Toby Fox calls out MatPat for screwing over indie developer Pirate Software

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Comments from Youtube

Cole Goodrich : "Toby Fox is MatPat's biggest cash cow to the channel in years!" Scott Cawthon: "Am I a joke to you?"

Newby Ton : Toby Fox *DESTROYS* MatPat with *FACTS* and *LOGIC.*

Daring Darius : *Later today this video gets copyright striked* "Wait why?" MatPat: "Because you didn't credit me >:[" ;)

Big Ice : The Virgin matpat vs the Chad Toby Fox

MisaelDoesAnimation : Aren't people making a bigger deal of this than it has to be

Funny Fox : *_Any human: what you're saying is wrong._* *_Matt: no u_* *_His idol, Toby Fox himself: what you're saying is wrong_* *_Matt: I am so sorry, I've sinned a lot, I am gonna walk to church every Sunday, I am gonna kiss your feet, but forgive me, father!_*

Captain Kankle : I didn’t realize that pirate software was the name of the company. I thought it was something about copyright xd

Ryan : Why did this come up as a notification on my screen I don’t even know who these people are and I’m not subscribed

doced crib : Well this video totally twisted words.

Newby Ton : MatPat *DID A BIG OOPSIE*

Allu : MatPat : LV. 1 Crook Toby Fox : LV. 99 Boss

Videre Licet : That bias is real tho. I was hoping for this to be plainly informative but it has a fuckton of opinions.

Andreja Dolar : I guess he can't simultaneously whip and nae nae anymore

roppoqi : recommended by youtube don't know what's going on i'll leave after this comment

The Exotic : toby fox true hero

Hinanaweed Teshno : >biggest cash cow he has had for his channel in years _laughs in scott cawthon_

CrappyContent Studios : Toby Fox went sicko mode on MatPat

Random Vids : Alright I watched it get out of my recommended list

ZalcusOfLean : Trying to call out youtubers bigger than you?... *I think so!*

FlashFreeze : "the biggest Cash cow he has had for his channel in years" then what is FNAF?

Seth Howell : “Biggest cash cow” Did you forget fnaf was a thing?

Yoshkabosh's good stuff : Yeah, he should have credited Shigesato Itoi.

Hidden -S- : Boy, the Sans is Ness Theory really came crushing down on this, hard huh. :^)

Malum : A lot of defending matpat and attacking matpat. Just know either opinion doesn't really matter.

LucasLikesTurtles : btw it’s Toby Fox lol. he is praised like a god

ImperialPlays! -ROBLOX : *Look’s like MatPat did an oopsie.* *Edit: Oh goodness, thanks for the likes.*

DanB68 : I just simultaneously whipped an nae nae'd!

Daniel David : 1:16 "Even though the game was never named" Literally says Heartbound in the title

Tracks : He changed it and said sorry And *people can search* 🤔

IBrolo : 5k gt fanboys just disliked ur video

HeadlessTheHeadcrab : *Mattpatt does an oopsie*

Mugiwara gremory kun:3 : OH BOY THIS GOT HEATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh and also he did do wrong he also changed the title

cecilia cupo : when Turpentine Fax gets involved, [insert possible scenario]

Unfortunate Existence Studios Hi : “Too far this time” as if you had gone far before this *cough* sans is ness *coufh*

Amazing the Film : MatPat:Gives no credit to game, gives credit to wrong games MatPat:Blames everybody else

Manoel Junior : Indie game: “exists” MatPat: IT’S UNDERTALE 2

Pakorn Wattanavrangkul : How did this pop up in my notification feed? I dont even sub here...

The Gamer : me: watches this me: (after watching this I watch game theory ) me: this is good

Tipoff Giggots : Im honestly dissapointed in Mat and GT.

Michael Whos Its : You didn't put a link to the original Game Theorists video.

vktrs : *big daddy toby joined the fight *matpat has forfeited

DR4GON8ORN : okay so let me get this straight really quick.... people are this upset because he didn't put a link to the game after having already done a gtlive over it? i can understand them asking for him to credit them in the future and to perhaps do this and that but one thing. MatPat was giving the game free promotion and using hashtags to a very similar style of game that has a massive following to try and pull people into this new game and studio. sure he may have messed up the studio name, sure it may not have been credited in the hastags, but have you actually watched the stream or anything he actually did past social media????? He has at this current time 3 streams of it on gtlive, asking for more recognition is one thing but bashing someone who even stated in those tweets you zoomed by, yes despite me not making this or that aspects of the video i will monitor them more closely, and we will make a standard for all games after this point for crediting to avoid the issue further (mind you he said those BEFORE toby fox tweeted him). Also what do you want him to do to change this go back and put credit and a link to buy over 5 YEARS worth of gaming content???? when instead he can start right now correcting the problem from this point forward insuring developers dont have this issue with him moving forward since he GENUINELY loves this style of game also realize another thing... undertale fanbase inst his primary demographic. he got so much flak for his original theories on the game and for giving a copy of the game TO THE POPE DUE TO THE SYMBOLISM. sure he may have a decent amount of undertale fans but its definitely not his primary audience. He is still known for his NINTENDO fanbase and fnaf fanbase much much MUCH more then his undertale section of the community. which is why i hate so much that everyone is saying "he was using his target demographic to do this and that" his demographic is a bunch of gamers that love to get overly into games and break them down to conspiracy levels of detail. the undertale fandom is full of people that want more undertale, so why was it so wrong to take that niche market of his audience into consideration and say hey, this isnt undertale, but its heavily inspired and im sure you'll love it also just saying, if they didnt want their game compared to undertale, why did they draw so much inspiration from undertale and literally design a start screen that 100% looks like some form of undertale/deltarune spin off title. just saying if you didnt want it compared maybe they shouldve incorporated a start screen that shows another large aspect of the game instead of the heart :/ if they have a issue with how their game is being compared to another, they should make the game reflect that not get angry at a fanbase for noticing it.

Minelover : I dont know about your view on ALWAYS linking. If you're talking bad about a game or saying it's a scam or anything like that, it makes no sense to make it easy for people to download. Why would you credit something that you dont think deserves it?

Melia Roberto : Who’s favorite game is undertale?

The Gamer : Nice vid OMFG I GOT ONE LIKE Oh wait, That's mine :/

ProtoMario : I see your a man of culture too with that Mario Paint music...

Kohlton Miller : FNAF IS Mat's biggest cashcow. Undertale is 2nd.

Stealthy Fang : Nice edits

Christopher Mendoza : 1:19 Title of heartbond. 3:20 I really do think it is.