 5 Gum.



Buttermilkdiscounts : So a girl sent me nudes and I sent this in response....

Josh M : when yah licking the pussy.

Rom Jaikat : MMMMM so wrong and cringy!

Sideswift501 : Me when I get the succ